[47] They additionally awarded the character "Best New Character" of 2005, and proposed the possibility of Olcadan appearing in a stand-alone title and serving as a mascot for Namco, drawing comparisons to characters such as Master Chief. [30], Aeon Calcos (アイオーン・カルコス, Aiōn Karukosu), like Sophitia Alexandra, was one of the warriors to receive an oracle from the god Hephaestus to destroy Soul Edge. [41], Reception to Charade has been mixed. During his journey, he learned from the "creatures of the dark" that the Holy Stone was Soul Edge's counterpart Soul Calibur, which had even greater power than Soul Edge, and decided to find and use the sword to create a "perfect world" for himself and Amy. He is able to do so, but is confronted by Elysium who tries to possess Patroklos, though he manages to defeat her and seals Soul Calibur with Soul Edge, after which he is able to accept Pyrrha and lives on with her. Her vertical attacks involve her sword, while her horizontal attacks involve her lance. empathizes with Sophitia in her ending and frees her from Soul Edge's influence, urging the brave mother to return to her children in bliss. He fights Mitsurugi in IV, but his battle is cut short when he vanishes along with Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. He used it to forge an era of peace, until his son was possessed by the sword and Algol was forced to destroy them both. A servant of the macrocosmos who is sent to Earth to investigate the battle between the two swords. His alternate outfit is his armor as the God of War. Pyrrha was kidnapped by Tira when she was only three years old in order to torment Sophitia. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When he reached adulthood only one of his fights had ended in a draw, so to test himself he hunted down God of War Ares's messenger, a great snow owl, and decapitated it as proof of his victory. When he set out after her again, he discovered the true nature of the sword and informed his superiors of it. After the seventeen-year gap between Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V, Amy has mysteriously disappeared, initiating Raphael's search for her. He was cursed as a result with an owl's head depending on the position of the stars, and was later imprisoned in a labyrinth where time stood still. Hilde can be considered the first "charge" character in the series. Later, another student of his, Hong Yun-seong ran away from his dojo to find Soul Edge and Han-myeong reluctantly gave his blessing to his daughter in an attempt to find him. However, at one point it was proposed to have the characters be exactly "half human, half reptile", and as a result in terrible pain.[32]. The two eventually reunite, but the influence of the Soul Edge manages to corrupt her, turning her into Pyrrha Ω (ピュラ・オメガ, Pyura Omega), with a deformed arm much like Nightmare's and wielding Soul Edge as a sword and shield like her mother did. Gameplay-wise, she is a carbon-copy of Astaroth, but she is faster and her hitbox is smaller. Eventually, she was taken in by Shugen Kokonoe, a man who worked as a bodyguard in the region. The first thing he wants to do as soon as he wakes up: kick some ass and regain his full power in concordance with his warrior spirit. His imaginary daughter (the role played by his henchwoman Giesele) that he tells stories about to swindle money from others is this. It was that time Tira appears and took care of her. They met Mi-na who attempted to persuade Yun-seong to go home, but he refused and left the two during their sleep one night. Voiced By: Takako Honda (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English). Patroklos returns to an earlier point in time, and is given a second chance to save Pyrrha. Carson (English). As Viola, her weapons are a metal claw and a magical crystal ball which floats around during battles. Exclusive to the Xbox 360 version he once was, but now available as downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 for $4.99. Additionally, they opted to give him an outfit that would make him attractive.[36]. Hoping to use the combined energies of the swords to end his existence, he was instead transformed into a monster called Abyss. Alternative character versions of Sophitia. The Native Americans were unwilling to help Rock due to his size and only a boy named Bangoo was unafraid to befriend him. [70] GameAxis Unwired praised the character for breaking the series' tradition of bosses that mimicked existing fighting styles, and added that Algol remained for the most part fair to fight against. His imaginary daughter (the role played by his henchwoman Giesele) that he tells stories about to swindle money from others is this. "Soul Caliber III". He's a lot smarter now and doesn't use the move anymore. Seong Mi-na requested training from him, and he taught her all his skills, revealing in a farewell letter his name as "Kong Xiuqiang", the long-lost father of Xianghua. The sword, however, ended up being as evil as Soul Edge, and his soul ended up trapped inside it. According to the game's official artbook, SOULCALIBUR - New Legends of Project Soul, Xiba, one of Leixia's travel companion is actually her estranged older half-brother, the result of her mother's intimate meeting with Kilik. [72] Cheat Code Central included Algol in the 2012 list of top ten hidden characters in fighting games. Two of his moves are lifted straight from, Short girl wielding a weapon taller than herself? The developers based his look around the concept of a traveler, implementing subtle hints such as his torn pant legs.[12]. Con artist and general douchebag that wants to live in luxury, but being unable to get it the honest way, becomes a bandit. Olcadan (オルカダン, Orukadan) was introduced in Soulcalibur III as a warrior that mastered a variety of martial arts and weapon usage, and interested in honing his skills. He decided to leave his dojo in search of the "Sword of Salvation". Appears as the guest character for Broken Destiny. Befriending the ninja Natsu, they joined Maxi and Xiba in traveling the world. Exclusive to the Xbox 360 version, The Wolfkrone Kingdom (although fictional) is similar to the many small principalities and regions that formed part of the larger Holy Roman Empire at the time the series is set. Sounds and looks like, As expected, he retains many of his popular combos with the Blades of Chaos. She told him not to pursue revenge as she had before, though he ultimately ignored the advice in his search for Pyrrha. His mother, Sophitia left their home in search for her, but she never returned. The flag shown here is that of the Republic of Venice. Hong Yun-seong (ホン・ユンスン, Hon Yunsun, Korean: 홍윤성; Hanja: 洪潤星) was introduced in Soulcalibur II as a student at the Seong dojo and had idolized Hwang Seong-gyeong, a Korean warrior sent to find the "Sword of Salvation".