Zeus, the king of the gods, is an important part of the Greek pantheon, and Zeus' family tree is complex and fascinating. This piece of information was hidden from Perseus in order to trap him. An error occurred trying to load this video. Want to become wiser on the Greek gods? The important generations belonging to the Zeus family tree have been color-coded, in order to make it easier for you to follow its sequence. The gods decided to help Perseus attain success, by guiding him throughout his journey. Services. (Overthrowing one’s father as ruler already ran in the family as Cronus had already overthrown his own father Uranus.). She was so fatally beautiful and desirable, that Zeus feared her beauty may cause wars among the gods, as they argued over who would set their claims on her. Create a chart, poster, or some other type of graphic organizer that lists and briefly describes the important Titan mistresses in Zeus' life. Ancient Greek literature continues to attract readers and researchers alike, and acts as a source of immense inspiration for the thinker, artist, muse, and the believer. Why wasn't this page useful? It was Zeus who had advised Hades to abduct his daughter, because he knew that Demeter would never consider Hades as a suitable husband for Persephone. The coding is as follows: Wherever Zeus has been marked in black, it indicates that he mated with the daughter of that generation and had children. Did you know… We have over 220 college Get access risk-free for 30 days, Each muse had a distinct role to play, and were the personification of knowledge, creativity, and prosperity. This complex Zeus family tree is 22 cm x 17,66 cm in 210 dpi. (If you wish to see a family tree where you can get a good visual of how Zeus is related to his mistresses, go to the Greek god family tree page. To use this tree, simply click on the name of the god or person about whom you need more information. Fortunately, the soothing music of the lute caused Argus to fall asleep, after which Hermes killed the giant in order to rescue Io. Also, the (S) indicates ‘Son’, while (D) indicates ‘Daughter’. After the victory, there was sharing of power among all the Gods and Zeus became the ruler of the universe. The Hesperides gave him a bag that would safely hold the head of the monster, who had live snakes on her head instead of hair. Zeus and his relationships figure heavily in many myths, so understanding his family tree can help you better understand the stories that surround him. Hera overcome with grief, spread the giant’s hundred eyes all over the peacock bird’s tail for showing her gratitude for his unflinching service. For instance, if you click on Hera, you will see that she is the queen of the gods and Zeus' only wife. K.Noelani has uploaded 485 photos to Flickr. The first came the stone, a sheep, and then his five older children, who come out alive and as adults. Once this scandalous news was out, Menelaus returned to Sparta and along with his companions declared war on Troy, which led to the epic Trojan War! The first five children were swallowed whole, and fearing the same fate for her sixth unborn child, Rhea sought the help of her parents to save her child and seek revenge from Cronus for his acts. It is believed that she chose to give up her throne in order to perform her duties on earth with utmost dedication. More information Zeus family tree with Greek Gods. Making a Zeus family tree is not the simplest thing in the world as it requires quite bit of research – especially in keeping track of all his countless extramarital escapades and consequent offspring. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} These goddesses were fascinated by the arts and requested Apollo, that they be taken to a secluded land where they could focus on their work and help mankind flourish. Apollo had a twin sister Artemis as well. This work is a Roman replica of an older Greek sculpture from 320 BC and is currently placed at the Palazzo Altemps. They are also married. While in her husband’s belly, Metis forged an armor for her unborn child. just create an account. The Zeus family tree is extensive, and showers light upon the way this brave ruler lead his immortal life … Far from it in fact. She was attracted to the volatile nature of Ares, and thus played an instrumental role in the Trojan War along with this dangerous consort of hers. Constructing a family tree can be a lot of fun, but you always know that somewhere you're going to discover that one crazy relative.