5 0 obj Its totally up to them. The regular BEPP 250 course does not count as a substitute for ECON 101 ... Economics 262 Syllabus S20.pdf 280.96 KB: ECON 273-001 : Pol. Prerequisite: Credit for both ECON 035 and 235. The course focuses on elementary probability and inferential statistical techniques. Introducing Textbook Solutions. Theories of consumer behavior, demand, production, costs, the firm in various market contexts, factor employment, factor incomes, elementary general equilibrium, and welfare. endstream endobj Prerequisite: Credit cannot be received for both ECON 033 and 233. endobj endobj endobj In addition, I shall list out the top 6 BECE Subjects to focus on for this year’s exam. <>/F 4/A<>/StructParent 3>> About Us Learn about our history and our story. Special emphasis will be placed on government as demander of medical care services. Many courses are available at the same time for the selection of BPP course. Although the course will be principally interested in the former, we won't fully shy away from some discussion of the latter. Estimation and inference procedures are formally analyzed for simple econometric models and illustrated by empirical case studies using real-life data. This will help our candidates to take decision regarding the examination, whether they wanna appear for it or not. ECON cannot be taken by any students who has already completed Statistics at least at the level of STAT 430 (including the sequence STAT 430 and 431). Topics and prerequisites announced each year. This article shall focus on how to get Junior Waec syllabus and subjects you should register. The emphasis is on, practical issues in econometric analysis of cross-sectional data. endstream endobj 374 0 obj <. The university changes or updates their syllabus at any time without a prior notice to the candidates. endobj The main objective of the course is to train the student in (i) handling economic data; (ii) quantitative analyses of economic models with probabilistic tools; (iii) econometric techniques, their application as well as their statistical and practical interpretation; (iv) implementing these techniques on a computer. DN� layers Competition in medical care markets, especially for hospital services, will be studied. Two sections are offered: Markets with Frictions. 17 0 obj The name of the subjects with the name of the chapters will help you to choose your preference field for studying for the examination. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology • ECON 3334. Theories of various industrial organizational structures and problems are developed, including monopoly, oligopoly, nonlinear pricing and price discrimination. 21 0 obj Prerequisite: Intended primarily for economics majors. Bio 121 Introduction to Biology - The Molecular Biology of Life Difficulty: 3.1, Overall Quality: 3.8 Prerequisite: Incoming freshman wih AP or transfer credit. Artificial Intelligence is concerned with the design of intelligent autonomous systems. Students prepare an honors thesis in economics over the academic year, supervised by a faculty member of their choice. endobj x��ks�6�g����NL A�Ng��1�i���7���d��XK�BRvs��v����2�f&�H���b߻��˦+g�IǾ���e׍'�b�~�|Uw]�����Ӫ�|;�)�qW�����u��~��h������5�x~�� �3\��e�`Mq~��+V����:?���3��$eW��3�ƙLd,S"N3x��q?��즅9� ]�����_#1��]����{������@�q�wAD�=���"NDʤ � ���k�.�ⶾy��w,y�^I�S�:�b�[4c��,��|&B*����oZ��zt!�u3�Q[. You must understand that BECE is also referred to as Junior Waec. These theories are used to model various industries, antitrust cases, and regulatory issues. I was able to answer her. 18 0 obj In addition, any 200-level LPS course, when offered WILL NOT count for Economics Majors unless you are officially registered as an LPS student. This will be done while studying economic problems, such as the determination of labor supply, economic growth and business cycle analysis. <> A – Distinction B – Upper Credit C – Lower Credit P – Pass F – Fail. Welcome To Flashlearners: I'm Flash Isaac; Students Advocate, SEO Expert And A Blogger From The Future. Prerequisite: Meeting the Department's minimal mathematical requirements; ECON 700, 701, 703, 897 Summer Math Program. This course will introduce and develop some basic ideas from game theory, using illustrations, applications, and cases drawn from business, economics, politics, sports, and even fiction and movies. Another common question JSS3 students preparing for junior Waec ask is how to get BECE syllabus and the hot topics to focus on. Download or View any Wharton course Syllabi. Thus, a fair amount of econometrics will be required. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Syllabus Syllabus URL; ECON 001-001 : Introduction To Micro Economics ... Wharton students can satisfy the ECON 101 prerequisite with BEPP 250 honors. There is a lot of information in the book, and my job is to. During the time of seeking admission, candidates are required to choose their respective credit courses. The methods covered include methods for handling limited dependent variables (useful, for example, in forecasting the demand for a new good), maximum likelihood estimators, and flexible semiparametric and non parametric estimation methods, and randomized and nonexperimental methods of estimating treatment effects. endobj BEPP284 - GAME THY FOR BUS & LIFE (Course Syllabus) The objective of this course is to make you more skilled in the art and science of strategic reasoning. endobj Make decisions about an optimal plan of action in the face of uncertainty, which is a cycle that repeats and iteratively improves. 15 0 obj Test causal hypotheses about the effect of various actions they can take, and; 3. Eighteen subjects are administered at the BECE level. So, we recommend our candidates to checkout their syllabus of BPP on time. <> There will be a strong focus on emphasizing the microeconomic foundations of models, and using the language of mathematics to express the underlying assumptions and assess their implications for policy. This course is about strategically interdependent decisions. 3 0 obj Focuses on macro-econometrics. $/)��� ��#�|]�R�_̞���������L�?c�7� ��L This course introduces you to econometric techniques and their applications in, economic analysis. The syllabus will be provided in semester wise including the name of the chapters of IGNOU BPP Books (Bachelor Preparatory Programme) . The theory and empirics of human capital accumulation, intertemporal labor supply, search, intergenerational mobility of income and wealth, contracts and bargaining, efficiency wage models, principal/agent models, and signaling models. Game Theory offers several concepts and insights for understanding such situations, and for making better strategic choices. 61�J��oߪ��kG��pL�������\�O�� ���G�&�v��+6j��/ۭީdRra��M�%a�`�i����*n��w���Bv����ڭ�����ˠr�D��XS�R��0I(ao�N띣X�N>�a���S"C�@���ɥ�%�� �=��O����/�QWJ��0ЇB{����@�8y'��6 ��q��P������`�>��^?_PQT̎�Q4�[]7����;�,ηx}������nE�0u���+K{�^��%���g,�>���$�t1UUO���ŔL|*��%Ɇ���*�E>�v_#Dљ��� �"� 8 0 obj explain the most important topics during class (which turn out to be the ones I focus on for exams). That was easy right? endobj BEPP 280 Applied Data Analysis. endobj This article shall focus on how to get Junior Waec syllabus and subjects you should register. In such situations, the outcome of your actions depends also on the actions of others.