It clearly comes apart, I can see the seams. Place the seat notched bottom of the car seat onto the tray. Check your stroller for loose screws, worn parts, torn material or stitching on a regular basis. For more details, please refer to your manual. 88.6k members in the fixit community. A: Not all 3-wheel strollers are equipped for jogging. So when cleaning, you should keep it in your mind and dry it using a dry fabric or tissue. For additional help contact customer service at 1-800-328-7363, A: Review the set-up video or follow the instructions listed below, A: Replace or repair parts as needed. Wipe the frame with damp cloth, using mild household soap and warm water. Align the holes in the rear of the tray with the small pegs on the inner back legs. We recommend that you only use a hand pump designed for bicycle tires to inflate your wheels. Where do I find instruction manuals for my home safety product (pdf version)? A: No, the manual provides assembly instructions for various models. A: The harness should be snug on the child and not loose. You should avoid wiping electronic toys because this can cause damage the machine of the toys. We have had this walker for a few months and I need to wash the cloth seat which is supposed to be removable and washable but I can't get it off of the walker. First, you should know about the parts of a toddler walker. See our return policy for more details. There is two parts-fabric seat, and plastic and the metal part. A: The recommended tire pressure is 20 to 25 PSI for each tire. Do not bleach. Electronic toys should keep away from water. A: The sit n stand stroller is designed for use with only 2 children, A: Product Includes: Stroller w/Canopy, Rear-facing Infant Car Seat and Car Base, A: NT27 Travel system and SS27 are both compatible (fits no other SS), A: Instructions to care for your item are listed below or refer to instructions listed on product tag or instruction manual. Any ideas on how to clean one or the other would be great. Refer to your walker instruction manual to adjust as types may vary. The seat pads. A: To attach the Tray, line up the grooves on the bottom of the tray with the armrests of the highchair. And kids can quickly grab sickness by the attack of bacteria and germs. Mild liquid soap and water. The issue is something that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. Check your product instruction manual for details or contact customer support at 1-800-328-7363 for more information. Hang dry. Cool post. hit the nail on the head. A: For more information about compatible base for your Baby Trend® infant car seat click on the link baby-trend-car-seat-base.pdf, Additional bases are available through authorized sellers, or check available options on A: The Tray Insert is dishwasher safe to 160º F (71º C). Machine wash on gentle/ delicate cycle with cold water. Help!? Check your instruction manual for details. Fabric Seat – We recommend machine washing the seat pad in cold water on the delicate setting and air dry. Discontinue use of stroller should it malfunction or become damaged and contact customer service at 1-800-328-7363 for help. all of us comprehend that toddlers are wanting particular attentions because of the fact they do no longer comprehend however the what's occurring. If unable to lock, contact customer service for help at 1-800-328-7363, Remove all accessories, including the mattress from the Playard, Locate the handle in center of Playard and rotate 180 ° to unlock. A:We recommend that the child occupant be at least 6 months of age prior to use of the stroller seating position. Note: the side rails have a double lock, press again if side did not completely unlock. Model: 10139. Use the center handle or strap to maintain the Playard in an upright position, Place one hand on the short side rail and pull up until the lock is engaged. If your unable to locate contact customer service for help at 1-800-328-7363. A: Baby Trend has several model types of highchairs and boosters however when using the highchair in the upright position child should be capable of sitting upright unassisted. Model: 11509. Warm water helps to remove grease and grime, and the plastic becomes germ-free.