There was a problem. 21 Physics Team Names Add the first one. But if you leave that bottle of water for a while, without disturbing it, you'll notice that all those tiny droplets start to get bigger and bigger. Have you ever tried to comb a coconut? Nobel Prize winner Ernest Rutherford once said, "all science is either physics or stamp collecting." With their innate smarts, enterprising attitude, and the, More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. And everyone else will just sort of find "meh.". But what they're really talking about is topology. Physicists may not be the most modest people out there, but if there's one thing they are good at, it's coming up with names for their ideas. The basic premise is that larger droplets are more "energetically favorable" than smaller ones. © It.. might sound a bit corny. Here are 26 extremely useful websites that will help you do so, starting with LearnStreet, a website that offers completely free beginner level courses for Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. Also known as the classification of the finite simple groups, the enormous theorem took more than 100 mathematicians, hundreds of journal articles and 15,000 pages to prove, making it the largest mathematical proof ever. Have no idea whether to pin this to my Harry Potter board or my jokes board...guess I'll do both! Accelerate your physics team with a clever name for your group. What those mathematicians laid out in that gigantic theorem is that every finite simple group of numbers belongs to one of four categories: cyclic, alternating, simple group of Lie type, or sporadic. I'm Physik 0 I know Physik 0. Upon receiving a message from Alice at two o'clock, Bob immediately sends a message back in time to reach Alice at one o'clock. (Ironically, Rutherford won his Nobel in chemistry, not physics). See Also: Funny Science Jokes That Will Make You Laugh. Science is for the curious minds who like to reason behind everything. I heard a talk at my university last week about this and even the speaker was hopeful for new Physics. The idea for sending messages back in time using physics, at least really started in 1907, when Albert Einstein thought about sending faster than light signals into the past. Even as adults, we find that everything around us is merely a science. Need awesome physics team names. Quantum Physics Jokes – Physics Jokes One Liners. Silly Nicknames in Science: The Goddamned Particle and The Eight-fold Way, (This post was last modified: 10-Aug-2011, 09:44 PM by, (This post was last modified: 10-Aug-2011, 09:49 PM by, (This post was last modified: 05-Jul-2012, 10:37 AM by, "It's alright, I rarely meet anyone who's able to read it properly. Read more – Cookie Policy. Enter your data here and find out your physicist name. This post is dedicated to them. Here is a huge collection of some of the best physics jokes ever. Puffy Planets: Earth Warriors Pluto: Galaxy Blasters: The Black Holes: Mad Scientists: Cranium Krusherz: We Matter: Earth … A colleague went so far as to declare happily how "om/aum resonates through all creation"! This one refers to a theorem that is, literally, enormous. If anyone tells you that you're being lazy just tell them you're storing your joules because you're not lazy you're just storing your potential energy. - science memes and science jokes, In the ongoing battle of cat vs. dog, we'd like to name cats as the fluffy mascot of nerd culture. Knowledge . See more ideas about science jokes, science humor, nerd jokes. By CJ. There has been a lot of data collection at the CERN and real worry about no discernible signal of the Higgs signature. … All good? You will receive a verification email shortly. Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS Broadcasting Inc. Imagine a surface with condensation on it, like a sealed water bottle. Random nickname generator for Physik. Even if you've never taken the time to stare at droplets on a water glass, you've experienced Ostwald Ripening if you've ever left ice cream in the fridge too long. That's because particles on the surface of a droplet are less stable than those in its middle, and small droplets have a larger proportion of their molecules on the surface than large particles do. Check them out in our list below and pick your favorite. Chloe on July 19, 2019: Librarian. The "Goddamned Particle" is shooting through cyberspace again! Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. At first, the condensation is in the form of lots of tiny water droplets. Other nicknames that vie for the silliness top spot are the ', Anthropologists have been smarter. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, (Image credit: Flickr: victoria white2010), (Image credit: Von Karman Vortex Street: Bob Cahalan, NASA GSFC), (Image credit: Hairy Ball Theorem: Flickr: Mike Porcenaluk), (Image credit: The Enormous Theorem: Wikimedia Commons, User:Booyabazooka modified by User:Meph666). But the second exchange of messages will take place if, and only if, the first exchange does not take place. And it's not just big things that have to deal with the vortex street. Whether you are just starting to get a grasp on physics, are looking for a pseudonym to put on your scientific papers, or just love watching the Big Bang Theory, take this little fun quiz to find out your crazy physicist name and be prepared for a mixture of advanced science, social awkwardness and a whole lot of mind-boggling concepts! By From physics club to quiz bowl, we’re sure to have a physics-themed team name just for you. Leah ( ) May 9, 2019. this is such a great website . * A mathematician , a physicist and an engineer were all given a red rubber ball and told to find the volume.... MemeCats: Chemistry Cat Strikes Again - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals, More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Check out our complete list of team names for Physics teams. So if you leave that water bottle long enough, you can watch those tiny droplets combine and get bigger and bigger. In prism More, Want to learn something this week? Science Club Names . Call 1-800-[(10x)(13i)^2]-[sin(xy)/2.362x]. While deciding a name for a science club, make sure you use words that indicate the same. It’s great for any theme party or for dressing up as a loony scientist. Nanotech engineers used the theorem to create tiny balls of gold hair that would stick to one another. A photon checks into a hotel and is asked if he needs any help with his luggage. That crunchy, icy clump that used to be delicious Rocky Road has experienced Ostwald Ripening. Reputation: Neutral 0 0. He ended his talk saying the only true winner in this experiment is physics, one way or the other. Here are some of the best-named physics stuff out there, and what it means. As they lord it over us puny humans, some climb to the top of the heap, becoming renowned (or infamous) cat celebrities. Cats rule the internet, but not all cats were created equal. If you try to comb them all nicely, you wind up with a cowlick somewhere and you always wind up with a little bald spot where you start brushing. Then you must definitely check out the below suggested names. The crystals within the ice cream move from small to large, eventually creating those icky icy clusters. Be ready with your physicist name in case you discover your love for the underlying rules of the micro- and macrocosm! ", everyone will think someone at the printing press swapped page 24 for the front page. Tesla holding a gas filled phosphor coated wireless lightbulb which he developed in the 1890s, a half a century before fluorescent lamps came into use. There are probably only a few mathematicians in the world who understand the proof in full, and it's even unclear what math might gain from its completion. One of the more beautiful patterns they study are the swirling set of eddies and whirlpools that things like boats leave behind in their wake. - Forces and Motion - 8th Grade Science. We have chosen 'The Illuminati' - bringing enlightenment and promoting science and everything. They are unique and attractive at the same time. 1 vote … Phyรikツ . Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Guellmann could not have known every term that religious apologists use and think about what name he could give. Searching for a unique name for your science name? 09 December 2011. Original art printed in the USA. The phenomenon is important to all kinds of questions. If you were an ingenious physicist, what would be your name. My group is registering for a physics quiz and we need a team name.All responses are welcome! "No, I'm traveling light." As the boat moves through the water, it slices the fluid in half. Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.