His current card, simply called Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker, is the embodiment of Grixis, the three colours of mana he represents. I was wondering what super friends staples there are in Grixis since I lose out on Green. So I decided to make a Grixis super friends deck. Home Esper Grixis Temur Bant Plays Contact gRIXIS. GRIXIS. save hide report. share. He can destroy or control, and his ultimate is the perfect Grixis triple-combo: your opponent loses 7 life, 7 cards and 7 permanents. A great example of this would be Brian Marx’s 4-color Control list that took 14th place at an SCG Team Open last year. So, my Arcanis / Braids / Eldrazi deck is on hiatus for a while. Grixis, Bolas and Planeswalkers As a mentioned a few posts ago, playing against Eldrazi isn't always fun. Grixis features a vast wasteland known as the Dregscape which is dominated by demons, mutants, necromancers and warlocks. This used to be a Jeleva deck, but it was kind of weak because it didn't have any real win conditions. Rhystic Study Phyrexian Arena Jace, The Mind Sculptor Liliana Vess The best thing about Grixis superfriends is that all these planeswalkers and enchantments are very useful on their own (besides Decree/Obliterate) but are … Its a world of zombies, anger, greed, pain and nightmares. Its power level is absolutely through the roof, coming in on 5 loyalty and immediately going up to 8 if desired. (60 cards, 28 distinct) - Scalding Tarn, Liliana, the Last Hope, Polluted Delta, Bloodstained Mire, Flooded Strand, Thoughtseize, Blood Crypt (100 cards, 88 distinct) - Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Liliana of the Veil, Vedalken Orrery, Karn Liberated, Polluted Delta, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Wooded Foothills It’s an evasive creature than can pressure planeswalkers as well as opponents and it’s a blue card so — of course — it pitches for Force of Will! Grixis is one of five shards of Alara. Planeswalkers and enchantments synergize with Decree/Obliterate. Okay, maybe Bolas isn't tons of fun either, but this deck isn't designed to go all out. My goal is to make this the very best Grixis deck in the format, so comments and suggestions are welcome! So include some good ones that help you rebuild after your board wipes successfully resolve. Grixis control locks down your … Grixis has all the tools you need. Controlling planeswalkers! It is primarily black-aligned, with blue and red as secondary colors.12 1 Description 2 History 2.1 Conflux 3 Geography 3.1 Notable locations 4 Notable inhabitants 5 Planeswalker visitors 6 In-game references 7 References Grixis is a world of death, darkness, undead, hatred, envy, and a lot of other bad things. 18 comments. Counterspells, removal, creature wipe and big bomb beasties. Are there any other good Grixis cards that could help with building this deck? I decided to change it to a Nicol Bolas Grixis control list, where he is a win condition. Brian’s list utilizes Kess as a powerful top-end finisher. In it's place, behold: Nicol Bolas! I know [[Deepglow Skate]] is very good and you also have the proliferate cards like [[Contagion Engine]]. EDH Warzone.