Knowing your subject: The role of disciplinary knowledge in effective teaching. <>>> 37 0 obj endstream endstream x�S�*� endstream It follows that we can expect disciplinary to be “of or pertaining to the character of discipline.” x�+� endobj endobj �*� ,R x�+� �*� ,R endobj 19 0 obj <>stream � �R x�+� endobj endobj <>>> endstream endstream x�+� <>stream <>>> endobj 44 0 obj x�S�*� endstream 28 0 obj endobj A DISCIPLINE-CENTERED CURRICULAR APPROACH SHOULD BE CENTERED IN STRUCTURE, WHICH IS NOT INCOMPATIBLE WITH SUBJECTS, PROBLEMS, OR INTERESTS AS BASES FOR ORGANIZATION OF THE CONTENT FOR LEARNING. 29 0 obj endobj INSTRUCTION INVOLVES BRINGING ABOUT BEHAVIORAL CHANGE THROUGH REGULATED BEHAVIOR, THEREFORE DISCIPLINE ALSO MEANS REGULATION. endstream 22 0 obj x�S�*� <>stream endstream endobj 36 0 obj <>>> 30 0 obj 39 0 obj 5 0 obj 43 0 obj Reasons for success and fail- ure are manifold. 1 0 obj � �R <>stream endobj 46 0 obj <>stream ]���R{�=�?n�>stream endobj endobj H��V�n�6�c��#U�4I�"����m���} �B+)�[2d)��|�!%_b��sA�H�83gf�j��e�����e��!����Sop5�2A�7 ����(���?O)�[�ah�۞q����# 38 0 obj � �R <>>> <>stream 4 0 obj 18 0 obj In contrast, studies of interdisciplinarity raise to self-consciousness questions about how interdisciplinarity works, the nature and history of disciplinarity, and the future of knowledge in post-industrial society. endobj endstream 7 0 obj x�+� x�S�*� endstream <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI]/Font<>>>/CropBox[42 55 489 720]/ArtBox[20.35 21.1675 513.634 723.65]/MediaBox[0.0 0.0 535.2 744.0]/Rotate 0>> instruction involves bringing about behavioral change through regulated behavior, therefore discipline also means regulation. imparted to discipline in the sense being developed here. 20 0 obj endobj %���� 25 0 obj endobj endobj endobj <>stream endobj �*� ,R endstream <>stream �*� ,R endstream �*� ,R �*� ,R <>stream endstream 13 0 obj endobj 27 0 obj x�+� �*� ,R <>>> 24 0 obj Interdisciplinary research can succeed or not. 41 0 obj <>>> endstream 16 0 obj (ES). endobj 15 0 obj 21 0 obj <>stream This paper will enable student-teachers to reflect on the nature and role of disciplinary knowledge in the school curriculum, the paradigm shifts in the nature of disciplines, with some discussion on the history of the teaching of subject areas in schools (Montuschi, 2003; Porter, Porter, & … Developing academic literacies through understanding the nature of disciplinary knowledge. <>>> 10 0 obj THUS PRACTICAL RULES OF CONDUCT AND ORGANIZED BODIES OF KNOWLEDGE BECOME VIABLE MEANINGS WITH RESPECT TO A DISCIPLINE-CENTERED CURRICULAR APPROACH. x�S�*� When I began teaching, back in 2003, I was frequently told that I was a teacher first and subject specialist second. 23 0 obj endobj 33 0 obj endstream endobj in its most general sense discipline means instruction, which is a relational term requiring two things for its exemplification-- teaching and learning. � �R 31 0 obj endobj Changing perspectives. endstream �*� ,R x�+� 17 0 obj <>stream <>stream x�S�*� �|Y�I����c?dp����"��ʊ��3��wq�/^C��HF;;�㪎�a��B����k� 6�S�h��.B����Mx�c�SM����M~�rj-_��4���0�8��Z�N���HQ� %,�B .�/��*���3z��o����C�4m��Nq1�)b��=���ŷ�D�]Ee. �*� ,R endobj <>stream 3 0 obj <>stream <>stream %PDF-1.4 <>>> 45 0 obj endstream <>>> endobj <>>> <>>> endstream endobj In other words, this lay definition is also not the preoccupation of disciplinarity in regard to research, science, and the pursuit of knowledge. �*� ,R endobj endstream endobj <>>> DISCIPLINE AS A RULE OF PRACTICAL CONDUCT AND AS AN ORGANIZED BODY OF KNOWLEDGE DOES RELATE TO THE CONTENT OF INSTRUCTION AND DOES NOT ENTAIL AN ERRONEOUS INTERPRETIVE CONTEXT OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR. endstream I argue that one of the explanations for success is a thorough understanding of the nature of disciplinary boundaries. 8 0 obj 11 0 obj x�S�*� x�S�*�2P0P0Tr�2�3W(�216S051�3V��213��s���Z+�����C� u�\ ��� endobj endobj x�+� 26 0 obj <>>> endstream Mark Enser May 2018 Open Access Teachers as learners. endobj � �R endobj <>>> endobj � �R �*� ,R x�S�*� x�+� endobj <>stream endobj �*� ,R <>stream <>stream /�aD��# �����b�B�`z���DT%>�^��4_`��4���2,5�&;? <>stream 34 0 obj <>>> 14 0 obj 47 0 obj <>stream The author has discussed the background to her research into knowledge creation. x�S�*� 40 0 obj As a geography teacher I know that I need to be prepared to engage with how disciplinary practices work and ensure I teach with attentiveness to the nature of geographical knowledge, so that my students can fully appreciate that geographical knowledge is not something given, but is a product of scholarly research and critique. endobj <>>> endstream <>stream 35 0 obj endobj x�+� x��̻ �@E�|�x�泟� x�+� 6 0 obj 32 0 obj <>stream <>>> endobj <>stream IN ITS MOST GENERAL SENSE DISCIPLINE MEANS INSTRUCTION, WHICH IS A RELATIONAL TERM REQUIRING TWO THINGS FOR ITS EXEMPLIFICATION-- TEACHING AND LEARNING. THE NATURE OF A DISCIPLINE-CENTERED CURRICULAR APPROACH. endobj We have discussed the arrival of the knowledge worker in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge management, and the arrival of PKM inclusive of the web environment. endobj � �R x�u��1sU�*��ϖ��6 �}�Y$��v�;+K8�I��z!�/m���A#�N�_Q�a}�_�ĘE��Ʌ�,p�%vN.���̧'����:E���$� ���]�O�|�muO�&�,�����\��8����z��N� endstream endobj x�+� These boundaries are the rivers � �R � �R nature of disciplinary knowledge Sherran Clarence* and Sioux McKenna Rhodes University, South Africa Much academic development work that is framed by academic literacies, especially that focused on writing, is concerned with disciplinary conventions and knowledges: conceptual, practical, endobj <>stream