Nearly any rectangular or square size will work and everyone has their own preferences – this is part of what makes diy hair bows such an awesome crafting project! Material Required I love your video I love bows but never knew how to make one, Thanks. Next, grab the piece in the center, fold it accordion-style, then pinch it closed. The mini bowdabra has a handy measuring device on the actual bow maker that you can use to make sure your loops are uniform. 6. You can use this adorable bow by putting on the headbands and clips. I’ve tested a few bow sizes and decided to use my favorite bow dimensions in this tutorial. 4. I like to use about 8-9 inches of bow wire. Your beautiful hair bow is ready to use. Repeat this step with both ends of your white ribbon. Join Sandy, the creator of the Bowdabra, helps you learn how to create hair bows in minutes – each hair bow is a DIY marvel which is super simple to make. Be sure to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel, Simply Shalese DIY, for more awesome videos. Alternatively, glue closed and attach to hair clip if you prefer a hair clip bow to elastic. 3. Make a loop and scrunch the other side. Get ideas to create beautiful bows for the special occasion. Sandy uses mini Bowdabra to make this stunning bow. * Peel n Stick I actually decided to add one more piece of green ribbon for a total of 6 loops instead of 4. Thanks for your support. Be sure that the entire clip is pressed against the hair bow. This post may contain affiliate links. Take the 4-inch long piece of your ribbon and tie it in a simple knot. xoxo, Your email address will not be published. While you might want to use your sewing machine if you’d like to make them as quickly as possible, these hair bows are a perfect hand-stitching project for kids, too. Required fields are marked *, How to Make a Bow for an Amazing Halloween Wreath, How to Create a Rustic Fall Bow with Bowdabra, How to use Bowdabra to make adorable Easter hair bows, You can make a quick and easy hostess gift in minutes. Tutorials. This tutorial is part of the Sew a Softie blog tour, initiated by Trixie at She scrunches the ribbon while making a single loop on either side. Use bright colored prints and make as many as you want. Silver Hair Bow … She attaches it to a hair tie using the same thread. Turn right side out. Every Monday 4 PM PST / 5 PM MST / 6 PM CST / 7 PM EST, Bowdabra Bow Making & Design Tool – Large – BOW1003, Mini Bowdabra Bow Making & Design Tool – Small – BOW2100, Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit – BOW2200, Bowdabra Complete Hair Bow Creator Kit – BOW2300, Mini Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool and Ruler Kit, Mini Bowdabra Complete Hair Bow Creator Kit, Video DIY – How to make an elegant Christmas tree topper bow, How to make a multitude of Christmas bow styles with Bowdabra, How To Make Super Fun lighted Bow Holder with Clip Lights. Since my little girl doesn’t like hair clips, she’s recently decided she liked hair ties, but she’d keep them in her hair only if she liked them a lot. I’ve taken photos of a few different sizes I’ve made, you decide on your favorite. 3. Took me more than a day to figure out how to do that, but I just knew you’ll love me for that! Material Required: She scrunches the black Polka Dot ribbon while making a loop. * Mini Bowdabra 1. 4. Once you’re added the clip, you can manipulate the bow as much as you’d like, making any necessary final adjustments. She scrunches a 3” Grosgrain Rainbow Ribbon and makes 2 to 3 loops of equal length with a twist and turns method. * Silver Bow wire You can use it on hand band or ponytail holder. Fold the ends of the pressed piece towards the back so the ends will have a slight overlap at the center. Press with the seam centered. These diy hair bows are super simple to sew and might well become your girl’s favorite hair accessories! Make Final Adjustments to your hair bow. Repeat this step with the second piece of satin ribbon. Also, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest , and Facebook! Your Jojo bow is ready to be placed on a clip of your choice. She takes the white ribbon and peels the glue stick to place Bowdabra Silver Rhinestone Mesh on the top of it. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Next, she takes an already dovetailed ribbon to make a tail. She scrunches a sheer white ribbon while making a single loop on each side. Required fields are marked *. Repeat the same steps with the green. If you sign up at THIS link, you’ll also get the Fabric Hanging Basket Template for FREE, right now. Take the other, narrow piece of fabric, turn under the two long edges and press to keep in place. Flouncy Bun Bow ~ Isn’t this a fun way to dress up a bun?! Make sure one tail is facing upward and the other is facing downward. See how to make hair bows using this easy and quick tutorial with hair bow sewing video included. She secures it with the bow wire and fluffs it to give a beautiful finish. 3. Place the knot in the center of the bow. They are so easy and cute you might make a lot more of them than you initially planned. 5. Boutique Style Hairbow ~ This bow is a must have girl hair accessory that goes with everything and is darling to boot. She places a silver wire between the pillars. Your beautiful bow for your little kid is ready. * Butterfly Ribbon Using the dimensions from this tutorial, your finished bow size will be approx 4″ by 1 1/2″. She secures it with the bow with the wire and wraps it on the alligator clip. Be sure to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel. Bring the ribbon around and glue it down to the back of the clip. Next wrap the center piece around the center pleats and the elastic tie, and stitch the ends in place using whipping stitch. She ties it on the headband to create a really beautiful baby hair bow. Subscribe to our newsletter. Place hot glue along the back of the hair clip and place it firmly to the back of the hair bow. Join Sandy, the creator of the Bowdabra, helps you learn how to create hair bows in minutes – each hair bow is a DIY marvel which is super simple to make. Just have fun with it and make it your own. And check out Bowdabra blog as well! Hold the bow in place and give it a nice tug. She repeats the same process with a simple Pink Tulle Ribbon. Stitch over the overlap area to stabilize the bow. She takes already dovetailed Yellow Daisy Ribbon and Butterfly Ribbon to make tails. Subscribe to our newsletter. She ties the bow with bow wire and fluffs it to give it a beautiful finish. Join BOWDABRA FACEBOOK LIVE | 3. 6. (see the photo below) so you get a bow shape. Fold the main piece right-sides-together lengthwise. She puts an already dovetailed ribbon between the pillars. * 5” Purple Ribbon * Mini Bowdabra Take your 4-inch long piece and hot glue it to the incline of the hair clip.