Loved this! This works for multiple animals in the campsite as well. Those are all the tips I have for now! You can also use Pete to deliver items quickly if you don't have enough time to go to each location and speak to each animal. By picking this up as often as possible you'll be more likely to have that fruit when an Animal requests it. The quarry resets after three hours. The goals are usually things you'll do anyway, like visit a certain area on the map or fulfill animal requests, but you might also get ones to catch a specific amount of animals or fish. Prioritise visiting Animals who will give you things you need and even tailer who stays in your campsite depending on your crafting requirements. The game allows you to run your own campsite: decorate your avatar, camper and campgrounds, befriend the animal villagers around the nearby areas, collect items and craft goods, and more! But you can also get special rewards for connecting your My Nintendo account and completing regular tasks in the game. Bugs and Fish are also far easier to catch in Pocket Camp than other Animal Crossing. They will respawn while you're at their location as well if you are after something specific. This is what the majority of the game is built around so it's not hard to do. The tons of love that Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is getting is definitely seeping to other AC games, including Pocket Camp. If you want to aim for themed snacks (snacks which work best with villagers who have the matching theme) or villagers, I recommend checking out this page on the Wiki, as it goes into deeper detail on Gulliver and treats. Be patient and let things finish crafting. If you're trying to make a good profit of bells, jack up the price to the max amount—someone will still buy them if they're desperate enough! You'll know you've picked up/caught a rare item as you'll see a cut-scene with your character holding up the item and celebrating it. Rare fish (crawfish, koi, king salmon, etc.) Furthermore, there are numerous daily tasks that anyone can complete to score extra loot. If the villager is a lower level, they'll give you 15 of their Primary Craft Material and 2 of their Essence, and higher villagers (level 15+) will give 38 Primary Craft Material, 3–6 Essence, and 8 Secondary Craft Materials. When a new animal shows up on your map, go say hi. Make sure you complete these goals before the day ends to get your free items! So if you needed lots of steel and cotton, it'd be good to keep Goldie and Tex at your camp to collect these goods from them. Thank you for all the useful info. Add lots of players, visit their camp, water their gardens, help them with events, lend them a hand in the quarry, and they'll return all the same favours to you! Linking a Nintendo Account will give you instant free Leaf Tickets, let you save your game to the cloud, and offer other rewards. Most of the time you're crafting items to appease potential campsite visitors. Brittany is a mobile gaming addict! Every day the game refreshes at 1 AM (EST) and a new day begins. Here are 10+ tips, tricks, cheats, and hints to help you succeed at Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! Again, check your friendship tab to see if any friends need their garden's watered (you'll know if there's a little water drop icon under their name). For every friend that you help to enter the quarry, you'll receive 100 bells at the end of the day. The rewards depend on the quality of goods given. Even this interaction will raise your friendship level by 1 heart and will mean you can call them back at a later time with a Calling Card if you like. Playing Animal Crossing on PC is some of the most fun we’ve had with BlueStacks. These tasks are called the Stretch Goals and the Timed Goals, with the former being static challenges that never change, and the latter being limited tasks that expire after some time.