Seriously – if you want to buy a Strat neck, don’t buy a Mighty Mite. Fender Licensed All Maple Replacement Telecaster Neck - MM2905 Factory First, 'A' Stock, Fender licensed, Telecaster neck. Great deals on Mighty Mite Guitar Necks. EVH Frankenstein neck … mighty mite … When I found the neck of the guitar was pretty labor intense, I purchased a Mighty Mite Neck for Strat's. Mighty Mite Metal Toggle Switch Cap in Gold . includes scratch plate,gold control plate,gold bridge and gold neck platejust need a set of pickups and a neck. I was very impressed with the quality and choice of Hardwoods, especially the fingerboard (Indian Laurel has beautiful color and grain). With a refret this neck … As I venture into my new dimension of woodworking I already plan on using the same neck … This brand new Mighty Mite model 2905 replacement telecaster neck is completely shaped, fretted, inlaid and finished in a satin, oil based poly.These necks … Do your necks have a Micro-Tilt ... 1963 contours, but the universal pickup cavities did not exist in vintage times, so that is a route that is specific to Mighty Mite, which combines SSS and H/S/H routes into one unified pickup cavity. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at If you’re into working on necks, though, this isn’t a bad place to start – the neck is straight and the truss rod works great. Fast & Free shipping on many items! This build comprises a 2 piece hosco alder body. They’re more money, but they’re not shit. Buy an actual Fender Strat neck.