Hordak's powers and abilities are unknown in Season One. Even after Horde Prime subjects Hordak to a second mind-wipe in the form of baptism in a pool of clone life force, Hordak's love for Entrapta persists. She is able to grab him with her hair when preparing his armor and even hits his face with it to stop him from interrupting her when she was speaking. Lawful Evil (formerly) Good Catra ensures Hordak won't find out about Entrapta, realizing if he found out the truth he would dispose of her. They would not exchange a proper conversation until Season 2. Season Two shows that he is reclusive, cold, ruthless, and pragmatic, rewarding successful minions and punishing those who "fail" him. Hordak attempts to destroy Catra, while also damaging the Fright Zone, for what she did to Entrapta and for lying to him all this time. ", Imp repeats Entrapta's name over and over, causing Hordak to blush. According to lead character designer Rae Geiger, a sort of exchange ritual was instituted between most couples on the show to make the relationship official in place of rings. Hordak was introduced to Double Trouble and thanks to the shape sifter's spying, the Horde was able to expand their territory. When he and Catra are both inside the atmosphere manipulation machine, he suffers no negative effects while casually asking Catra how her breathing is. But it is worth noting that when she is accused of tampering with the Black Garnet by Shadow Weaver, Hordak defends her, and bluntly states that she is allowed to tinker with whatever she wants. Hordak Entrapdak by Michael. They mention how no one is allowed in Hordak's lab since he let in a "certain princess" in, referring to Entrapta. Scorpia also says that her family gave Hordak the Black Garnet, implying she was alive when this happened. At the end of "Destiny, Part 2", Horde Prime performs a terrifying mind probe on Hordak and learns that "There was even a time you wished I would not come for you, is that so?" The first time she defied Hordak is when she tried to free Catra from her prison cell in Season Three. It's implied at the moment the two have put aside their complicated history as both played a role in taking down Horde Prime. Hordak can be a rather open individual, but thus far is only willing to speak freely with Entrapta. Shadow Weaver claims she now hates Hordak and the Horde, wanting nothing more than their destruction, after they were going to send her to Beast Island. He goes after Catra in a fit of rage and despair, seeking revenge for what she did to Entrapta and for leading him to believe that he could put his trust in her. After discovering the truth about Entrapta, and coming to terms with the fact she was likely dead, his anger quickly turned to sadness for not seeing through Catra's lies and he was brought to tears once he was alone. He becomes very angry in situations where Catra interrupts their work while Catra starts to see he's valuing Entrapta's contributions to his experiments. Underneath his armor, Hordak is actually thin and frail, with muscle atrophy in his arms and shoulders. After She-Ra destroys the portal, Catra insists that she and Hordak must go before the sanctum collapses. The original scene involved Hordak feeling anguish after killing Horde Prime, followed by Entrapta touching his face with her hair, comforting him, and reassuring him that he can become anyone he wants now that he's free of Prime. Horde Prime's official picture of him shows that he had dark blue hair before his arrival on Etheria. In "Heart, Part 2", Horde Prime takes Entrapta prisoner on board the Velvet Glove and orders Hordak to execute her. During the fight, Cata tells him that Horde Prime doesn't care about him because he is a defect and that she was the one really running things. Character The two were not reunited in Season Five as Imp was taken in by Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle while Hordak was in space with Horde Prime. Hordak wasn't given a name, and it is revealed that he named himself. Imp has screeched at Catra to leave the two alone and when Hordak, later on, screams for her to leave, Imp grabs her hair and gently pulls away with a concerned look. When Entrapta admits that she feels like a failure too because her previous friendships did not work out, Hordak assures her that she isn't a failure and that anyone who discounts her is a fool, to which she smiles and thanks him, expressing that she, too, likes being friends with him. He had tested Catra, offering her the opportunity to come clean, and suggesting that had Catra done so, she wouldn't have been punished. In Season Four, he is shown to be affected and deeply hurt by her "betrayal" as he is quick to rage at the mention of her name. It's implied that Imp is aware of Hordak's feelings towards Entrapta as he has been around the two for quite some time. Hordak and Entrapta realizing their time together will be short. When he tells her that it's none of her concern she demands and even yells at him to tell her everything as she won't stop until she knows. After Horde Prime is expelled from his body and destroyed by Adora, he reunites with Entrapta and is implied to form a romantic relationship with her after the events of the series.