Again, the internet has churned out a wild, potentially hurtful conspiracy theory that caught fire with scant evidence. If you don't know about QAnon, the basic gist is that it's a pro-Trump conspiracy movement that believes the president is going to publicly expose a massive pedophile ring. The video appears to have been taken down on July 14. One possible reason the Wayfair theory gained traction so rapidly is that the topic of children "gets people worked up," Daly said. As of July 16, the petition has 1,400 signatures. "They falsely claim price glitches on storage boxes prove that the company is trafficking children. I've never heard of the site. The $10K one is named the same thing as a Black girl missing in Michigan..., — all black lives matter (@zarimx) July 10, 2020, It’s in almost every section..... this is on AS I SPEAK. People online scoured through other listings, finding exorbitantly expensive pillows and shower curtains. this conspiracy theory has also merged with the "ICE is sex trafficking the kids in cages" theory. "This is a super important situation, something I never woke up to until quarantine," she said. Thompson's Instagram following has more than doubled, from 17,000 to 44,000 followers according to social media analytics site Social Blade, after she posted her video and dozens of disappearing Instagram stories about the theory. If you sell 5 on eBay and 5 on the other site, that would be within the rules. Thanks. They were both abused as children, they say at the beginning of their July 10 video. Facebook — which owns Instagram — has added links to articles by Reuters and Lead Stories as "related articles" with a fact-checking sticker at the bottom of the comments for posts about the theory. People find a coincidence, or something odd, then twist and dig for more coincidences, and before you know it, people are jumping to wild conclusions. — Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) July 10, 2020. They tell me that they are getting 21 MM uniques/mo. And sure, most coincidences or oddities have benign explanations — but that's never stopped internet sleuths looking for something more. This online store lets you choose items such as rugs, pillows, … Unfortunately, Wayfair elbowed its way into the trending column with tens of thousands of tweets because of a much stranger situation. Do they move (sell) much of your products? "Bad information has no burden of proof to stop its rapid trajectory. As Vox reported last year, Wayfair functions as a middleman of sorts selling items from its roughly 11,000 suppliers but not actually manufacturing the items. ", Y’all this Wayfair Human trafficking thing is crazy. "If you post something a little more (fringe) and you get a lot of followers ... you have a self-interested inclination to go with it if you’re willing to go with it," Daly said. They believe that after the transaction is completed, a child — not the furnishing — will be delivered to the buyer. Seems uncomfortable or is experiencing stress, especially if accompanied by someone who seems to have power over them. People began theorizing — again without a morsel of evidence — that somehow ICE was working with Wayfair to sell kids in sex trafficking rings. Also, child trafficking is a horrific crime and conspiracy theories like this one turn a dangerous issue into a joke, distracting from the real reasons child trafficking flourishes. Pizzagate/QAnon people have Wayfair trending today. Annnnnnnnnd this insane conspiracy theory already made it to TikTok and was the third video on my For You page just now, — Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) July 10, 2020. Many products get sorted into … Be professional, humble, and open to new ideas. Neither the Thompsons nor Wayfair have responded to requests for comment for this article. Maybe the retailer was having a giant sale? Or are these just extremely overpriced cabinets? in a 40-minute livestreamed Instagram video, Wayfair said in a statement to Business Insider, episode she appears in titled "Sex Trafficking in America.