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Duchess of Alba visited Goya in his studio one day and asked the artist if he would put on her make-up for her. 10.03.2002 - 02.06.2002, Goya Maurer, Gudrun, ''La duquesa de Alba y 'La Beata'', en Matilla, J. M. y Mena Marqués, M. B. Estocolmo 108. Nuevas Adquisiciones (iniciado en 1856). The Duchess of Alba and "La Beata" 1795 30.7 x 25.5 cm Oil on canvas Museo del Prado, Madrid Maurer, Gudrun, ''La duquesa de Alba y 'La Beata' / Duchess of Alba and 'La Beata'', en Matilla, J. M.; Mena Marqués, M. B. y Murakami, H. Both figures wear white dresses; the duchess with black lace and bodice. Tokio The small paintings La belleza encerrada. Dimensions: 30 x 25: Collection: Arango Collection: Current location: Madrid. Language Label Description Also known as; English: The Duchess of Alba and la Beata. Catálogo Goya, Pierre Gassier y Juliet Wilson. The Duchess of Alba and "la Beata" (or The Duchess of Alba and the Pious Woman; Spanish: La duquesa de Alba y su dueña o La Duquesa de Alba y "la Beata") is a small 1795 oil on canvas painting by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya. Goya. [2] It is signed "Goya in 1795" in the lower right corner. Drawings. The figures are set against a flat, black background which isolates the moment and removes any context. 16.03.2012 - 24.06.2012, Goya: luces y sombras. Goya y Lucientes, Francisco de (1786), The restoration of The Threshing Ground or Summer, by Francisco de Goya, Follies. Velazquez props herself up with a walking stick or cane, and bears a wooden cross in her extended right hand, playfully banishing the Duchess. 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María holds a red cord under the chin of the older woman, which seems to scare her as she recoils and leans backwards, her eyes rolled in mock horror,[2] her mouth curled in delight. 123. 88-89 [88 f.45]. Araujo Sánchez, Ceferino, Goya, La España Moderna, Madrid, 1896, pp. 104, n. 16. Doubted to represent the Duchess "La Maja Desnuda" "La Maja Vestida" "Only my Strength of Will Remains", Eighteenth-century Painting Collection and Goya, The 12th Marchioness of Villafranca painting her Husband, "Sketchbooks G" and "H". En: Varios Estudios de Artes y Letras, I, Viuda e Hijos de M. Tello, Madrid, 1902, pp. Drawings. Concha Jerez: The Third of May 1808 in Madrid: the executions on Principe Pio hill by Goya, Sketchbook F. Goya. 171, n. 352. painting by Francisco de Goya. Luis Berganza, son of Tomás Berganza, the Duchess of Alba's administrator and one of the inheritors in her will, became the new owner of this canvas and its companion piece, The Duchess of Alba and "the Sanctimonious". Drawings. Drawings. 88, n. 17. Directed by Bigas Luna. A Project by Miguel Ángel Blanco: Satanic Invocation, Goya. The Duchess of Alba, Spain's richest woman and one of its most flamboyant and eccentric figures, has died in Seville aged 88. 352. Goya. Statements. Luis Berganza, son of Tomás Berganza, the Duchess of Alba's administrator and one of the inheritors in her will, became the new owner of this canvas and its companion piece, "The Sanctimonious" with Luis de Berganza and María de la Luz.