Learner repeats the sound and traces it in the sand tray. ISBN- 1-891602-21-7 Manufactured in the United States ... sonday@winsorlearning.com. With 4 workbooks and an answer key, the collection is designed to reinforce materials taught and help students practice skills independently through homework or … Sonday System 1 Online Workbook Collection. Student Workbook 1. Introduce New Sound Show the Card and say the sound. PLAN PAGE 67 Sound Card 26 IWI as in wagon Learner reads words from the Word Book, page 21, column 1. • Ink, ank, onk, unk, & oo (as in moon) ... • Students will have magic e words in the story they are practicing • Students will have spelling words that follow the magic e . Dictate the following words. Lessons are ready to use!Contains words from the word book included in the lessonsContains all necessary words in the PowerPoint for all sections. Sonday System Lesson Plan 1 Anticipatory Set: • What were the sounds we worked on last week? SONDAY SYSTEM 1 LEARNING Reading Level 10 INTRODUCE NEW MATERIAL 1. Sonday System 1 – Workbooks – Blackline Master V2.pdf Sonday System 1 Workbooks Blackline Master V2.pdf 5.38 MB (Last Modified on November 20, 2018) Comments (-1) An online offering featuring the Sonday System 1 Workbook Collection for printing as needed. Student Workbook for Independent Practice Blackline Master Books 1 ... recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the publisher except where permitted by law. Sonday System 1 Levels 11-20 PowerPoint Lessons are all ready to go for teaching!