Vol. With how poorly written these choice trees are, I doubt I'll have the will left in me to start NG+, It has something to do with your approach in mykonos. In Sparta, which had always been proud of its own autonomy and isolationism, this growth in Athenian influence represented a threat, and their actions to fight against Athenian imperialism helped escalate tensions between the two sides and bring about the Peloponnesian War. In the end, the Spartan-backed Dorians were successful, but they were blocked by Athenian ships as they attempted to leave, forcing them to march overland. But despite these terms, the city state of Athens would continue to aggravate Sparta with its imperial ambitions, and Sparta’s allies, unhappy with the terms of peace, caused trouble that led to resumed fighting between the two sides. They failed, and thanks to the support of the Spartans and the Corinthians, Syracuse remained independent. However, Lysander managed to take control of the Athenian government n exchange for not getting his way. Despite the intrigue surrounding the Battle of Thermopylae, it was still a defeat for the Greeks, and as Xerxes marched south, he burned the cities that had defied him, including Athens. Below is everything you'll need to beat the mission Monger Down in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Powell, Anton. Below is everything you'll need to beat the mission Monger Down in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Okay, rant over, I'm just fuming from how railroaded that mission was because of some stupid mission on the other side of the world a million years ago, EDIT: I'm even MORE pissed now because when Brasidas says how this complicates things Alexios replies "I don't follow orders" WHICH WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS DOING WHEN I KILLED THE MONGER, EDIT 2: holy fuck it only gets worse. Some factions tried to muster up support for an invasion of Persia in response to these demands, but there was little appetite for war at the time, so all parties agreed to peace. You're options are to play along or be an insufferable dick/asshole and still do as the game wants. There are few historical records from this time, and archaeological evidence also indicates a significant slowdown, leading this period to be referred to as the Late Bronze Age Collapse. Next to the ephors, the gerousia, and kings, were the clergy. But after descending all the way to Attica, burning Eritrea on his way, he was defeated by the Athenian-led fleet at the Battle of Marathon, ending the First Persian Invasion of ancient Greece. This allowed Athens to establish a base and house the helots it had been encouraging to rebel, a move that was intended to weaken the Spartan’s ability to supply itself. I dont know whos eplenor but I killed one of the Ancients who I totally accidentaly met in one of the walkthrough workshops in Messeia lol. To end the war between her and the Monger, Anthousa required one more favor: to kill him. In addition to serving as a  natural boundary, the river also made the region surrounding the city of Sparta one of the most fertile and agriculturally productive. Ancient Sparta is one of the most well-known cities in Classical Greece. Spartan citizens, who were consequently also the best soldiers due to the Spartan training program, were forbidden from doing manual labor, which meant the size of the Spartan army campaigning in Attica dependent on the time of year. Then I'm like "ooh a small cave, let me loot it" and then freakin Elpenor was randomly there. The Peloponnesian War broke out when a Theban envoy in the city of Plataea to kill the Plataean leaders and install a new government was attacked by those loyal to the current ruling class. This stipulation effectively made Athens and Sparta equals, a move that would have angered both, particularly the Athenians, and it was a major reason why this peace treaty lasted far less than the 30 years for which it is named. To link to this article in the text of an online publication, please use this URL: https://historycooperative.org/ancient-sparta-the-history-of-the-spartans/. Later on, the village of Amyclae, which was located a bit further away, became part of Sparta. She will also reveal more about Myrrine. However, he failed, and knowing he would face punishment from the Persians, he called on his fellow Greeks to revolt against the Persians, which they did, and which the Athenians and the Eritreans, and to a lesser extent Spartan citizens, supported. Either help Anthousa take the Monger down, or Brasidas take him down. In 371 BCE, the Spartan army marched into Boeotia and was met by the Theban army in the small town of Leuctra. Many believe this arrangement was made because of the nature of the founding of Sparta; the combining of four, and then five, towns meant that leaders of each needed to be accommodated, and this form of government made this possible. I cleared that temple beforehand, and had to do so a second time after i got to that point. 479 BCE- the Spartans lead the Greek force at the Battle of Plataea and win a decisive victory over the Persians, ending the Second Persian Invasion of ancient Greece. Typically, helots were Messenians, those who had occupied the region of Messenia before the Spartans conquered during the First and Second Messenian Wars fought in the 7th century B.C. In total, the Greek city states amassed an army of about 30,000 hoplites, 10,000 of whom were Spartan citizens. He can be found in a cultist camp in Phokis. They achieved this status during the Greco-Persian wars especially the Battle of Thermopylae when a small force of Greeks led by 300 Spartan soldiers managed to fend off Xerxes and his massive armies, which included the then-superior Persian Immortals, for three days, inflicting heavy casualties. Some artisanry did exist, but we see nothing in terms of philosophic or scientific advancements like those that came out of Athens in the final century B.C. 480 BCE – the Spartans lead the Greek force at the Battle of Thermopylae, which leads to the death of one of Sparta’s two kings, Leonidas I, but helps Sparta earn the reputation of having the strongest military in ancient Greece. I didn’t know which one to choose either, but luckily someone spoiled it for me and I went along with the choice Brasida made. Well to be fair...A fancy whore asked you do do something barbaric and uncivilized, and you did it. Elpenor should'nt be near the destroyed Temple unless you got the quest "A Snake in the grass" active. I didn’t kill lagos, had enough proof and pausanias got exiled, but still got a bounty.