The battle was named after the famous city in Syria, Moota. When this happens, the month may be extended by a day, delaying both the beginning of the new month and the events associated with it. Each lunar month is approximately 29.53 solar days. Rabi Al-Awwal. Your email address will not be published. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is His Slave and Messenger. A new month can only begin after a Waxing Crescent Moon is observed shortly after sunset. Watch it LIVE! This is a month regarded as a holy month by the Arabs and it was a month of cessation of hostilities. It's also called Travel Moon, Dying Grass Moon, Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon. Some countries and Muslim communities now use modified versions of the traditional calendar that are designed to make the timing of Islamic months and observances easier to predict. 5.Jumad Al Awwal: This is the fifth month on the Islamic calendar. It is amongst the months of Hajj and was also the month in which the Prophet SAW and his companions (may Allah may be pleased with them) returned to Makkah for performing Umrah in 7 A.H. 12.Dhul al-Hijjah: This is the last and one of the most virtuous months in the Islamic calendar. The meaning of this month is it is the first month of spring. The Prophet SAW said, “Sha’baan is my month and Ramadaan the month of Allah Ta’aalaa.” (Daylami). The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar whose time reckoning is tied to the Moon phases. The meaning of this month is it is the first month of spring. If no sighting is made, a 30th day is added to the current month, which is then followed by the first day of the subsequent month. The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, this means that it changes over time and the placement of each month will differ from previous years. © Time and Date AS 1995–2020. The lunar year is approximately 354 days long, so the months rotate backward through the seasons and are not fixed to the Gregorian calendar. The consigned: Sariyyah Ali IBn Abi Talib in the 9th Hijri. Islamic Calendar 2020 and Hijri Calendar. Arabs refrained from fighting each other in this month. However, this will take some time: the year numbers will coincide on May 1, 20874 CE/AH. Read more about the Tabular Islamic calendar. It was also on this month that Prophet Mohammed SAW married Khadija (May Allah be pleased with her) 15 years before his prophet hood. For example, January 1, 2020 fell into year 1441 AH in the Lunar Hijri calendar, which corresponds to year 1398 in the Solar Hijri calendar. Islamic Festivals and Holidays 2020. An Islamic year consistently falls about 11 days short of the solar year. About 82% of the Full Moon will turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this eclipse. In parallel with the letters AD (Anno Domini) used in the Christian calendar, years in the Islamic calendar are designated either H for Hijrah or AH, which stands for the Latin term Anno Hegirae. The Calendar is observed and followed by Muslims worldwide. Like the Persian calendar, Islamic time reckoning begins in 622 CE when the Muslim prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina. 11.Dhulal-Qa’dah: This is the elevent month on the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar has 12 months with 29 or 30 days. The Islamic calendar is known for the many numbers of names which are Muslim calendar, Hijri calendar, Lunar Hijri calendar, Arabic calendar.The Islamic schedule is seen as lunar bases which expresses that the Islamic calendar dependent on the lunar month in which the calendar needs to follow 12 lunar months in the whole year. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Muslim Inc. is the media and networking platform for the new age of Muslims around the world. But the Prophet SAW debunked this fallacy saying HadhratJaabir (R.A.) has said that, “I have heard the Prophet  saying, the descending of illness and evil superstition befalling in the month ofSafar is untrue.” (Muslim). This event is referred to as Hegira or Hijrah, accounting for the name Hijri calendar. This system uses arithmetical rules to determine the length of each month and inserts leap days on a regular basis. It was on this month that the Holy Prophet SAW embarked on his journey to Heaven on the 27th of Rajab on either Sunday or Monday (Mi’raaj). It is also in this month that we Muslims are ordered to fast. 3) Rabi al-Awwal. Abu Hurrairah (R.A) narrated the Holy Prophet (PBUH) once talking about Hajj as: “Whoever performs Hajj and does not commit any obscenity or transgression shall return [free from sins] as he was on the day his mother gave birth to him.” (Al-Bukhari), The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, this means that it changes over time and the…, Your email address will not be published. Unlike other calendar systems that use leap days or leap months to synchronize the calendar with the solar year, the Islamic calendar is completely detached from astronomical seasons, which are marked by the equinoxes and solstices. The modern Hijri calendar is based on and uses the same month names as the pre-Islamic calendar used by the Ancient Arabs. This Moon cycle encompasses all the phases of the Moon.