$4.25 $ 4. It is slightly shorter than one inch and generally will work better than a 22/28, which is longer than one inch. £2.72 £ 2. Think about your intended application and check out the chart below for a breakdown. FREE Delivery. Compare. There was a problem submitting the request, please try again. 4.5 out of 5 stars 202. Most jams are caused by either using the incorrect staples, or by trying to staple too much. 16 (£1.44/100 g) £3.39 £3.39. Step 3. But never fear, our experts have discovered two easy methods for unjamming a stapler. Check the bottom of your stapler. The term "stapling" is used for both fastening sheets of paper together with bent legs or fastening sheets of paper to something solid with straight legs; however, when differentiating between the two, the term "tacking" is used for straight-leg stapling, while the term "stapling" is used for bent-leg stapling. The 1/4" leg length is compatible with most standard … Similar to the blade type, a wand remover features an ergonomic grip that allows you to pull staples out of documents with one swift, fluid motion. Staples Standard Paper Clips, #1 Size, Gold, 200/Pack (32013) 523. Our focus is your convenience – order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 4, Premium, 1/4 Inches Length, 210/Strip, 5000/Box, 1 Pack (35450), Swingline Staples, Standard, 1/4" Length, 210/Strip, 5000/Box, 10 Pack (35111) Packaging may vary, JAM PAPER Standard Size Colorful Staples - Ruby Red - 5000/box, Officemate Standard Staples, 210 per Strip, 20 Sheets Capacity, 5,000 per Box (91900), Officemate Standard Staples, 10 Boxes General Purpose Staple (91950), KangBaz Staples, 26/6 Standard Staples for Staplers, 1/4 inch Length, 210 per Strip, Jam Free Chisel Point Staples, 10000 per Box General Purpose Staple …, Swingline Staples, Standard, 1/4" Length, 210/Strip, 5000/Box, 2 Pack (35107), Swingline Staples, Standard, 1/4 inches Length, 210/Strip, 5000/Box, 1 Box (35108), Bostitch Standard Staples, 1/4" Length, 5000 Per Box, 8-Pack, Max 35-5M Standard Staples for USA; Leg Length 6mm (1/4"); 100 Staples per Stick, for Use with Max HD-50, HD-50R, HD-50F and other Standard Staplers, 0.25" Leg Length, 0.5" Crown Width, 5000 Count, Swingline Staples, S.F. Thanks! 4.6 out of 5 stars 90. Eligible for FREE UK Delivery. Heavy Duty Stapler. The first digits, i.e. Alibaba.com offers 639 size of standard staples products. BAZIC 3000/Pack Standard (26/6) Metallic Color Staples, Stapler Refill Standard Size Staple, Assorted Colors, 1-Pack. ?s perfect for students or traveling consultants. Available in both manual and electric, these staplers are perfect for heavy duty, high-volume use to ease and expedite your stapling process. They come in several sizes and shapes, but the general anatomy remains the same. 2. Add to cart. Did you know that staples are sized by leg length? Convert this number into inches. If you use one too long, the staple will have too much ‘fold over’. They come in several sizes and shapes, but the general anatomy remains the same. 5000/Carton. $3.99 $ 3. Swingline Staples, Standard, 1/4" Length, 210/Strip, 5000/Box, 10 Pack (35111) Packaging may vary This style also includes stapling pliers and guns, which are frequently used for industrial applications. The tip is not retractable, so be sure to take care when storing it to avoid poking or injuring yourself. How can we improve it? staplers. When a stapler pushes a staple through a stack of papers, the teeth puncture the paper, and the legs fold behind the crown to secure the items in place. A blade staple remover features a retractable blade that extracts staples when you hook its metal tip beneath a staple and pull, which is convenient when staples are poorly inserted or when a visual display needs taken down.