Hola gente, Necesito un microfono para vivo. Différences entre le Béta58 et le Béta58A : 1. The two Beta’s also offer extended frequency response ranges which will make a difference based on what type of singer you are. Differenze SHURE SM58 vs BETA58 Una richiesta molto frequente è quella di conoscere le differenze tra lo Shure SM58 ed il Beta58. beta 58 is so much clearer then the sm58, sm's are so muddy 11-26-2006 #5. fova. An Sm58 has a frequency response of 50hz to 15Khz, but with the Beta 58 the high end response goes up to 16Khz whereas the 87A, being a more sensitive condenser mic, responds right up to 20kHz. Pensaba en comprar un Shure SM58 clasico. As an engineer, given the choice, and for all but the brightest-sounding vocalist, I would go with the Beta. I own and have used both as both a professional live sound engineer and as a casual vocalist. BTW the Beta 57a tends to be a bit less sibilant than the Beta 58a. Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone Supercardioid Dynamic Vocal Mic You need top performance from your live vocal mic. Ciao amici, avrei da chiedere un consiglio: ho la possibilità di acquistare allo stesso prezzo (circa 90 Euri) uno Shure SM58 o un Beta 58A. Beta 58 ou Sm 58 : Shure Beta 58. Originally Posted by ndycus1. Le mie esigenze sono: live per voce tipo piano bar e alcune registrazioni molto "home" più che altro per la voce. Entrambi i microfoni sono famosi ed apprezzati per la loro affidabilità ed eccezionale qualità sonora. Shure Beta 58A vs Shure SM58. It has to be ready for the job, day in and day out, and sound great every time. For those who haven’t already compared the above mics, the difference may not be obvious, except they have different polar patterns (SM58 is a cardioid and Beta … Especialmente para voces. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Senior Member Join Date Nov 2004 Location Pilsen, Czech Republic Posts 105 Thanks 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Rep Power 5467. If you get the SM58, expect to probably add some high end response via EQ, along with further EQing. La raison d’être du Béta58 Pero viendo un poco los foros hablaban tambien del beta 58 A. Escuche que el beta 58 A tiene mas respuesta en agudos y es supercardioide a diferencia del SM58 que es cardioide si no digo IMHO the main difference is unless you try out each, to be safe be prepared to de-ess the Beta. Many times the "mud" of a 58 (or 57) is due to a poorly matched budget pre.