When he was about fall unconscious, Kite opened his eyes long enough to see that Yuma and Astral had returned from the Astral World. He countered with "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" and destroyed "Tachyon Dragon". Kite reminded Yuma that he entrusted everything to them so they must win before disappearing. Together they power up "Galaxy Eyes" and win the Duel. ARC-V anime. He’s a tough and intelligent Number Hunter, meaning that he’ll hunt you down and steal your Number Card… along with your soul! [13] He also won a "Number" from Fortuno. [75] However, Astral eventually overcame his fears towards Kite as his bond with Yuma grew stronger. [50], After Orbital 7 detected a change in spatial mass, Kite flew to South America and wondered if the Barians were involved. When Mizar arrived on the moon, they engaged in their third Duel to determine the true "Galaxy-Eyes" master. Kite is the first (and so far, only) rival with a 3000 ATK ace monster to have never been defeated by the respective main character in the anime series it debuted in. In his thoughts, Kite reflected how a part on him wanted to follow Quinton that day. Kite told him that was wrong - he fights to oppose his own parent, Faker. As they were hiding from Heartland police, knowing that Hart's powers would appear due to him being stressed, Kite gave him his favorite candy, caramel, to calm him down. He asked why Quinton and his family had done what they did to Hart. Lisa Ortiz. [12] Throughout the World Duel Carnival, Kite and Astral show silent, mutual respect for each other, but couldn't converse since he couldn't see or hear Astral. Using Heartland Tower as a base, they find and defeat the holders of the "Numbers". [27], During the tournament, he acquired at least two more "Numbers" from his opponents[29], before winning "Number 9: Dyson Sphere" from Quinton during his first match in the finals. Mizar is a Galaxy-Eyes user just like Kite, this created a rivalry between them as only one of them can be the true Galaxy-Eyes user. Zexal, and Mikako Komatsu is the Japanese voice. Kite first met Quinton when he came to live within his father's facility in Heartland, and they become very close. Kite initially carried a pious and self-righteous demeanor as he aims to crush any opponent with a religious fervor in his duels. Quinton left through a portal, leaving "Dyson Sphere" behind for Kite, and after a brief conversation with Yuma, Kite departed with Orbital 7.[9]. ZEXAL Hart Tenjo 天城ハルト. Later, Dextra approached Kite with concern, telling him she knows that he needs to collect the "Numbers" for Hart, but urged him to stop Dueling and drop from the finals, which he refused. [10], Because of Hart's condition supposedly being caused by the "Number" cards, Kite Duels and acts ruthlessly when it comes to facing those whose possess such cards. While struggling to climb, the trio heard a dragon's roar that caused Kite's "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" to be excited and went out of Kite's control for a moment. Zexal › Tori Meadows. When Hart came into his room, Kite smiles and promises he won't lose the Duel, but Hart can tell there's something wrong with his brother. He was unable to confront Yuma because Orbital 7 notified that Photon Transformation had already used 85% of its power and, therefore, there wasn't much left. [6][9] Although he despised Vetrix, Kite did try to honor Quinton's wishes in his Duel against Vetrix by Summoning Quinton's "Number 9: Dyson Sphere" so Vetrix could remember his son. [9], Years later, Mr. Heartland tested Kite alongside Nistro, Dextra and some other young Duelists to determine who the elite Duelist of that generation would be. Quinton responded that they only do what Vetrix tells them and Kite cannot hope to defeat them in his current state. When the robot attempted to do the same to Dextra, Kite intercepted it, destroying it with his "Daybreaker", but having his face cut in the process. He announces his arrival by whistling which tends to frighten the person he is about to Duel. SERIES; WATCH; Interact. [35], Sometime later, he acquired "Number 46: Dragluon" from Jinlon. ZEXAL. Kite became angry and tried to punch Mr. Heartland, but it was in fact only a hologram. Although he goes along with Kite's words, Hart can see through him and understands what Kite was doing for him. [69] Kite and Orbital used a space shuttle to head to the moon to further look into the Legend of the Dragons of Light and Time. Hart then transferred his remaining power to his brother, forcing the ritual to end, and leaving Vetrix only some of the powers and memories he had intended to steal. Upon hearing about a crisis in the Astral World, Kite joined Yuma, Tori, Arclights and the Seven Barian Emperors to help Astral. Marc Diraison. Kite's design is largely unchanged from his appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! [33] Kite defeated another finalist with his "Reverse Buster", saying he has no time to deal with people who do not possess "Numbers", while Dextra whispered for him not to push himself. [18] Yuma greatly looked forward to Dueling Kite again, and openly showed excitement throughout their Duel. He arrived at the deserted castle in time to rescue Yuma from falling into a pit, surprising him. He can Duel without a Duel Gazer; however, his left eye turns red and several marks resembling a Duel Gazer are seen when he Duels. [52] During the Duel, Kite was confident in Yuma's and Dextra's Dueling skills, despite their situation; unlike the Kastle twins, Kite had a better understanding about the way Dextra and Nistro behaved, which he explained to the siblings. Prior to the World Duel Carnival, he also acquired "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction". Orbital discovered that Vetrix's movements had become erratic because he was avoiding Trap Cards another Duelist had Set - and all of those cards had "Butterfly" in their name. Though he nearly defeated Vetrix, the latter brought out "Number 69: Heraldry Crest", which absorbed the effects of "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" and defeated Kite. However, after Quattro brought out "Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings" and attacks Kite with it, he is on the verge of defeat with a mere 100 Life Points and seemingly given up. Kite explained to Yuma that he and Quinton found a a way to world to Astral World using the King's Coins, which he stole from Yuma. [18], While getting ready for his Duel, he thought about the fact that up until now, he had always fought as a Number Hunter for the sake of Hart, recalling the souls he has taken. He summarized that they need to find Numeron Code if they ever wish to save their world and Astral World from the Barians. [25] Kite and Yuma teamed up to break into an abandoned gallery, to rescue him from Vetrix, whom begins a ritual to extract his powers and memories. Kite’s younger brother Hart Tenjo was once like any normal young boy - laughing, playing and daydreaming. His attire includes a black trench coat with a high collar over a grey shirt, a finger-less black glove on his right hand, and white pants with black boots. Although Kite tried to remain strong, he was eventually overwhelmed and knocked to the ground. During the semifinals, Kite speaks to a comatose Hart and tells him he's leaving for the semifinals now and promises to defeat the remaining two Duelists to save Hart, even though his "Photon Transformation" is already damaging his body. Whenever he speaks with Heartland, he tends to glare at him. At the party, Kite confronted his former teacher, Chris, now known as Quinton. Faker gave Kite a card, called "Message in a Bottle" when he was a child. In the dubbed version, the song he whistles is more of a Western theme, like a cowboy does when he is about to Duel, which may be a reference to Kalin Kessler. With it, Kite defeats both Trey and Quattro in one turn. After the Duel, he awakened and Orbital 7 informed him that Yuma won. [40] In the end, Kite defeated Yuma, with the help of both "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" and "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" after countering Yuma's use of "Xyz Double Back" with his own copy. When they came to the Number ruins, they met Jinlon, a Number Guardian who was very interested in Kite as he saw him as the Dragon Tamer. He then flies off again, leaving Yuma confused. As Kite reconciled with his family, Yuma told Kite that as WDC Champion, he gets a wish granted - he wished for Kite to live happily with his family. After the Duel ended, Kite and the others returned to the airship the next day and listened to Tori and Orbital 7 complaining to Rio about being left behind.[53]. As the Duel began, Kite Dueled seriously and managed to counter Yuma's moves and inflict damage, but lamented how Yuma loves Dueling and he never gives up. She claimed she wished to face Vetrix for Mr. Heartland. Kite has little interest in Nistro's one-sided rivalry, and told him if he gets in his way, Kite will consider Nistro an enemy[15]. Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page. Kite accepted, wanting to finish his confrontation with both Yuma and Astral.