We can’t emphasize enough how bad over-watering is for your plant. The Monstera adansonii var. You still want to test a small area of your plant to make sure there isn’t an adverse reaction. Then you can spray your plant down. Direct sunlight can damage the leaves. Monstera. Perlite and pumice help improve drainage of the soil by breaking it up, making the soil airier and well-draining. The cut should flush with the main stem. Thank you for the support! Get rid of the bugs in the less affected leaves by cleaning the infested leaves and stems with rubbing alcohol, soap, and water, or spray with insecticidal soap. If you’ve exhausted all other options, then you may have a mineral deficiency. This is called root rot and it’s one of the worst conditions that over-watering causes. Dip these roots in a fungicide solution. As long as it’s given the space, this plant gets pretty all. You can re-pot your monster plant in a new pot, or use the old one. } ... Monstera (and indeed most plants) are far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering. But most plants get along well with neem oil. Monstera can grow up trees and other plants in the rainforest, and would benefit from some support indoors, too. When the soil is moist down to your fingertip, wait to water your plant. First, this type of soil helps to prevent under-watering. Rinse your plant after using the oil, as neem can burn the plant. laniata is that you have options when it comes to propagation. This allows chlorine to dissipate so it won’t harm your Monstera plant. Pour the solution into a clean pot and soak the roots overnight. Do not use a pot without drainage holes unless you are sure that you will get the right amount of water whenever you water your monstera. Plant pests love stressed plants. Add one more layer of potting soil, leaving approximately 2 inches’ clearance from the top of the pot. Thrips are tiny, winged insects that do tremendous damage to plants. Some house plant pests, specifically spider mites and aphids, can cause yellowing leaves. I'm the blogger behind readytodiy.com. I leave them on just in case the plant is doing something important with it’s autumnal display. laniata doesn’t need high humidity but it sure makes a difference. Thrips love the Monstera adansonii var. These plant pests are hard to see. If you shake the plant, it startles the adult thrips. The insects to look out for include; Mealybugs are white in color insects that mostly attack young monstera plants. If you can’t get worm castings, try a really gentle balanced fertiliser – a 5-5-5 would be a good option. Once the plant is mature, it develops Swiss cheese looking holes in the leaves. Everything you could need to know is all right here. my poor monstera seems to be dying in the grips of thrips. Be careful not to injure the roots of your plant and make sure they’re all the way under the soil. An excellent immune system promotes the growth of strong and healthy roots. Keep in mind, the soil should be moist but never saturated. Your quick action will give your plant another chance to survive. The temperature can determine how long the soil will hold the moisture. Therefore, it is crucial that you always closely watch your monstera for any signs of infection. Do not use the old moss to prevent the possibility of re-infection. Compacted and highly dense soil can cause poor drainage as the soil will keep water longer. It drops you hints by how the leaves are fairing. 15. Treat every three days until they’re gone. laniata or put it in a hanging basket? This is me and my Chinese Money Plant. Its real name is the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. } The remaining roots, therefore, will have better health and a better chance to regrow the root system. { I actually keep some philodendron in clear pots so that they can get a bit of light to their roots, but I prefer to keep Monstera in terracotta for the air flow. Mealybugs love all plants. Make sure you’re using well-draining soil. They need to be kept relatively dry will benefit from air flow, and even light. Taking care of houseplants is one of my greatest passions.