Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My wifes G7322829 what date made and in good working order aprox. would you possibly have the chart for the serial numbers still available? The model 15 was one of the most copied sewing machines in the world. There are some pieces missing I would like to replace where would you suggest, I have a vintage SINGER sewing machine that is fairly old given to me by my aunt. I have been told that the K on for example 19K comes from the plant at Kilmarnock in Scotland. It is a peddle model. Judd, Does anyone know about my Thanks. This enthusiastic approach to women continued into his private life, where he had a total of 24 children! Thank you. Its serial is G8919299., no other letter than just the G. It’s the slanting sewing machine. What can I do? Your chart does not show any model numbers between 1900 and 1943; how do you identify one from that time? AD817951 Tried checking my serial number against the table provided, it suggests the machine was made in 1886! How old is my singer sowing machine Janez, I have recently purchased two singer sowing machines and will like to know what year they are (p539348)&(G2304058) if anyone can help. While he was not the inventor of the sewing machine, Mr. Singer is credited with being the inventor of the practical sewing machine. I know that I got it in 1959 and would like to how much it would be worth, i have now refurbished a singer ,what i think is a 28k number S 1553371 cannot locate it on chart , the wood base is OAK now looking like new. It is in a cabinet with a knee bar used to run the motor. My mother was given an antique singer machine. Hi, I just found out that my Singer sewing machine I inherited from my late mother, was manufactured in 1937 and that makes it 81 years old now, but still rocking it. Hi there, if possible could u help me find out what yr and what sort of price range it could be the serial number is p 826104, many thanks.. kind regards toni….. Dear, Singer, like Pfaff and Viking, have their own management structure giving it some independence and freedom to create machines in the Singer tradition. Dear Melody, what was the inspiration behind the Singer sewing machine grapevine design on their older machine? Can I get parts do you think? I would also like to fix it to use it however it did not come with any bobbins, so I would like to know how to find them. 2. There has been a lot of speculation about the signifinace of the lower number, but in truth nobody knows for certain. G3045589 Is there any videos or any idea of the value of the machine? I am purchasing a Singer treadle machine with serial number 3149507. Singer manufacturing co. Table top with peddle and motor for light can anyone find a chart to indicate who old it is. Bought in 1963 ish, I have an electric Singer machine that works with a knee bar rather than a pedal. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I have own it all of my married life which is 54 years. Your charts link doesn’t work and I’m looking to find how old mine is that I have got from my mother, i there are two numbers on mine which I’m not sure which is which, ‘0476 C’ and there is ‘60313092’ I would be very appreciative if you could help. You may not get a high price or value on your machine due to those factors. Can you assist me to identify its manufacturer date? I have one with It is in perfect working condition with the joinery case in good condition. Funnily enough, with an ‘enthusiastic’ approach to women, Isaac even hired female demonstrators to disprove that women were too incompetent to work a machine. I have an vintage Singer sewing machine with serial number: R739462. The serial number, which is located on the top under the gold Singer emblem. D1076724 is 191F1. I have a file with the serial numbers and since the logs were lost between those years, I know my number is from those years. Although some local factories like St. John's in Canada had the ability to make complete machines, they often just assembled parts imported from one of the main factories.