They are stuffed with strawberries and topped with fresh cream. I particularly enjoyed their steak tartare, though the duck leg is also apparently quite good. One of my favorite dining experiences in Poland was with The views from this historic restaurant of the Old Town, Really good authentic Polish food for reasonable prices. Our knowledge of Polish was rather limited and her. Rynek Główny 10, Krakow, MA, Kazimierz, Śródmieścieul. Skiing & Sledding at Le Massif in Quebec! Highly recommend Miod Malina! Layer cake "Krystyna" I loved the pulled pork sandwich and fries! Menu. Szczepańska 1, Kraków, MA, Kazimierz, ŚródmieścieMostowa 2, Kraków, MA, Śródmieście, Stare MiastoPlac Szczepański 2, Kraków, MA, Śródmieście, Stare Miastoul. Pod Aniołami - Best Restaurant Krakow , ul. Perogi is basically like ravioli. The menu is packed with goose legs and guinea fowl, aged tenderloins and bubbling broths, while a few ubiquitous regional staples also make an appearance: zurek soup; pierogi dumplings; blood-red barszcz. So, so good. Tomasza 17, Kraków, MA, Śródmieście, Stare Miastoul. Bożego Ciała 12, Kraków, MA, Kazimierz, Śródmieścieul. Szpitalna 38, Kraków, MA, Kazimierz, Śródmieścieul. It elegant and romantic but cozy at the same time. Her husband is a French pastry chef, so for dessert we were treated to homemade mille-feuille. Traditional Polish and European cuisine. św. Great recommendations! This is perogi topped with bacon! See all Smakołyki reviews, “Definitely a great foodie place w/some pretty spectacular vodka, wines and drinks.” From places in Poland I know Warsaw best, because I usually go there. Find the best Polish Food on Yelp: search reviews of 411 Kraków businesses by price, type, or location. Grodzka 9, Kraków, MA, Rynek Główny, Śródmieście, Stare Miastoul. And it is so cozy and friendly that I never want to leave :p. Wow, great article and photos! św. Here in the Old Town of Kraków, amid the hustle and bustle, you can find the extremely well-priced Milkbar Tomasza. They serve champagnes and sparkling wines, but also delicious food. For truly traditional Polish food with an amazing menu, beautiful presentation, and charming atmosphere, I highly, highly recommend Miod Malina. Krakow absolutely did not disappoint. See all Kuchnia Staropolska u Babci Maliny reviews, “We had the savory pancake, Irish breakfast, fresh squeezed orange juice, and sweet cheese pancake, all for about $15!” Try traditional Polish cuisine in one of Krakow's choice restaurants. Estery 5, Kraków, MA, Stare Miasto, Śródmieścieul. Ate the Bigos and the. Wonderful atmosphere! św. --Another traditional favorite.” The interior is cosy and lively, with dimly lit nooks and crannies in which to recline. I’m always excited to visit new places and experience local cuisine. On the edge of the Kazimierz district across from the Market Hall, a great Kielbasa can be had from the now legendary Krakow Blue Van which can be the van has been a Krakovian street food … without having to worry about my gluten sensitivity. “One of my favourite old haunts since living in the city in 2007, with arguably the best sernik in Cracow.” Old Town Restaurant - Kraków. Grodzka 35 - Extraordinary place.Waiting for your reservation! The best part is surely the price tag, though: super cheap! What’s more, your … , tel. Their menu creates beautifully plated and delicious dishes from an array of traditional Polish flavors. These fried potato pancakes (bottom right) are another traditional Polish food. After a long day of travel, nothing beats a home cooked meal. From the outside it looks quite basic, and that’s the beauty of it. For vegetarians, there is a great porcini mushroom soup served in a bread bowl; for meat-eaters, there are tasty duck, chicken, goose, and veal options. , not in there shells but a lively tomato sauce and garlic. The restaurant specializes in Polish cuisine and in particular: goose meat, potato pancakes, or dish made of roasted flour and water, served in the form of dumplings called "Prażuchy" was limited, but communication was not a problem. Here you will find AMAZING perogi!! Explore best Polish dishes around a wooden table in traditional Polish restaurant. A recommendation of the Michelin Guide, the kitchen here serves up creative Polish dishes in the ilk of tempura oysters and liquorice-infused venison. Here you can find Italian classics such as spaghetti carbonara, lasagna, bruschetta, and caprese salad. You can even find the famous rolled ice cream at one of the trucks! in Krakow, and I'd recommend coming here at least once just to experience them. has been so deeply embraced by the natives. św. Once inside, delicious fresh Polish food is served in style, or at least in the style to which every Milk Bar should aspire. Food Trucks in Krakow with Traditional Polish Food. In fact, it is the only Polish food that is protected by Europian Union and is listed on their Traditional Foods List. I go there every time I visit Warsaw. Layer cake ", “So happy I found this spot, many thanks to some recommendations from friends who have been as well as my, “Definitely a great foodie place w/some pretty spectacular, “There is no real seating inside, but a couple of tables outside or you can take your, “Krakow was one of the places and I was fortunate enough to taste the most delicious, The menu is in both Polish and English so it makes it easy for, It has seriously great traditional home cooked. Ask for regional specialties of Krakow and the Malopolska province. Traditional Polish soup ''Zurek'' Foto: Floriańska 45, Kraków, MA, Rynek Główny, Stare Miasto, Śródmieścieul. Eataway is a website where home cooks invite guests from all over the world to eat with them at their homes. Kraków is well-known for its touristic charms the world over. Perfect for a date;) And their food is incredible – a great combination of tradition and modernity. The excellent service went well with their carefully crafted atmosphere. You Can Spend The Night In An Ice Hotel In Canada! After this post I want to got here so bad! She prepared fresh Polish mountain cheeses, Polish sausages, brined herring, a traditional chilled beet soup, and incredible lamb perogis. Rynek Główny 28, Kraków, MA, Stare Podgórze, Podgórzeul. They also have a traditional Polish sausage soup served in a bread bowl. which is very trendy and the place to be. The tomato basil I got here was phenomenal. I love street food and food trucks, so on our last night in Krakow we headed over to the Kazimierz historical district — also known as the Jewish Quarter — for some food truck taste-testing. I could not have asked for a more perfect first night in Poland. I loved the pulled pork sandwich and fries! Expect filling, hearty Eastern European dishes, often of the meat and veg variety, but also interspersed with the occasional Polish dumpling and boiling broth. A range of spicy, hearty, tasty Eastern European treats are in store for you here – all cooked in Polish style. WiFi: Fast Limanowskiego 16, Kraków, MA, Rynek Główny, Stare Miasto, Śródmieścieul. I was in perogi heaven!! If you like to meet new people, try new types of food, and want to live live the locals live for a night, I highly recommend Eataway. Traditional Polish Food @ Gaska Restaurant, Krakow, Poland Try the delicious homemade Polish food at Gaska Restaurant If you’ve planned a weekend getaway and need ideas on where to eat in Krakow, then you should definitely add this restaurant to your list.