Rolling Glory Jam revealed this week that they are releasing a new game in collaboration with the creator of Coffee Talk called What Comes After. Even at the very start of the game when you’re on the living train, people are wearing masks and standing apart from one another. What Comes After is a seemingly somber game that cleverly discusses the concepts of death and depression, but handles itself in a very personal, and overall optimistic fashion. New Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Concept Pops Arrive at Funko, Shiny Barboach Spotlight Hour is Tonight In Pokémon GO, Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN! The game features a short heartwarming story that will stay in your heart and memory. Download Ocean Torrent Games for PC and Mac. What really makes What Comes After stand out is its overall message. Click the below Button and Wait For Few Seconds On Next Page. What Comes After is a seemingly somber game that cleverly discusses the concepts of death and depression, but handles itself in a very personal, and overall optimistic fashion. What Comes After is a game that came out right when some of us probably need it the most, and it takes a moment to remind us that there are always things that we should stick around for; even if it’s just a relaxing green tea latte. Please check the following link for trigger warnings: After walking around the train a bit, she finds a seat and dozes off, only to awaken on what seems to be a train, but something seems off. What Comes After Game Download Full version highly compressed via direct link available. Vivi is free to walk about the train cars and speak with the fellow passengers, many of whom are excited to share their stories with the one living person around. What Comes After It Is a Full And Complete Game. You can currently play the game on both Steam and right now, and you can read more about it below. A traveling content creator who has done webcomics, YouTube videos, and game reviews. Download Will Start Automatically. What Comes After is a fairly short, but clearly personal game for the developer, and I think there’s a lot that will hit home with players as well. Required fields are marked *. The farther Vivi gets into the train, the crazier things start to seem. John reviewed What Comes After on Steam with a personally purchased copy. All Rights Reserved. On Sunday, April 14, the eighth and final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” will premiere, and with the final season, months away plenty of questions of what … Who's Who In DC Comics' Future State? Colorful art to accompany your journey in the train not bound for the living. However, we do know that she sees herself as a burden on her family, and has at least considered the possibility of ending her own life. An easy to pick-up gameplay. What Comes After Game Free Download for Mac/PC. Just Download, Run Setup, And Install. There'sd a lot of cool storylines in this game that will get your mind thinking a bit of what to expect when you shake off the mortal coil. The writer has openly said that the game and its story are very personal to him. Help Vivi finds herself through the journey that takes her to where people go after they die, to what comes after. Even at the start of the game when she fears she might be dead, she’s fairly at peace with the idea, looking on the bright side that she may have died without any suffering, though takes into consideration what her death might mean for others.… As someone who has struggled with anxiety, depression, and yes, a genuine worry that I’ve been a burden on my loved ones, the short story of What Comes After may resonate harder with those who have been through some of the struggles of the lead character, or indeed any of the ghosts you encounter on the train. Your email address will not be published. What Comes After doesn’t offer much in terms of gameplay, as it’s entirely built around walking left or right and talking to people. What Comes After Game Free Download Download What Comes After Game Overview. Winter is now closer than its ever been. The game has been designed with a cool animation style that has you exploring what happens in life and what's to follow when you're done with it. A personal journey of learning how to love yourself. © 2020 Luster Network LLC. From the creator of Coffee Talk, in collaboration with … Just Download, Run Setup, And Install. A tale filled with love and comedy. The number of ways that a video game can covey a story or an idea is endless. All presented in a light-hearted way with a sprinkle of comedy and philosophy. What Comes After Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Ride the train filled with the souls of the people, animals, and plants that are on their way to leave this world, and talk to them to learn about love, regrets, life, and death that haunt us every day until our time has come. Nearly everything about What Comes After, on the surface, can be described incredibly simply. Some developers will work the story into one of the primary mechanics, or rely on symbolism and allegorical imagery to get their point across. Azelf Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: Lake Legends, Animaniacs: The Scathing Cognitive Dissonance with Nostalgia (Opinion), Batwoman Stunt Vid: Javicia Leslie Leaps Nicole Kang in a Single Bound, Supernatural: Too Soon, Jensen Ackles. Many of the passengers have their own reactions to their demise. Click on the below button to start What Comes After Mac Game Free Download. Unveils 57th Anniv Opening Titles/Credits, Marvel Officially Cancel Dark Agnes, Daily Bugle, Morbius MIA No More. The game helpfully fills in a couple of blanks that could’ve easily been left alone. They even raise the question of how a system similar to this may have existed before the invention of modern trains like the one we’re currently on. Vivi’s journey especially struck a chord with me. He loves Megami Tensei, Ace Attorney, Pokemon, and Indie games. For example, every single ghost on this train is someone or something that died today and also died within ten kilometers of the train station. In What Comes After, players will take the role of Vivi, a woman that always feels like she's a burden to everyone. He can also teach you how to play Star Trek chess, be your Mercy on Overwatch, recommend random cool music, and goes rogue in D&D. She discovers that there’s a dining car while the normal train doesn’t have such a thing, and before long she starts to encounter the ghosts of other beings that passed away that day besides humans. I had the rather fortunate experience of having my own eyes opened recently as I played through Mohammad Fahmi’s indie experiment, What Comes After.