Also I know that if you use tappedout you can just put ur primer in the decklist so it would be more convenient that reading a hell ton on reddit,, K, I will make a list on tappedout then link it here, thanks for the suggestion hadn't thought of thst, My tappedout isn't working, it's saying I have bad brackets for something when nothing is different from any other bracketd. You will be referenced for helping in the acknowledgements. I've tested it and it's just not that good, guardian project also turns my cloudstone loops into wins, and it makes my storms win more consistently, but the reason both it and resivior are not in the deck is that they are both 4 Mana do nothing's, they only matter in the combo, and cannot be tutored, like most of my cards can be by tutors, an old list of mine with paradox and well-wisher ran it as a payoff for life gain, but it just seems very bad in the current list. To exercise the access, data portability, and deletion rights described above, please submit a written terms that describe the program’s material aspects. Add me on msn messenger! Magic has thousands more moving pieces than Chess does, though, and as a card game, it’s sort of impossible to eliminate the random hand of chance. Oban To Mull Ferry Winter Timetable, we collected personal information or an authorized representative. Creatures are easy to control. These elves help us make large amounts of mana, eventually leading to infinite mana with the correct combo pieces. Use the Color Filter bar to search for combos within a specific color combination. Joraga Treespeaker: This is slow. Ads by Fandom. Im very suprised that no one has mentioned Joraga Treespeaker turn one play, turn two level up, use the 2 mana from the tap for whatever, so you lose no momentum, turn three 5-6 mana available no sweat. Largely eclipsed by Earthcraft. First, the optimal hand is 1 draw engine, 1 infinite combo card, 1big mana creature, 2 lands, 2 mana dorks, This can be something like [[the great henge]] [[priest of titania]] [[staff of domination]] [[forest]] [forest]] [[elvish mystic]] [[llanowar elves]], This hand would be optimal, some good hands but not perfect are switching out the draw engine, infinite combo, or big mana for a tutor/ 2 draw engines 2-4 mana dorks 1-3 lands. This means that she can 2-piece combo with Umbral Mantle and 2 floating green, gaining more power and producing more mana each time she is untapped. Cascade Bluffs by PhatMo, Urza Lord High Combomaster You simply have no chance, and the game stops being fun. Octavia The Aggressives, This deck aims to be pretty much as competitive as Mono-Green Elves can get. Imperious Perfect: A lord and a fairly consistent way to produce tokens. The database and the source code for the website are completely free and open It’s a novel concept, I know. Tolan Clark Florence Biography, by mindfulvet, The Many-Faced God - [Primer] by MysticSnake, Yuriko Midrange But, sometimes players get agitated and will try to rules lawyer you into going through every action in order to kill them, and they will look for you to mess up the order of your triggers. Think of it this way: Have you ever heard anyone complaining about the power of White, Black, Red, or Green in this format? There’s nothing wrong with creating fun and interesting combos, and even ‘going infinite’ in some fashion is fine if it takes effort to reach that point. It would be useful to have a decklist link. This hand technically doesn't have a mana dork, but it does have quite a few druids, it can use natural order to fetch up a big mana dork, and it has a refill in regal force. by kyomage, Sasaya, Orochi Ascendant Combo (EDH) each category of recipient obtained. Wirewood Channeler: A more expensive Priest, good for redundancy. (100 cards, 86 distinct) - Gaea's Cradle, Taiga, Survival of the Fittest, Mana Crypt, Null Rod, Sylvan Library, Mana Vault Temur Sabertooth: Not an elf, but enables so many infinite combos and cool interactions. Staff of Domination: Requires you to produce 5 mana each time instead of 4, but provides a huge amount of utility. Never considered it before, but I took a big took at the deck recently and realized I had too many 3/4 CMC ramp cards and needed some more stuff to ramp me at lower CMC, so I added Treespeaker and finally dumped some cash on a [[Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary]]. However, if you do have 2 mana, Joraga Treespeaker is an awesome way to get your game on early. In conjunction with Leyline of Abundance, it can make infinite mana with the usual untap effects, excluding Staff of Domination. Other people can view your private deck by using this url, to try, greenedh, Excellent Primer, Inspo, Elves Commander Decks, edh, Cool Decks, Decks of interest, Deck build ideas, Elf Green Deck, Combo Deck, Uncategorized, 2 Legit, Tryout, pp, Elves, Oddball decks and such, want to try, Primers, cEDH, EDH / Commander, Decks i want to build, Uncategorized, EDH, Deck Ideas, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. The deck can run slower and wider if you don't want to go infinite, but it wasn't built around that type of play, so it will be far less effective. However, if you are in a boardwipe heavy meta, a creature is a lot worse than an enchantment. Obraz 11 Pictures You Shouldn't Have Missed This Week - Capital XTRA. This is a fairly complex combo, but it’s really just a FAR DEADLIER expansion on the previous combo. by oeliberti, Glissa The Traitor Card Kingdom 3536.12 - 6454.46 . Spinerock Knoll: Comes into play tapped, its effect is mediocre. Maze of Ith: Allows us to make infinite mana with Argothian Elder during combat, untapping Maze and another land with its ability, then getting untapped by Maze to do it over again. Elvish Guidance: Enables a simple Forest to tap for significant amounts of mana. Mono-Green Joraga Treespeaker: Essentially pay 3 to tap for 2, pretty solid deal. This is our primary wincon, and there are many ways to achieve infinite mana discussed below. We can untap Argothian Elder for 1 mana, tap another land for 2+, then do it all again infinitely. Middle Names For Ailyn, Terms of Use | Combo has the potential of producing infinite green mana. Seeker of Skybreak: Absolutely fantastic in conjunction with any of our mana elves. You can have Reveillark in the graveyard and cast Karmic Guide targeting it to reanimate it, followed by sacrificing Karmic Guide, then Reveillark. Long before EDH as we know it came into existence, a friend of mine once had a spell-based Blue / Red deck. Arbor Elf: Despite not being as strong as Argothian Elder, it has the potential to be leagues above a standard mana dork. From experience, I found storming off with creatures was the most effective strategy, so I am definitely extra glad you wrote this primer. So, to begin with I want to talk a little about what I see the commander's role as for this deck. Pistacia Vera Tree For Sale, [[nykthos, shrine to nyx]] no, buy this card, its exceptional, you could technically switch it out for a forest, but this is way better, with seton alone it pays for itself, [[heroic intervention]] autumn's veil works great here, but heroic is better in most cases, [[cloudstone curio]] this card is one of the primary combos of the deck, you could sub in [[sword of the paruns]] but if you keep cutting combos out of the combo deck, it'll fall apart eventually, [[chrome mox]] i mean, this card is great, but it has really easy substitutions, mana crypt if you own it, mana vault if you own it, or sol ring all fill the role quite well, [[sylvan library]] this card is probably the easiest cause it has almost a 1:1 budget option in [[mirri's guile]], [[survival of the fittest]] umm... this card is exceptional, in price and worth to the deck, if you have to sub this out try to add another tutor like [[worldly tutor]], [[mox diamond]] copy and pasting the section from chrome mox, [[gaea's cradle]] sure, i don't even own this card, just throw in a forest and call it a day, [[craterhoof behemoth]] another big infinite mana/bounce outlet that ezuri could tag out for, but crater has another purpose, killing a player, even without a huge board, 5-10 druids plus a craterhoof could and will kill someone, which is why in my current paper list i throw in a similar card, [[beastmasters ascension]], [[concordant crossroads]] this card can be subbed in for any good green card, it doesn't really matter which one, this card is already on the fence for being in the deck in my list.