window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Words can't even describe the love i have for this show. But many are thinking he likes her romantically... - When Jeong Won was smiling proudly as a senior doctor at his junior, the ER resident for her good bedside manner towards the parent, many are quick to jump that he has feelings for her because he smiled while looking at her... - same goes with Jun Wan and Song Hwa. Seok-min raises his head and sighs because it’s Dr. Min’s patient. Now that two episodes are out and hopefully we're done introducing the side characters, next episode will probably show the 'goal' of this drama. Given the nature of the show, I'm also kind of glad it's only 1 ep a week (this may be an unpopular opinion). There were a lof of new characters connected to the main ones. The twins, for instance, tell us more about Song-hwa, that she hasn't always been exemplary. I need more of the five of them together. Thus, it seems likely to be questioned for him to get back his ex-wife and relationship. If there's gonna be a love line, can it be BL? version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Jung Kyung Ho. There is the brother of Captain Yoo as a Chief resident Do too. After hearing Seok-hyung’s confession, Song-hwa awkwardly told him that she wanted to stay friends, and Seok-hyung apologized for saying something weird. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Anyway.. so far am loving this show. Back in the present, Song-hwa hums along to the same song playing on the radio when her mom calls to say happy birthday. Oooohh, yes please.. That'd be a great twist!! Yoo Yeon Seok. It could be just me overthinking lol, but I noticed how this episode keeps on emphasizing about the nicknames of Song Hwa (Ghost) and Jeong Won (Buddha), and I wonder if it's of any relevant in the next episodes. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Right after the end of season 1 of Hospital Playlist , premiered on march 12, 2020. Yes! }); He acted in One Spring Night too. ‘We will do our best.’”. All characters of season 1 is going to be back on season 2, to reprise their role of doctors. As Seok-min prepares for a conference about Patient Gong’s surgery, he complains about Dr. Min taking the case from Song-hwa. Next in line is Seok-hyung who’s understandably shocked to see Ik-joon working in the cafeteria. Nurse - Hee Su (F), I am more worried about their names but now I got it covered . Season one had ended with several cliff-hangers. Speaking about the pair of shoes, am I the only one thinking that the director is yet again misdirecting us to think that she could be the doctor (and the reason behind them being doctors) that operated on the twins’ mom? Also on his rounds, Joon-wan reprimands Chief Resident Do Jae-hak for not following his orders properly, and he doesn’t stop until the patient nervously tells him that it’s making him uncomfortable. And I so love the fact that I got to see so many things that doctors do in a hospital. Heh. It turns out that a tv crew is filming Dr. Min. She hinted that their relationship status is unlikely to affect their friendship. She orders him to stay behind her since he looks embarrassing, but he sticks to her like glue and teases her for having perfect pitch. CATTLE ranch play Yellowstone has kept viewers hooked with string three series packed with twists and turns. It's nice to have a show that isn't focused on the same 4, 5 people over and over again (so far), featuring the ONE restaurant that exists in Korea with Destiny&Fate wrapping around our main character's lives. She repeats her story from early since it’s true, and further explains that her mother died after her operation. Seok-min is skeptical of a man and a woman being friends, which earn him some groans from the students. But props to Seok-hyung for admitting he once confessed to Song-hwa. I quite like the lack of "goal" in this drama, how everything is a bit messy and unstructured, how the eps felt more like a string of vignettes that gave us a wholesome picture of daily life in a hospital. As they formally introduce themselves to Song-hwa, Hong-do seems to recognize her… from church. Their dynamic is great and so fun to look at as well as being so relatable. Ik-joon visits Joon-wan and Jung-won’s shared office, wondering where the rest of their friend group is. appId : '127538621120543', In this season, the drama will continue to follow senior surgeons Lee Ik … Shin Won Ho juga berharap hanya satu episode yang akan ditayangkan setiap minggunya. For real, they’re the best when they’re together. Sure, having a lot of characters is pointless if the team operating them do it badly. She suggests opening the curtains around her bed, but Ba-ram is uncomfortable of the other patients staring at her, feeling self-conscious about her breasts. I love what doctors do: they save people. Hospital Playlist Season 2: Release Date. Staring him in the eyes, she warns him never to speak to patients in that manner again or else she won’t see him anymore. The other neurosurgeon residents enter the office, and Seok-min asks the students if they’re dating, too. I admire the way Song-hwa handled all the relationship and potential conflict around her with such grace and poise. Shin Hyun Bin. Now that we know the premise, I want Seong-hwa with either Ik-joon or Jun-wan. Embora seu dia-a-dia pareça comum, eles estão no microcosmo da vida ao testemunhar as pessoas nascendo e morrendo no dia-a-dia. P.S. The show is going to be return with a bang and will be filled with more drama and more engaging than the first season. "Having a look again briefly at the recap, I think I know why I love this show very much. I assumed it was her, when her nurse friend mentioned she had the shoe for 10 years. As Joon-wan takes a call from his resident, Ik-joon wonders when he’ll get to work with his, and Jung-won chimes in. Cast member Jung Seok also said the series could continue to focus on the five main characters in its second season. Mi Do said all the lead cast members will continue to hang out together for the band sessions until the work on season 2 begins. As Song-hwa leaves, she receives a text about the passing of Jong-soo’s wife, so later that night, all five friends gather at the funeral hall. Though he lost this time, Ik-joon gifts her a sausage bar for future requests while singing and dancing “Pick Me.” Gyu-wool stares at him with her stone-cold face and leaves behind his present after receiving a call from the ER. Director. Whether it’s Joon-wan stealing milk from Seok-hyung or Jung-won getting mad at his friends, I love the different dynamics they have when they’re around each other that doesn’t fully show with anyone else. Joon-wan meets patients in his office and is surprised to see an old patient come to visit. Netflix. I hate to admit it but I can't not anticipate any love lines between them, because as per this episode the red carpet is totally rolled down for Joonwan. Dr. Bong drops by Jung-won’s office to ask about Daddy-Long-Legs, but Jung-won quickly shuts down any requests for an interview. TVN and Netflix are yet to begin production of the second season, which is why they haven’t revealed a fixed release date finally. There are so many familiar faces! *joins in wishful thinking*, Their relationship feels so lived in and having been friends with my group of friends since high school, the chaos is so realistic. He names a few old, co-ed groups, which the young mother doesn’t recognize, so the nurse tells her to raise her child as AKMU (a brother and sister group).