The IMC Planning Process - begins with an analysis of the context, which involves the 3 C's - customers, competitors, and communication. Each are important in their own right and can be applied to practically any business or organization, no matter the size or industry. An IMC approach provides benefits at every level of the organization including: Forming a well-constructed brand strategy is the first step before IMC can be used. occur when a company quits advertising and the brand name begins to fade in people's memories. The marketing mix is selected in line with the communication objectives and within lesion with the budget selected. -They help marketers to understand why consumers buy what they buy. Then you need to decide what the benefits are to the consumer and why they would use the product. It is critical for organizations to use an IMC approach focused on a consistent brand message across all media channels. The IMC strategy complements the branding strategy and maintains a consistent message that conveys the right message using the right medium to achieve the pre-defined business goals. Philip Kotler, one of the legendary figures in marketing provides a great quote that sums up integrated marketing communications: “Integrated marketing communications is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer.” -Philip Kotler. -sets the budge based on what it will cost to accomplish communication and the marketing objective that has been established. Nike is a prestige brand that adds value to its products communicating an upscale image identified by the Nike swoosh logo distinguishing the purchaser as a selective individual. Budget Determination 5. It is a brave new world with rapidly changing technologies, social media, and apps entering the market at a lightning fast-pace that can give you a headache. Belch G. & M. Belch suggest that the IMC process consists of six steps outlined below: The first stage of the IMC planning process is to conduct a situational/ contextual analysis. IMC Planning Model - Analysis. Nike’s marketing excellence with a consistent brand message has propelled the company to economic success and established Nike as a prestige brand with significant brand equity. The IMC strategy planning process using the zero-based campaign approach, includes identifying the target audience, performing an environmental analysis (five-forces analysis and SWOT), and determining the marketing communications objectives. Change customer beliefs 3. prospectus, news paper) and the receivers the audiences for the message. Uploaded By moultonlindsay. Every marketing campaign will be different - from the overarching objective, through to the content, media and call to action. - From the analysis of the 3 C's, decisions about the target market and product positioning can be made. Promotional activities should not be undertaken just for the sake of it and as a mere formality. Duncan, T. (2008). You may also like marketing action plan examples. For more marketing tips, why not take a look at our article on the 3p's of marketing or join our mailing list to receive actionable digital marketing news with interviews from people high in industry! An Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategy enhances the effectiveness of the branding strategy to use the right message using the medium to achieve your business goals. The most significant change is the advances in information technology (IT) transforming the way business is conducted and how individuals communicate. 3288 words (13 pages) Essay. which strives to connect the brand to some cultural symbol that is recognized and known by consumers. In integrated marketing communication, all aspects of marketing communication work together for increased sales and maximum cost effectiveness. The IMC Planning Process - begins with an analysis of the context, which involves the 3 C's - customers, competitors, and communication. The benefits of a strong brand includes differentiation from its competitors, a barrier to entry, the ability to demand a higher price, and the opportunity to experience higher revenues. Integrated marketing communication plan needs to reflect similar strategies employed by organizations to promote their brands. The third step of the IMC planning process is to decide what the communication objectives are. IMC effectively reaches consumers with the intended message stimulating awareness, creating trial usage, and ultimately achieving brand loyalty for the products or services of an organization.