Our wireless device enables a quick, economical and flexible display for monitoring and managing noise pollution. There’s no risk of choosing the wrong function or missing any data. Outdoor Noise Monitoring Solutions The powerful XL2 Sound Level Meter is complemented with an outdoor microphone and weather protected enclosures for portable and permanent installations. Sat: By appointment The XL View displays noise levels in large size in your preferred web browser on a mobile device, computer or large monitor screen. (08) 9355 4010 The kit has been designed to allow the measurements from the sound level meter to be downloaded directly into the NoiseTools software over a 3G/GPRS connection. Noise levels are recorded on-site by the XL2 Sound Level Meter and are available for remote monitoring and download. It can also be mounted on a tripod for longer term measurement. Both area sound level meters and personal noise dosimeters are available for rent, and where applicable, include PC software for record-keeping and compliance reporting. This offers the freedom to start and stop the online noise monitoring from your office or your mobile device; a useful tool for complete control. No data will be lost if communication to the NoiseScout Servers is interrupted. This allows every function and feature of the optimus to be accessed remotely. All data can be exported to the optional Data Explorer PC software for detailed analysis. Sennheiser HD 25 Basic Edition, Closed Headphone for ENG/DJ use with split headband, Home Baby Monitor, 1080P 360 Degree Wireless WiFi Infrared Night Vision Indoor Home Dome Camera. Each kit includes an Optimus Green sound level meter, calibrator and rechargeable batteries. 2 + 2 = ? The doseBadge case is a lightweight alloy, giving added strength to the already strong cone shape. Levels are presented with a pre-warning amber or alarming red color in case preset limits are exceeded. Together with SvanPC++_RC (remote communication) software, these interfaces provide easy remote access to instrument settings & data over Internet and local area network. Whether it’s environmental noise monitoring, detailed noise analysis using audio recording or workplace noise measurements, the Optimus Green has you covered. VLIKE LCD Digital Audio Decibel Meter Sound Level Meter Noise Level Meter Sound Monitor dB Meter Noise Measurement Measuring 30 dB to 130 dB MAX Data Hold Function A/C Mode. Do you need an all-in-one solution for your noise measurements? By measuring every parameter you need simultaneously, the Optimus Green records everything in one measurement. Newest Version Video Baby Monitor - EtekStorm(2018 New Type)With 2.4''LCD Display,Digital Camera,Night Vision,Temperature Monitoring,Two Way Talk,Lullabies,Capacity Battery and Long Range. Sun: By appointment, Out of Hours Noise and Vibration Management Plan, Risk Based Hygiene Management Plan (RBHMP), © Copyright - Environmental Site Services -, High Performance to Class 1 or Class 2 Standard, Simultaneous measurement and data logging of all available parameters, Measures Fast, Slow & Impulse Time Weightings, dB(A), dB(C) and dB(Z) Frequency Weightings included, Acoustic FingerprintTM audio triggering, recording & alerts during measurements for replay and analysis, Compatible with CK:670 & CK:680 environmental noise monitoring kits for a total environmental noise monitoring solution, Fully weather protected outdoor noise measurement kit, Remote download of measurement data over 3G/GPRS connection, GPS location data stored with each measurement, Automatic synchronisation of the instrument clock to the GPS time signal, Live alerts via Email, SMS or Twitter when an Acoustic Fingerprint template is activated, Provides weather protection for an optimus green sound level meter & microphone, Battery power for 6 days operation with one standard battery pack (supplied), Additional battery pack provides an additional 6 days power for up to 12 days operation, External power connection for longer operation, Secure lockable case with space for all standard instrument accessories, Optional microphone extension cables up to 100m, Suitable for ISO, OSHA, MSHA, AICHE and ACGIH noise applications, No wires or controls on the badge to catch or knock, Time History gives a graph of noise levels, Noise measurement span from 70 to 130 dB(A). Some upgrades require the meter to be returned to us and some can be done remotely. 99. Customisable SMS, email, audible and or visual alerts. The kit allows the optimus to be used outdoors over long periods of time and in all weather conditions. The kit allows the optimus to be used outdoors over long periods of time and in all weather conditions. The doseBadge has no controls or display and all control is over the infra-red link to the Reader. The measurement data recorded out in the field is presented online in charts and dashboards. The outdoor measurement systems are flexible in their configuration to perfectly fit your requirements for unattended noise monitoring or noise nuisance assessment. Once the internal battery too is exhausted, as soon as power is restored, the XL2 will restart automatically and carry on with the measurement. Audio recordings of the periods with the highest sound level, as well as the ability to listen to live audio, assists with the identification of causes of noise. C#, MS Excel or LabView. Instrument is powered from four AA standard or rechargeable batteries as well as from the external DC power source or USB interface. The NetBox takes noise measurement data recorded by the XL2 Sound Level Meter and makes it available online. Alternatively an annual subscription service is available. The NoiseScout system leaves the consultant free to concentrate on their key responsibilities, such as producing the client report, even before the XL2 Sound Level Meter has been collected from site. The real advantage of SVAN 958A is the capability to perform advanced analysis simultaneously to the level meter mode. 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