The Cerulean Warbler is a passerine in the family Parulidae. Oceana Conservation District Technician, Aid arriving in Sudan insufficient for refugees, US charities raise millions following Beirut blast, New video game offers fresh take on Spider-Man, Tom Fox makes Oceana Golf Club's first-ever November ace, Four county soccer players named first team all-WMC, Red Cross contacted to assist family following fire, Hart election worker claims 1st Amendment rights violated. 1988). Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? been increasing in number in many New York areas. 2006) and occur in scattered localities in the northern counties These practices include controlling non-native and invasive plants, removing less-desirable trees while retaining the healthiest trees, and planting native trees and shrubs in areas lacking natural regeneration of desirable species. Contact the Oceana Conservation District office at 231-861-5600 or visit for information on upcoming birding events. During their migration in the fall, the warbler passes through the southern United States flying over the Gulf of Mexico to the highlands of South America. The gaps, or openings, in the canopy. (1985, The female displays a nest defense sometimes warbler’s rich blue color. In North Carolina, a disjunct population occurs in the old-growth, mature floodplain forest communities of well-drained natural levees within 330 m of the Roanoke River (Lynch 1981, cited in Robbins et al. Cerulean Warblers live in mature forests that either have high canopies; or contain several large trees composed largely of maples, oaks, and hickory, surrounded by smaller trees (Jones & Robertson 2001). Their populations have declined dramatically due to habitat loss. College in Buffalo, NY. Dendroica cerulean. Both males and females can be Due to this, the White River has been designated as an “Important Bird Area” for this species by the National Audubon Society and Birdlife International. Overall, Schucker's goal for managing his property is to improve the health of his forest and offer high-quality habitat for a variety of wildlife species. The By Adam Chandler Over the course of my two years working in Oceana County, my interest in birding has been quickly increasing. The North American Breeding Bird Survey estimates a decline of over 2.6 percent per year between 1966 and 2015, resulting in a cumulative loss of 74 percent of the population in that time. They have a habitat of foraging at the closest part of a twig and hopping toward the end, veering slight upward through the canopy as they go. Sustainable forestry activities on Schucker's 78 acres are designed to benefit Cerulean Warblers, among other wildlife species. a small member of the parulid family at 11.5 cm and 8-10g. Cerulean Warblers in North Carolina are generally found in cove hardwood forests with an abundance of tulip poplar (Simpson 1992). This information is used to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Also, short flights from tree to tree are It turns out, knowing about cutting trees is different than knowing how to grow trees and create wildlife habitat.”. This always inspires me to research birds I was previously unaware of. And discover, along the way, how the Rainforest Alliance is helping conserve its threatened habitats through more sustainable forestry and climate-smart coffee farming. This area's second-growth forest is in advanced growth, with a high, closed canopy of large trees similar to those described above, in mesic cove and slope topography. white wing bars and white tail spots.