Niaowu Docks Warehouse - this spot is to the far right hand side of the docks area. They don't have to be consecutive wins so it's OK to lose. The main missable trophy to watch out for in this game is, Your will encounter a cutscene on your way to Wan Chai in which your bag is stolen. The earliest you can do this quest is when you first have to catch a purse snatcher. Once you've learned more about the kid from the father go and speak with the bookie at the Frog Race table. Either walk around the left of the building to the back, or go straight through and out the back door. Return to Mai to complete this quest. Languishan Refer to this map for the exact location of all capsule toy machines in Niaowu Take the first right and walk straight ahead to trigger a cutscene. Walk past the Guang Martial Arts School in the Green Market Quarter during the day (by the entrance to South Carmain Quarter). There are 3 arcades in the game. *MISSABLE* Head back out of the sunflower maze and go to the far-left house directly opposite it. Go to Rainbow Basin and talk to Ye Zijuan to receive it. Just be warned that the first time you go to the area behind the Hotel to be careful. Though there are multiple ways to complete a given objective - whether it's the search for a person, a strange object or a location - the game's story unfolds in … When you wake up in the morning you will find a large cruise ship on the dock where you first got off the boat the night before. In this step you will complete the following subquest: Step 6: Reunite with Ren Wuying items and where to locate them Once again in this step you will not unlock a trophy. Available when you are told to go to Bustling Diner as part of the story. You will also unlock health and attack boosts for Battle Rally, which make the race easier. To find it, look to your right when walking through the promenade, away from the dock area where Niaowu Hotel is located. Bailu Village After getting some tips, you will receive Chawan sign #3. Go there and try to enter the second floor. You'll need to chase him and successfully perform the following QTE sequence to catch him: There will be a man stood on a corner in front of a closed shop, near Come Over Guest House. Just win 3 times on the day the challenge is available to complete this challenge and earn the trophy. Head towards warehouse number 17 to find Goro, who tells you to meet him at 12 the next day outside warehouse number 1. Approach Shui Meilan (the woman in a yellow skirt and blue shirt) and press, Jiang Youqun (woman working at Sushi Heaven near Lion Smart Ball, stood to the side rather than behind the counter). Outside the Tike Toys stall on Vendor Avenue (yellow machine). Begin a new game plus in Niaowu. Speak to Huang Haigui one last time (in addition to the scene where you return your rod) to complete the subquest. Go down the steps at the back to find 2 fishing spots on a pier. Progress with the story until you've reached Niaowu's point of no return (Ren will ask you to locate a boat). This is available as soon as you gain access to Senary road and Ryo notices a particular boat there. It's recommended that you save your game before using the Big Wheel machine as it's entirely based on luck. This will unlock during the ending cutscene in the cave. Visit the Tao-Get store in Bailu Village and ask for a job. Once you speak to both people, return to Wei to get Chawan sign #3. Once you have these then you can play the rest of the quest until the end. You'll unlock the money related trophies while doing this. Press, You will obtain this trophy after the QTE chase sequence with the thugs from the Bustling Diner, as part of the story. The girl in Lion Smart Ball wants a pink panda bear plush. Walk towards the ladder and Ryo will climb it, leading to the second puzzle. Checkpoints: 5 There are 10 articles of clothing to obtain in this DLC. Outside the Tike Toys stall on Vendor Avenue (blue machine). This way, all of the fish you catch whilst attempting this subquest will count towards, If you have already done this then skip to the next paragraph. There are 13 locations where you can use Chawan signs in the game. Step-by-Step Guide, Bare-Bones Information, Cutscene Achievements (Definitely Missable! Shenmue III Guide & Walkthrough – Shenmue III is an action/adventure game developed by Ys Net and published by Deep Silver on PC and PS4. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The easiest way to do this is to earn 50,000 yuan and then exchange them for tokens. If not, see, Shi Jiesheng (fortune teller at Lucky Number Fortune on Promenade). You will encounter a cutscene where you are told the master wishes to speak with you. Go back to Zou Leyong and give him this information. This guide will be used to get all of the achievements for Shenmue. Go there and Sun will ask for 5 Moonlight Mushrooms. A third mushroom can be found in the fishing spot downstream of the Verdant Bridge (where you caught a red catfish). 2 moves will have to be earned. Before you reach the steps to go up to The Promenade Arcade (red machine). Gold Wise Man (Standing) - Buddha Heaven (shop at the end of Vendor Avenue, in the open section at the end there will be a large 'Vendor Avenue' gate, turn left just before this, then left again to enter). 9. You need to purchase a Battle Axe from here (required for the Maelstrom Strike skill book). A QTE filled chase will follow. Talk to Huang again after winning. Story related, cannot be missed. The Chai Hu Root is specific to this subquest. It's very quick and powerful. The premise is simple. These skill books cannot be purchased: The second arcade is located in Niaowu next to your hotel. Secret spot - only unlocked if you complete 'Wagon Bus' (see. If Ryo stops attempting the move, but you don't get this screen, he hasn't mastered the move yet. Shenmue 1 - next to Snowman Ice Cream at the entrance to New Paradise Shenmue 2 - next to the Arcade in Promenade at the bottom of the steps Shoes - next to Dried, Dried Goods in Promenade This quest is easy, fish for 3 hours and get the largest fish in the tournament. The second is on the roof of a house next to a ladder. Niaowu Harbour - behind the Ferry Terminal, in the back left corner, next to the railing. At the entrance of Liu Jiao Shrine, to the right. These are the locations: This is easy to do. The old lady is looking for the Yamamoto's house, but her eyesight is bad. Speed Racer (Blue) (required for the Eclipse Kick skill book). When you are directed to Vendor Avenue, as part of the story. After this point, Wang will not appear at the vending machine to trigger the event. Shenmue walkthrough and guide to the PS4, Xbox One and PC remaster Solve every step of Ryo's journey with our Shenmue walkthrough and guide. You first have to talk to several people until Ryo tells you go back and speak with the father again. Use low kicks, particularly the crawl cyclone move if you have it (purchased from Bunkado Antiques for ¥1000). Three Kingdoms - Western Bookstore (book shop on The Promenade, on your right if walking away from the dock area). Walk through here and through the corridor to the other side, where you will see a fighting arena. It's best to save this trophy for last since you will need a lot of golden tickets. The bad ending in this game will occur on 31st July, so consider keeping some back-up saves if you get to the end of June in Kowloon, or if you get to June at all without reaching Kowloon. Skill book name / item set name Stolen Sutra - Liu Jiao Shrine on Senary Road. Secret spot - only unlocked if you complete 'Miracle Mushroom' (see. *Missable* To 'master' the move, either correctly perform it (if learning from a character), or simply click on the scroll in your scrolls menu (press. 2. The sisters at Sushi Heaven are looking for a new dish. This will be very easy if you take the time to raise your kung fu level from sparring and practicing against wooden dummies. They don't have to be consecutive wins so it's OK to lose. Continue with the story until you've found the Buddha shop in the picture you found at the Ferry Terminal. Use this Chawan sign. 3. Go there and investigate the Snowman Ice Cream shop across from the arcade. It is located next to the fishing location along the shore just across from the Get Ready Fish stand on Vendor Avenue. No Can Opener! Step 3: Challenges Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. Thank you for reading my guide. The trophy will unlock once you have collected all 390 herbs across both areas of the game. Completed Turtle Race This is first available after you learn that Sun and Grandmaster Feng are close friends. You must spend 39 yuan or less to succeed. You may wish to make a save now, just in case you are too late back.