Once you feel like your hair and t-shirt have had a good run, untie the knot. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Bianca Rodriguez is the digital fellow at Marie Claire, where she covers all your favorite podcasts, Netflix shows, and celebrities ranging from Rihanna to Harry Styles. There’s a good reason for why plopping requires the use of a microfiber towel or cotton T-shirt. This is a different method than just putting your hair up in a towel turban. ‘Those with finer, wavier loose curls who need help when it comes to gaining curl definition can benefit from hair plopping,” says owner of O So Curly, Shannon Fitzsimmons. Confused? Grab the sections of cloth by either side of your hair and twist them tightly away from your face. Grasp the sleeves (near your forehead) and the back of the t-shirt (at the nape of your neck) and tie one nice big knot. The results? Move up slowly from the bent over position. While the name might throw you off at first, if you’ve got curly hair you’re probably already familiar with the technique. Some people like to sleep in their plops. And I wanted it desperately. Happy plopping! If you notice frizzing after you remove the plop, add a little gel to your hair then and try plopping for less time. You can't argue with that. This cult product defines curls without leaving them feeling hard or sticky. Contents[show] Definition Plop: v. to put wet hair up into a cloth; n. said act of putting hair up; also plopping, plopped. So I consulted my roster of curly hair experts: Jesseca Dupart of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, Senior Stylist and Educator at Devachan Dominique LyVar, and Lorraine Massey, owner of salon Spiral (x,y,z) and founder of CurlyWorld. If not, here’s how to plop your hair (because trust us, it makes all the difference…). While your head is still upside down, pick up and lay the bottom of the shirt over your head. *cue the sad music* It all goes back to the moisture needed for curly hair. So this is where the magic happens, and by magic, I mean wrapping your hair in a strategic way to get the curls of your dreams. Plopping your hair is an easy hack to get smooth, frizz-free curls. "Long-term healthy hair goals with healthy products is a must," says Massey. While the practice of wrapping your sopping wet hair in a cotton t-shirt isn't exactly new, the results I saw from my fellow curly ladies were unlike anything I'd witnessed before. Don't just grab any plain towel, though. If you look like you're wearing a makeshift diaper on your head, you did it, my friend. Secure the "sausage rolls" you have just created by twisting the cloth at the back of your head, #Leave the plop on for as long as you like. 15 to 20 minutes is a good time to try. Massey says it all depends on your preference. Not only does this hair towel speed up drying time, the microfibre material leaves hair feeling softer and smoother. Good places include the toilet seat (with the lid down! Lay your t-shirt upside down—with the sleeves end closest to you—on any flat surface. If you’ve got curly hair, the answer should be ‘after every single wash’. Nov 2, 2020 Mint Images Getty Images. Finally, leave your hair for 20-30 minutes before unravelling and letting your hair dry naturally. Her go-to is CurlyWorld's Leave-in Lover, which doesn't contain any of those things. 1973 to Nov./Dec. At this point you can finish off drying your hair with a diffuser, or simply leave your hair to air dry as it is. You'll end up losing that wetness which can result in unwanted frizz," explains LyVar. Meaning more hair calls for a bigger shirt. In this case, plopping may remove [too much] moisture that is needed.". Step 3) Gather the hair up in the shirt using the sleeves to tie things neatly into place. Take the far edge of the cloth and drape it over the back of your head. You're fresh out of the shower, staring at your mirror, just knowing time is of the essence here. If you're looking for a way to decrease the drying time of your hair and help enhance waves and curls, plopping's for you! The Curl Guide: An Ode to Every Type of Texture, Exactly How to Make Your Stubborn Hair Hold a Curl, 11 Game-Changing Tips for Styling Short Hair. Let us explain. My curly hair quest can be summed up in three words: a long journey. It also contains aloe vera leaf, pomegranate and linseed to leave hair soft and bouncy. Plop!, "The New Magazine of Weird Humor! Do be wary of what your products are made of, though. As your hair takes its first breath of fresh air, feel free to add more product to it. So one recent evening, while I was doom scrolling on TikTok, I found plopping. Step 2) With your curls on the top of your head (some will gather their strands into a high pony) bend over and let them pile up onto the shirt until the crown or your head just kisses it. Massey recommends reading the ingredient labels to make sure they're free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, heavy butters, synthetic oils, and fragrances. And I'm always up for improving the odds. By Bianca Rodriguez. Your post-shower hair + some products + a cotton t-shirt = magic. The best products to use pre-plopping, she explains are leave-in conditioners, oils, curl creams, and gels for moisture, hydration, and curl definition. “Go for something that is water-based and hydrating to moisturise your curls,” says Fola. This is why I'm all over plopping, a new technique that's not so new: It's been around for a couple of years, but is gaining steam in the curl community. Get tips on how to plop your hair from a curl expert. Hydrated! It falls into the horror / humor genre. Massey recommends using light-weight, water-soluble gel or spray to enhance your finished style. To plop your hair, you’ll need a few things: A good, detangling leave-in conditioner; A curl-defining hair product (this could be a serum, gel or cream) Some individuals need their hair to be really wet during the styler application process," he explains. Hair with so much volume and perfect coiling, I find myself glancing in the mirror every couple of seconds. Here's what you'll need to do. Wash-and-go hair will always be a pipe dream. LyVar broke it down like this: "Curls and natural hair textures primarily need moisture. The 13 Steamiest Jane Austen Adaptations Ever, The Most Controversial Royal Fashion Moments, Astrology Gifts for Your Horoscope-Obsessed Friend, Top Black Friday Deals to Keep on Your Radar, Curly Hairstyles That Are All About That Texture, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. How to Plop Your Hair for the Best Curls of Your Life. Lay your plopping cloth on a flat surface. I've tried all the shampoos and curl products, and have spent endless hours on YouTube in search of the kind of curls I see on my Instagram explore page. Next, lay your head forward onto a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel (this is where the ‘plopping’ part comes into play) and carefully wrap the excess fabric around your hairline – leaving your hair nestled on top of your head.