MBS Master of Business Studies (MBS) is an interdisciplinary admixture comprising accounting, marketing, finance, and general management that helps to meet the market demand for high level managers in varied organizations, particularly those in functional areas. The students must have a minimum of 70% attendance of the classes actually held. Prepare managers in the functional areas of management. The weight and modalities of the internal and external evaluation shall be as per the following table: Types of Weight of Total Evaluation Evaluation Full Marks Methods - Internal (Periodic) 20% Term. Develop research capability in the students. Completion of courses for the fulfillment of the MBS programme must occur within six years from the time of admission. CMAT Application open for BBA entrance exam. The internal or on going evaluation which will be conducted internally by the concerned teachers will include the performances in assignments ,seminar presentations ,case analysis ,term papers and so on . The test covers five sections. List of MBS Colleges in Nepal. The programme allows only regular students to sit in the examination. Develop knowledge and skill of business environment in national and global perspective. Students who opt for project work shall have to work on two assignments during the second year programme on topics approved by the concerned department. MSC 516 Production and Operations Management, ACC 519 Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control, MBS SCHOLARSHIP & ADMISSION INFORMATION: 2020 Intake, 1. Only those students who have passed all courses of the first year programme shall be allowed to write the thesis. Currently 184 Business Schools of Nepal offers MBS program with affiliation from Tribhuvan University. Fourteen analytical and core courses (700 marks), 2 specialization courses (200 marks) and a thesis or two seminar papers (100 marks) will have to be completed. The concern department has to approve the topic. After graduation, many students fall into the confusion, which course is career oriented in the master's degree. The Faculty of Management (FOM) shall conduct a Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the MBS level. The evaluation of the term paper shall be conducted internally by the concerned department. MBBS and BDS in Nepal is the best opportunity for the Indian students. Master of Business Studies (MBS) program will develop students oral and written communication skills to the level expected of senior business leaders.Students will learn the process and discipline involved in high level in-depth research and how to apply them to business. Test Contents: There are 100 test items. Fourteen analytical and core courses (700 marks), 2 specialization courses (200 marks) and a thesis or two seminar papers (100 marks) will have to be completed. The applicants must enclose along with application form attested copies of: certificates/testimonials of all examinations passed; equivalence, transfer and character certificates, wherever applicable and Two passport size photographs. The admission shall be strictly on a competitive basis. The details of. Since long time students are studying medicine in Nepal, mostly majority of students is more … Read More Viva-voce of thesis shall be conducted in the respective campuses by panel of expert composed of chair person of the research department, the thesis supervisor and one external examiner to be a pointed by the office of the Dean.