Maybe some of you, who aren’t going through this, can hold it for me for a minute, while I catch my breath. My current stage of mystery is a question that's been playing on repeat in my head, "Who are these shiny, healthy women who make motherhood look so attainable?" Nothings held me back! Stay strong and keep creating it smooths the soul. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say, “Hi!” in the comments! Our Stories are not the same, but, I feel your pain. I couldn’t ask for a more empathetic companion. All the best to you, John, Desi and Scrap. Learn more about Suzy Quilts's favorite products. The way I've started describing my current situation is that I am now a part of a sisterhood I never wanted to be a part of. (Right now you just don’t think so because your at one of the tuffest parts of being parents)! He’s just lovely. I too have the exact same fear – was that my one chance? Be well my friend. Thanks and Congratulations and I love your necklace! We will still be here waiting patiently….. remembering our own birth stories, days of messy hair, blurry eyes, dishes in the sink, quick meals, and fleeting glances at the time passing us by. It must have taken a lot of courage to write that. i love you so much and will be praying for you every day. Oh yeah...tying my shoes…. I love what you write about the history of sewing and fabric and notions. Everything will be fine. I’m sure this happens all the time.” Four days later, sitting on my couch back in Chicago, I still catch myself thinking, “Everything is fine. He is just darling! Get up. I am sending prayers and love and light. The chance of the M-word dropped dramatically and I was just a week away from the big eight. Plus I think Scrap is enjoying it tooeven if you get a stink eye every now and then!! Life changes fast! yesterday and I can still remember how it was when he was new to the family. Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. Congratulations to you and your husband! Suzy Quilts | Modern Quilt Patterns | Free quilt patterns and tutorials • Modern, minimal textile designs • Tons of crafting inspiration and DIY sewing here and at ), After a restless night in the maternity ward, a nurse strolled into our room at 9:15 the next morning with a rolling cart full of scary looking syringes, fluid bags and monitors. There is nothing that smells better than a baby. You have a lot of people who love reading your blog and it is great how upbeat it usually is but it is ok to be down sometimes too. Getting used to a new human in the house must be hard! It’s been nearly 3 years since my last miscarriage and even though I don’t think about those 3 babies everyday, every once in a while the dreams and plans that I had come up in my heart and I know that they won’t come true. (You can watch my Instagram stories documenting this crazy time. They taught me most of what i needed to know… cause i was absolutely clueless. oxoxoxo. They don’t last forever. The best part of life is children–so wonderful! <3. Thank you for sharing your story and I’m so sorry for your lost ♥️, The blogs that are the best are the ones that share from the heart….I know grief…I hate death…I hate that life as we know it changes in a second…I hate that folks do not understand and that life continues unrelenting without stopping as we grieve. You’ve brought me a lot of comfort and I truly appreciate it. Here at SQ you will find free sewing tutorials, product reviews, basic how-to’s, design inspiration, and quilt patterns geared toward you – the chic, modern quilter! ), I was immediately admitted to the hospital and given IV fluids. You can learn more about that here. I also think that you are very, very brave for sharing something so deeply personal with the world. No need to panic. I can’t move my limbs without enormous effort. I’m not a member of the dreaded club, but I have many friends who are. Enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast. See more of Suzy Quilts on Facebook. Quilting and my quilting friends (you know who you are) have helped me beyond belief. 321 talking about this. From Donna Kelly in New Zealand. I cannot imagine putting one foot in front of the other with that pain tearing out my heart. Do you hear that, Universe? Now, as a mom, I find my hair up in a messy mom bun 98% of the time. ❤❤❤. Those words don’t help, I know they’re aren’t any words that do. In addition to Scrap, you now have another model, Desmond, to show off your quilts. Someone once told me that I had better hurry up and get well…as there were things to be done….oh, but she did not know, the pain of the heart as I knew. It’s even hard to find time to take a shower even though you desperately want one. My kiddos are 12 and 18 so I love following along with the new quilt mamas and babes on IG. I cannot wait to do the mod mountains quilt!!! Thank you for sharing such a happy moment in your life. haha! You sound like the kind of woman who does have strength although at the moment it’s hard to find. He is absolutely adorable and you are right to be enjoying as much as you can at this time! This is a special time in your lives. Forgot account? You all look like those people whose pictures are already in the picture frames I buy at the store. Learn how to sew a napkin in this beginner-friendly DIY cloth napkins tutorial! The nurse hooked me up to more beepy things and drip bags and left the room. So sorry to hear your news, and although I am on the other side of the world it really is a small place. I am convinced that miscarriage and infertility are 2 of the most devastating things a woman can go through. Desi is precious. It's my blog. Now you have Des you have joined a new sisterhood of becoming a Mum! Again congratulations! I hadn’t been sure about motherhood before that (I was 24 and terrified) but that news devastated me. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy! It’s really hard today, but I will tell you that the grief does get easier. How to Sew a Quilted Coat: Tips and Tools, Stars Hollow Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial, Shine Quilt Sew Along: Week 7: Finish Quilt Top, Patchwork Jacket Tutorial: Upcycle a Denim Jacket with Style, Shine Quilt Sew Along: Week 5 & 6: Make Blocks. I still giggle when I think about that video.). I’m going to make this short and sweet because I just had a baby! Since we will continue to sew our crazy little improv blocks for this week and the next, I figured you didn't need four separate blog posts on making the same thing. In a couple weeks John and I will start phasing in our nanny and I'm going to be back to work part-time on April 1. JanW x. Big hugs to you. Quilt Patterns; Favorite Tools; Favorite Books; Blog. Log In. And it was so true, and it is so important to mourn that, it is real and it is hard. I enjoy parents like you who are doing this for the first time. After the eight week mark, chances of losing a pregnancy drop even more. It is a strange thing that we become strongest through our weak spots but it is true that in feeling the pain we eventually grow stronger in our ability to love. (Side note: I pretty much love e…. What a perfect little guy…how much did he weigh?