The absolute key to the great Taco Bell Chicken Quesadilla is the sauce! instagram (Literally everyone who knows us knows exactly where we were based on that last sentence. You definitely want to buy good cheese if you are going to make a great chicken quesadilla. Tastes just like it! That SAUCE is what completes it! You will need mayo for the base and a few spices like cayenne & garlic as well as some pickled jalapeños. Also can not wait to make these!! I like this for a quick meal. Because their quesadillas are so much more than just throwing cheese in a tortilla shell and throwing it into a pan! It is so easy to throw together and makes a perfect and easy weeknight dinner. Super happy with how it turned out , Made these a few hours ago. It made me nervous that date night was going to be a total bust. And literally these chicken quesadillas are one of my top three menu favorites, hands down. <3, I’ve been testing those! I always order a side of pico and sour cream when I hit up the Taco Bell drive-through. Working with one tortilla at a time, spray the skillet with a very small amount of cooking spray. In a pinch and dont have the ingredients for the sauce, we use hidden valley ranch’s southwest chipotle. I’m so on board the Taco Bell train. I found this and thought I’d give it a try. We'd love to see! (And that’s what I’m basing the recipe and nutritional information on.) At the second restaurant (did you not know that all great date nights include at least two restaurants? In a small bowl whisk together the ingredients for the sauce. I like my chicken quesadillas with some guacamole on top and chips and corn salsa on the side. ★☆. Thanks for being a fan! Thank you for the awesome recipe! Place half of the chicken on top of the cheese. She was so excited and loved them so much, I have made them 3 times in the last month!! Hi Gretchen, you can find pickled jalapenos in the jar or in the can at every major grocer in the US. I cant wait to try this. Looks good. Got another recipe you want me to recreate? Make Taco Bell’s Chicken Quesadilla at home with this easy recipe. My husband kept saying just how good they were. Because their quesadillas are so much more than just throwing cheese in a tortilla shell and throwing it into a pan! This was a huge hit! Thank you for sharing. .After that we went to another restaurant, got more seats at the bar, and ordered more food. FIRST OFF the sauce was spot on I was shocked! They are delicious! Repeat with the other prepared tortilla. To me, this completes any quesadilla. "Omg! ", "My family absolutely loved this recipe. TIPS FOR MAKING THE PERFECT COPYCAT TACO BELL CHICKEN QUESADILLA So in love with these and taste identical. Place tortilla on hot skillet. I will never buy another quesadilla from Taco bell again. Obviously. ). I am the owner and author of and I'm so glad that you are here. It VERY similar and ready to use. Love this recipe! It’s the same simple flour tortilla with a hefty portion of melted three-cheese blend, creamy jalapeño sauce and you guessed it- steak. I made them for my family and they loved it. Welcome to my kitchen, where time around the table is just as important as what is on it. Think I just perfected the nacho cheese ?Hopefully it will be ready to be posted in the next two weeks. Place a large skillet that you can fit with a lid over very low heat. The only thing that really makes a Taco Bell quesadilla different from any other quesadilla on the street is the Taco Bell Quesadilla sauce. ???? I couldn’t find pickled jalapeños and subbed it with banana peppers and banana pepper juice and it was just as good! I loved it. Place the tortilla (that has been prepared with the sauce) in the skillet. Luckily it is pretty simple. I know it is tempting to buy a big bag of shredded cheese, but don’t do it! Took out the jalepenos as I can’t take spice at all But I love it so much. Buy a block of cheese (I like a nice marbled Colby Jack), and shred some right before you make your quesadilla. My kids cant get enough! Hi! Really easy to make even for a beginner cook. It is so easy to throw together and makes a perfect and easy weeknight dinner. Cook until cheese is melted and bubbly, 2-4 minutes each side. I used two tortillas instead of folding them over to make 2 pieces I just stacked them . Please tag @cookingwithjanica and use #cookingwithjanica on social media. These were quick, easy and described by my almost 4 year old as “the best dinner ever!”. ★☆ This recipe is spot on!! I like that there a hint of spice, enough to make it known that it’s there. I started not to make the sauce but really glad I did but I omitted the sugar as other comments had. We get to share the food, which is fun, and we are so physically close to each other that it’s just so cozy. The sauce is amazing!!! If you have it on hand, maybe add a splash of vinegar and a little extra cayenne? We substitute steak in place of the chicken. Made this with real bacon bits on the sauce and dipped in sour cream! ★☆ I think my favorite date nights ever involve us sitting next to each other all cozy at the bar of some restaurant getting drinks and appetizers. I have been making these for quite a few years now. My homemade Crunchwrap Supreme recipe is easily the most popular recipe on our site.