I hope that this has been explained to them during their interview, and I trust that the enrolling College has resources and measures in place to support them! To qualify for our Residence Guarantee, you’ll need to complete the StarRez application before the March 31 deadline. The Online Student Profile consists of the following sections: Learn more about completing your Online Student Profile. Reading and Writing (ERW). margin: 0; View the specific minimum admission requirements established by the University for graduates of different countries. For example, when should I be using this form of stress calculation? width: 35px; This will vary depending on the engineering specialisation you wish to complete. The University also offers guaranteed entry to high–achieving domestic and international students who have completed an Australian Year 12 or the IB in Australia based on your ATAR. Learn more about how university entry requirements work here. border-radius: 50%; Some unis also ask for further maths. Learn about our academic requirements and how to apply ». For example, what are the motives of the centre looking to enrol the student on to a programme? Section (200 — 800), Minimum SAT Score Total/ Pop them in our Explorer tool to see... Below are a range of Bachelor of Engineering courses offered by different universities and the A-level entry requirements they ask for for September 2018 entry (as of 22 January 2018). } Admission is based on competitive grades in program specific subject requirements and competitive overall admission averages. margin-left:10px; } BEng Mechanical Engineering / Entry requirements. If you do not complete your Profile, your application will not be considered. Higher apprenticeships – a fee-free degree. UH Departmental Exams are also available to test out of certain courses. border: 1px solid #3894bc;