But you only have the pain of her absence. What’s better being on the pill or condoms? well i think she and you did it with no protection for the first time and thats whats bothering her,anyway catholic religion says no sex b4 marriage,but they should be saying dont have sex unprottected with out marriage! Can a guy lose his virginity through anal sex? There could be a better explanation for the results of the study, though. and i told him not to do it again. is that guy i killed ok"??? You must not initiate any contact or hang-out time with her. She has emotional problem. I was determined to get it over with. guys tend to open up emotionally faster than women do, they take thier sweet time about it. The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. “Our first sexual experiences (which we don't really remember because it is part of our developmental stages at an early age) and the reactions of the adults around us affect the ‘tapes’ played in our heads about what is right and wrong sexually,” she said. and I do have reacted much after what we had done. over a year ago, Candy Be her best friend. These results suggest that positive first-time sexual experiences could lead to increased physical and emotional satisfaction later in life. What Makes You Feel Most Connected With Another? I think girls especially in a conservative attitude then to act like this. Be careful not to push her. Well see im with this girl who i like a lot!!! I'm like you girlfriend, I'm a Christian. In conservative family, VIRGINITY is very important. Some women might do more emotionally attached to the gentleman they first lose their virginity to. But i didn't left my boyfriend. Be friendly, but don't push it. disagree with this? Get answers by asking now. Life is like a video game (although much more serious because death is real) in that you take yourself as the main character, and build his strength through challenges and become stronger. over a year ago. Yes, that's what's called a "stage 5." Weiss said that sexual disorder treatment specialists work with clients to figure out which negative behaviors, places and people should be eliminated from the life of the client in order to get on track toward healthy and fulfilling sexual experiences. did you become attached to your first guy? She feels worse around you because you feel bad too and it just makes her feel like she has to pick you up too so its really a drag and too much effort. “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very real diagnosis with oftentimes severe manifestations that significantly and negatively impact an individual’s life,” Weiss added. over a year ago, tibletcat This oportunity is for you to realize that you need to be stronger because this is the part in the video game where the chick is kicking your ass. It is FREE! I’m planning to have sex with my boyfriend for the first time. You and the girl you lose your virginity to might not work out, and yes, it might break your heart. My advice try to talk to her, if you really do love her. An article in Medical Xpress about the study added that people who experienced more anxiety and negative emotions during their first sexual experience reported lower sexual satisfaction. Third, if you LOvE your girl then you must follow her. :-) I suggest that you try to understand your girl as much as you can. This is certainly true in certain cultures. In other words give that up not mean they would want to go somewhere else necessary. :-D Naturally, I think that you love your girlfriend so much. Edited by Jody Smith. same thing happened with me :'( but i got over it and why did i? For women who are currently dissatisfied with their sex lives, she suggests a journey of sexual, physical and emotional self-exploration. over a year ago, 2917249190 what I mean you must be there for her despite of anything what happen. No I didn't become attached. It is a normal experience especially when the girl experience it as first time. It depends...if their was love in the first place, both the male and female becomes attached. In contrast, young men customarily saw their virginity as neutral or even stigmatizing, and often sought to lose it outside the context of a committed romantic relationship (D'Emilio and Freedman 1988; Rubin 1990; Wel-ter 1983). over a year ago, mamalove261647 Sad but true. By Rheyanne Weaver HERWriter. so work on yourself, you can pretend for a while but people will see right through it. by Michele Blacksberg RN http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23252636, Medical Xpress. But if there is no feelings or attraction, the male doesn't become attached, only the female(maybe alot or a little but there is some attachment)... Because we are made that way. 'Symptoms After You Lose Your Virginity': Debunking Common Female Virginity Myths, Daughter/Father Relationship (Emotional Incest). Teething Problems: What To Do When Your Breastfed Baby Bites You? Over-reacting? Whether you despised or cherished your first sexual experience, it is still lingering in your mind and imprinted in your memories, probably for the rest of your life. How common is it for a couple to be the same height and age as each other? Reading your response to this post turned on a light for me. He said for women who had an extremely negative first-time sexual experience, such as molestation or rape, emotional wounds could linger and affect remaining sexual experiences and overall life experiences, if the past trauma is not addressed. Forth, If she said that she wants to wait until marriage... well, just RESPECT Her. It was terrible and I refused to let him stay the … anything? i was talking about this with a friend, we were saying that the first person someone has sex with, they get really emotionally attached to them but its supposed to be a stronger attachment for the girl...(atleast thats what someone else said), any girls agree with this? Females are the prize we earn for being men and doing manly things, we can be loving and still be a man but females want us to be in charge and not have as many emotional issues as them.