The range of a laboratory thermometer is generally from - … It can be partially or fully immersed in the substance being measured. Laboratory thermometer. While laboratory thermometers are intended to support a wide array of research activities, clinical thermometers are made for health care purposes. Laboratory thermometer is used to measure the temperature of things other than human body. Maximum minimum thermometer. Clinical Thermometer Laboratory Thermometer; Clinical thermometer is scaled from 35°C to 42°C or from 94°F to 108°F. The laboratory thermometer is used to find out the temperature of the other objects such as water rather than human body temperature. The graduation marked on the tube of a laboratory thermometer can measure the temperature from -10°C to 110°C, this is known as the range of a laboratory thermometer. Mercury level does not fall on its own, as there is a kink near the bulb to prevent the fall of mercury level. A device which is used for measuring the temperature in a science laboratory is called a laboratory thermometer. It has a scale marked in °C (degree Celsius). LABORATORY THERMOMETER :- Friday, December 1, 2017 RAVI PRAKASH SINGH 12 A laboratory thermometer has a long narrow glass tube. The basic laboratory thermometer is similar to the clinical thermometer except that the laboratory thermometer does not have any kink. It can measure the temperature from -10 o C to 110 o C. Laboratory thermometer. Laboratory thermometer is generally scaled from -10°C to 110°C. A laboratory thermometer A is kept 7 cm away on the side of the flame while a similar thermometer B is kept 7 cm above the flame of a candle as shown in figure. This thermometer is made up of a long glass tube having a thin bore. Which of the thermometers A or Swill show a greater rise in temperature? It has a bulb at one end containing mercury. Digital thermometers do not use mercury and hence safe to use. A laboratory thermometer is recognizable by its long stem with a silver bulb at the end. Due to the absence of the kink, these laboratory thermometers are used in a continuous process and need to be monitored all the time to get accurate results. Give reason for your answer: [NCERT Exemplar] Answer: Figure 2 Laboratory thermometer. A laboratory thermometer is a tool used in laboratories to measure temperature with a high level of accuracy.