When it comes to buying a mattress, it’s vital to determine the exact sizes you require. Raise it with their customer support team for clarification. The width of the frame fits a 61″ mattress, but it is a lot cheaper if I go with a 60″ (it is supposed to be queen size). We don’t stock or supply these items, but you could perhaps find some by running a search on Amazon. Notice when you shop online that most websites will display by default the price of a Queen size until you change the selection. We are looking for a bedframe for our current set of box spring/ mattress. The mattress has a far greater role in our life than the credit we give it. We’ve tried them all at this point I think. None of these descriptions seems correct. The mattress comes in different shape and size and having a one that fits your room is the most hectic of tasks. Is there a bed that is 48in wide and 80in long? For example, if you’re seeking a replacement bed and also a new mattress together you’ll need to ensure that (1) It’s big enough for you to lie down on and comfortably move around, and (2) that it fits in the space you have allocated for it within your home. Thanks for the info. Imagine having different bed sizes in your room. Dimensions for Bunk Bed mattress – 39 x 75 inches. Hope this helps. Lindsay is a contributor and the senior editor of all content posted on this site. Although 80″ equates to 6ft 6″ it’s recommended that you allow for at least 6inches more than your height when laying down flat. Can’t seem to figure it out. Mostly Asian/European countries have that size. For thin mattresses, I would go for two top sheets, instead of trying to find a fitted sheet to fit snugly. One of the all-time favorites is the King size. I just bought I guess a European queen 57 by 77 and the height of the mattress is 13.5 inches tall..not sure what sheets to buy. If you have any further queries about the size chart feel free to contact us for more information. We have twin beds and the mattress is very thick. But actually, that isn’t the case. We measured it and it’s only 76.5 in long. My bed is 78 x 78 and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find any and anything I buy SUCKS lol! Dimension for Queen Size Bed Mattress – 60 x 78 inches, King size mattress is one of the best ones. Please note that these are U.S / Canada figures, U.K, E.U and Asia dimensions may be different. The Twin may also be sold in places as 39″ wide x 75″ long, so measure your base or existing mattress to be sure before you buy. But if we are to see approximately, there does seem to be a standard accepted size for a mattress. Don’t mind going a few inches longer either way. What size sheets do I need? We want to replace the mattress but having a hard time finding one. To clear up the confusion, we have listed them in size order starting smallest to largest and listed the given nickname too. So if you’re looking at something for your master bedroom, then go for this one. Like its little brother the Full XL is same in width, so still probably best for individual use; however, it’s slightly longer thus more comfortably accommodating taller people. I have a bed 42 wide, 80 long, and 6 deep. My mattress measures 70″ wide, by 81 long by 10 ” deep. I’ve imported mattress from Asia, which measured Width 42″ Length 78″, Now, I am looking for Box spring or bunky board for it, the closest I got was Twin XL, can you please suggest ? Required fields are marked *. Measuring in at a whole 16inches wider than the Queen size, the length may be the same, but the width is certainly something worth paying the extra money for. OMG, I have a sofa bed, EXACTLY that same size that I am searching for replacement sheets for….no luck……have you had any success since this posting? You seem to be very knowledgeable. Full size mattresses measure 54” X 75” and fit easily in standard bedrooms and guest rooms. Each mattress size is designed to fit a specific need. These suit well for the smaller rooms or narrower options. Fu ll 54” x 75” What size is a 74 wide and 77 long I decided to use my knowledge to help the people in choosing the right mattress for themselves. What are the dimensions of your current mattress? California King mattresses are ideal for tall people needing extra length to avoid having their feet hang off the bed. Looking for a replacement mattress for our camper bed. The Full is also known as a Double. Bunk bed mattress is the ones which are normally used along within the kids’ room. I just ordered a 8 inch twin mattress and box spring. I have a bed that measures 4 1/2 wide by 60 inches long. Your email address will not be published. I have two King single electric adjustable beds that push together to make a bed 82 inches wide. What size is this?? The King size is one of the most common types in hotels worldwide.