As a ref you could help to train youngsters part-time or you could be a full-time professional. To get started, you should join the British Antique Dealers’ Association or the Association of Art and Antiques Dealers. Not only are you going into someone’s home but you are making changes to its appearance, and house proud customers want the perfect finish. A willingness to travel is essential for this line of work. If you can touch-type at the speed of light and have a fantastic eye for detail then what could be better than putting these skills to good use. If you’ve got a particularly unique style then you’ll do well, as stock images can often get a bad press. You can help them with breathing techniques to reduce nervousness, and you can help them to revise in the lead up to the exams. You can even make home visits, which might be good for those who are interested in more advanced training, as you’ll undoubtedly find that there are varying levels of proficiency amongst clients. Pet grooming is as essential to owners as their own grooming habits. Tip: A common rate is £10 per dog per hour, so the more clients you have, the more you can make! In summary, these are some of the most in demand and profitable work-at-home jobs to get into in 2019. They’re a firm favourite in summer and there’s lots of opportunities to take advantage of during festival season, and then there’s the Christmas markets in winter. Home business insurance from HomeProtect covers office furniture and computing equipment. Online business is constantly growing and bringing new opportunities with it to work from home. Selling on eBay. For a truly unique present many people turn to gift baskets. In most cases, ordinary ironing is enough hassle. This is a great home business idea because you can choose your hours and can often manage relationships with clients electronically. You’ll need to keep a clean record of the areas you’ve dropped leaflets in, but in time maybe you can take on some part time staff to do the drops for you. If you’re just beginning to look into this line of work as a career change, then try being an apprentice to see if you like the job. You can work from home when making your set lists, and pick and choose which events to play. Elderly care is an area where you can not only make money but make a difference to many people’s lives. Brush up on your editing skills too, as a few touch ups can make all the difference. Flower arranging and floristry are not the same thing. Many people have favourite items of clothing that don’t quite fit and would welcome the chance to be able to wear them for a reasonable fee. This is a business that you can run from home with ease, as long as you’ve got a nice room to work in and welcome clients to. If you have the qualifications and the industry experience to be able to teach, then why not share your know-how with other professionals? Many people are looking for fresher fruit and veg which can be traced back to the farmer, so why not cut out the middlemen and get some cash flowing into your home grown business. Although considered by some as an adrenaline sport, Extreme Ironing is not for everyone. Top Home-Based Business Ideas 1 Turn your blog into a business. It also means spending a lot of time at your computer, so be careful of repetitive strain injury and eye strain. As a consultant, you can provide a service that helps businesses to navigate the new social media landscape, all from the comfort of your own home! More often than not you’ll also be Master of Ceremonies, and will guide the event from beginning to end with a pre-planned soundtrack, coordinating between catering, photographers, videographers and guests! More often than not they also want to learn about it from a real local, so grab your walking boots and get going! You can even work from home by setting up an online coaching business. This is what will make customers want to keep coming back for more, after all! Most paying guests appreciate homes that are clean, inviting and still offer privacy and provide a great breakfast. Start working as a freelance voice over artist and you could sell recordings of your vocal genius. A mobile car cleaning service can be a great help to your local community as well as a good source of income, particularly as it is relatively cheap to setup. The key to making this business work is a great marketing strategy to get you noticed and a strong internet signal to stay connected to clients. Tip: You’ll probably find that many people who are trying to lose weight like to work out with a partner or friend, so if you can successfully help one client to meet their weight loss and fitness goals, then they’ll likely refer you to others in their group. Use this free list of the latest UK home business ideas to get inspiration for your home business start-up. Although people know what clothes they like, they are not always well suited to their body shape or personality. With the right products, there will always be demand. If you’re a music nut and love being in charge of the decks at a party then why not set up your own DJ business. You could work as a general secretary, or if you have a background in IT, Marketing, Sales or another area, you can become a specialist virtual assistant. There are sure to be lots of neighbours in your area who put this task off and who would be glad to have your help! If you’re a creative person with a love of flowers, then you can start working on designs and displays for all sorts of events, such as weddings, funerals and private functions.