This video shows you the primary set-up technique. The first thing I noticed on the Singer Stylist 7258 was large panel displaying 100 stitch options and the LED screen. Singer 7258. Cons . This is especially handy if you’re quickly experimenting with a variety of different stitches. Answer: While it’s a light little machine, it can handle thicker fabrics such as denim. A: Its 10-snap presser foot and other criteria prove that it is a low shank machine. You can get this product within your limited budget. This is a reliable decent type sewing object. Singer produces some excellent machines at very reasonable prices. (Note: this is a plastic made bobbin.). Just add 2 or 3 drops oil. (For extra comfort as well as flexibility), Another coolest thing is it includes ten presser feet adjustment. 5. … And this LED light is quite bright, but always it keeps cool. This machine takes clear plastic Class 15J bobbins like many other Singer models. Cause, excess grease or oil can make the machine slippery. The coolest fact is in this case you can temporarily convert this machine into a free arm type. (Some users claim). Your email address will not be published. For example to sew woven item the point needle (11/80) is preferable. B. Another surprising thing I notice that it comes in a cheap price range. Actually, this device is perfect for all types of users. You don’t have to keep opening and closing the cover just to remember which stitch is which. It covers the features, some FAQ, pros and cons. Dritz Sewing Machine Oil The Singer 7258 performs well for the beginner or the seasoned user. You have to measure it from the bottom part to the thumbscrew center. What’s the difference between the Singer 7258 vs the Brother CS6000i? This machine can handle a wide variety of projects that you throw at it, whether it’s quilting or decorative stitch work. And honestly, I just like the teal background. Pros . C. Darning plate This one is for the serious seamster who is devoted to their craft. 2. Also, the recommended length and width for each stitch are already programmed into the machine (although you can easily change these if you want to). (Note: Usually a low shank machine diameter is:0.5 inches. No need to take your machine apart to figure out if you’re reaching the end of your thread. Single-step foot for the buttonhole B. Bobbin Class: 15J Also, these kits help to maintain the tool perfectly. Also, you will get a controllable slider to maintain the speed limit. I. Simply put, 7258 Stylist sewing machine from Singer is … In this case, they can use this free arm option. The weight of the device is fairly light that makes it an easy carrying object. During your visit to, the privacy and safety of our visitors are handled with an extreme care to ensure pleasant experiences upon browsing with us…. It offers you the fastest speed. Reply. (Just a simple snap is far enough), 1. Moreover, the following facilities make this object extremely adorable. H. Weight: 14.6 lbs. D. Versatile application In a word, this is a fantastic tool and perfect for variable sewing projects. with this Singer 7258 review. 9. If you want a hard-working, low-profile, and downright adorable computerized sewing machine (it’s only 13 pounds! Overcasting Foot (With a comprehensive description), Here you will know its basic facts as well as the unique working principles such as its incredible features and properties, special facts, specification, advantages, even the disadvantage (if have any). A. The 7258 Sewing Machine Model includes the mechanical needle threader for ease and comfort. Just make sure you’re using the right needles for the job. Even, the Singer Company concerns its new users, especially the learners. This awesome button attachment makes the operating process easier and faster too. If you are looking for a computerized sewing machine that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, the Singer 7258 is a good option. On the other hand; for denim or canvas: the recommended need size is 16/100. A Guide to Some of the Most Popular Vintage Singer Sewing Machines - PART I, ... owned and sewn on myself - the exception being the 222, which I have never actually even seen! There are only a few sewing machines on the market that are unique enough to offer something more than what most sewing machines typically do, and the Singer 7258 is one of them. But the limitation is it is applicable only for primary level quilting. But some users (Especially the newbie) are not used to with computer-based machine. Moreover, you will get a DIY and quick set-up capability. B. In this stage: You should be more concern. C. Prevents oxidation What I informed that: both of these devices are quite similar. Unfortunately, this model does not have this attachment. It helps to get the optimal level of efficiency. Suitable for knitting and sewing machine C. Needles: 2020 and 2045 If you are only doing quilting projects occasionally then this model should be enough. A lightweight, basic machine with up to 36 stitches starts at under $100.These aren’t heavy-duty machines, but for light general sewing, one of … F. Non-detergent