I have spent some time learning how to properly dry beef and not without a few mistakes and missteps along the way. If it has been properly cured, it does not require any refrigeration, however meats that are dried and smoked without curing still require refrigeration. Use your marker to note the weight of each cut individually, writing that number somewhere on that cut's plate. Drying jalapeno peppers indoors. This Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The only thing you need to do is to trade out the beef for venison at a 1:1 ratio. Load the snack sticks onto the dehydrator trays. Ideally, you want to add two or three days beyond this window, as a means of giving you peace of mind and granting you time to have the best day for smoking. Also, if you have anything positive to say about this article or you were hunting around for some project for the grillmaster in your family to try, do not hesitate to share it with anyone who might be interested in drying their own beef. Monitor the drying process. Once all of your cuts have been seasoned and bagged, it is time for them to go into the refrigerator. Half an hour later, put AMNS on bars to the left of your smoker's chip drawer. Yes, trimming the meat to remove any fat or other white tissue is important before drying your beef. Fill AMNS with hickory dust and light one end. After the meat is done, rinse it, pat it dry, let it cool to 100˚, store in a bowl and refrigerate several days. Note that because different people's dry beef needs can vary, not everyone is planning to satisfy a 100-person family reunion, this list of necessities will be taking a ratio approach to its ingredients. 30 minutes later, place the meat on second position in MES. If you are curious about saturation, you can slice a piece down the middle. If you have the time and patience to outlast your need for delicious beef, you cannot go wrong with some homemade dried beef. Make sure that you have the temperature set somewhere between the range of 35˚F to 40˚F; personally, I set mine between 37˚-38˚. Anyone interested in making some delectable. Crumbles are the longest lasting way. How to safely dry your sausages Before adding the curing salts, your meat must be prepared for the drying process. Half an hour later, put AMNS on bars to the left of your smoker's chip drawer. If you’ll be using an oven or a dehydrator, note that it may take a couple of weeks for the peppers to completely dry. Step-by-Step Guide To Making Dried Beef (297 downloads). Drying sausage is one way of preserving it without impacting its nutritional value. Do yourself a favor and use Clean-A-Screens over your trays. After you have thoroughly rubbed the beef, place it in a suitably-sized Zip-lock bag. Your goal internal temperature is 158˚ to 162˚; if your smoker runs out of fuel, coasting on the ambient heat should suffice. Dry the sausages. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the lap of nature, then you’d surely keep some jerky with you whenever you’re out for extended periods of time. Summer sausage is a delicious sausage that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. For that matter, nothing says you have to use beef. Use this second set of plates to keep the measured amounts of Tender Quick and brown sugar, checking the number you've marked on the plate to keep your measurements correct. Sterilize and insert your probes into the cuts. Start the day by preheating the smoker to 140˚F. The products can be placed in a drafty area and moderate use of a fan will definitely be of some help. Anyone interested in making some delectable dried beef jerky is in for a world of flavor and wait times that sometimes exceed two weeks.