He was prompt in returning calls and has come back out to clarify the operation of a timer and ensure its functioning. - K Kent  02/2017. Found out he did extensive work on very high-end homes in another part of the country designing lighting. Jeremy L. 09/2019, "Keith installed all new Visual Comfort lighting and dimmers in our new home in Forest Creek and he was so professional, detailed, intelligent, creative, and CLEAN! Keith made it all very easy and on the exact timeline he initially promised. We were totally thrilled with the transformation we saw. Proudly created with Wix.com. Keith is a true craftsman!" 5 stars all the way!!" If your looking for a professional with a tremendous amount of experience Tin Whistles Electric is your best bet along, with the most reasonable cost I have had to pay in Moore County. Keith wired an outbuilding and installed a generator switch for my house. Related products. There is an exception for the key (root) note itself, which is available in 3 octaves. Proudly created with. Options: Option 1: Brass with pouch, Option 2: Nickel-Plated with pouch. Done right. He even convinced me to rebuild a light fixture rather than replace it saving me money and light I really loved. When I saw Keith was a Veteran I knew I had picked the right man." We even added an extra request and he easily accommodated. His design capability is amazing. The conversation led us to consider extensive outdoor lighting at the rear of our home to literally "light up our yard". Lightning damage, home inspection reports, pool & spa wiring. Whistles; Key Bb Tin Whistle We ended up doing the outdoor lighting in addition to the other work we needed. But when the time comes he will get the job. Incredibly impressed! Works to code and takes care of the permit ordering, inspection scheduling, etc. Keith had them both up and running in no time, I'm talking a couple of hours total time. Officially opening its doors in 2014, Tin Whistles Electric, LLC is a detail oriented electrical company serving all of Moore County and surrounding areas. Any changes to the windway will change your sound, since all of the action of creating the sound is here. S.C 01/2020, "I highly recommend Tin Whistles Electric! How to read tin whistle tabs. D) should be used to complement the provided sheet music notation. We have had a few delays as long as 12 weeks, though that is uncommon. Please use our site's navigation above to better browse either our new or previously owned offerings . It is a type of fipple flute similar to an Irish Flute but with a fipple instead of a simple opening, so related to the recorder, Flabiol, Txistu and tabor pipe. Based on the Yelp reviews, we called him to run another cable line, fix our outdoor GFI circuit and give us some ideas for exterior lighting. The estimate was right on target, the work was completed quickly, professionally and came with knowledgeable training for me and my family. Inside he has installed new can lights in living room, an automatic closet light, repaired and updated under the cabinet kitchen lights - all with no mess and reasonable costs. Cindy G. 09/2018, "Keith did a great job wiring my efficiency apartment for a new oven. Continuing my education over the years and working hands-on in the mechanical and electrical trades for more than twenty years has allowed me this opportunity.The opportunity to see this dream of mine become a reality. We've had a laugh at my rewiring of some lights as well! Tin Whistle Made Simple, Tin Whistle Tutor for Primary School children, Cheaper prices for 2012, teach tin whistle, simple tunes for tin whistle, easy tunes for children, children learning tin whistle, music curriculum in primary school,