Your information will never be sold or shared. Sign up for our free newsletter filled with Relaxing, mentally stabilizing, and anti-depressing, this mix perfect for regular use to cleanse your environment and provide a supportive place to live. If you are new to oil diffusion, you need to take into consideration a few details before getting started. We recommend and link to certain products and offers throughout our site that we think will benefit our readers. The sweet, rich tones of stress away from work to alleviate tension while sharp, clean and cool peppermint provides a feeling of focus and spiritual uplifting. It also helps boost the immune system and when combined with the sweet energizing florals of orange and lavender it provides a calming atmosphere that both the young and old alike can take advantage of. The following essential oil diffuser recipes are tried and true scent combos that you can use to help alleviate a wide variety of … Strategies & Tips for Using Essential Oils, eBook: Essential Oil Recipes for Toddlers to Teens, Make & Take Party Set #2: Moisturizing Beauty, Ready for Romance, and Kitchen & Laundry, Make & Take Party Set #3: Natural Beauty and Household Cleaning, Make & Take Party Set #4: Emotional Support Roller Blends, 8 Diffuser Blends Inspired by Candle Scents, Diffuser Recipes for Get Up & Go Mornings, Diffuser Recipes for Peace and Contentment, Diffuser Recipes to Bring the Outdoors In, Diffuser Recipes Using Premium Starter Kit Oils. Diffuse this blend to suggest the spicy richness of a fresh cut evergreen, or at any time you need to freshen the air and bring a sense of energy and focus to your atmosphere. Always use a cool mist diffuser or nebulizer. Bright orange, sunny lemon, and spicy bergamot can help you wake up, feel fresh, and find your focus. When your day seems super long and you still have a lot of work to do try mixing up this energy combination to provide you the burst of focus and strength you need to mentally get through the rest of the day. It also is an uplifting blend that can help you feel more focused, and peace, and energized. Try diffusing while soaking in the bathtub, or while enjoying a glass of your favorite wine. The following essential oil diffuser recipes are tried and true scent combos that you can use to help alleviate a wide variety of ailments, as well as provide a more inviting atmosphere. Created to help balance hormones, Balance combines well with other ingredients to clear your mind and improve your focus. Children feeling the effects of cabin fever after a long winter? Parents and teachers rejoice, this blend can help dissipate those lingering odors you’d rather not know the source of after your children leave the room. Perfect for those cool days as summer slips into fall and fall in winter, these oils bring to mind rich, warm spices and sweet apples. … Revive with clean, crisp evergreens and calm your mind with peaceful lavender in this blend that provides a soothing experience. Bring the outdoor aroma indoors with this refreshing woodsy blend. There are so many variations and scents you can combine that you will most definitely learn something new. As a stand-alone, it is amazing and clearing the air and bringing peace to a room. Designed to relax both the mind and body, these oils have been used for centuries both as a stand-alone and as the main ingredient to create a sense of peace and relaxation. Some oils are sold already diluted in a carrier. Copyright © 2020 by Better Mind Body Soul. No spam, we promise! Designed to calm the mind and ease anxiety, it also provides a wonderful scent to any room it is used within. Respiratory ailments and infections are combated through a healthier atmosphere, Be Young Essential Oils VS Young Living: A Side by Side Look, 25 Essential Oil Recipes for Eczema; Natural Ways To Help Heal Your Skin. Apply the oil in a diluted form (mix a drop with a teaspoon of carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil) and leave on for approximately 10 minutes to see if you have any sensitivities. If you have any favorite blends, please let us know below! When mixed with grapefruit, you know have a double hit that addresses headaches, mental fatigue, and depression. If you love that … Important Disclaimer: The information contained on Better Mind Body Soul is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Diffuse up to 3 times a day at 20 – 30 minute intervals. Strong sandalwood tones blended with neroli is specific to your physical health, particularly if you have been feeling under the weather. Diffuse this at any time to clear the air and help you think more clearly. This blend is exactly what you need for when you are ready to help combat seasonal illnesses and colds. When bad vibes infringe upon your living space and create a sense of anxiety and stress, you can help dispel these feelings with this uplifting blend of orange and patchouli. Blended with traditional cider spices, the sweet hints of orange and lime make this a popular choice that also aids in providing an energizing and focused atmosphere. Use this all summer for a bug-free experience, and all winter to keep you healthy and relaxed. Have a long night or struggling through a particularly slow afternoon? Ready to unwind after a long day, but your day isn’t over yet? Freshen any room and bring a smile to your face with this citrus and floral mixture that helps clear the air and provide an uplifting experience. Neroli is slightly sweet and spicy and provides support to anxiety and heart concerns to allow your body to heal. The Kids are Bouncing off the Walls! Diffuse this blend for an uplifting, cleansing experience and to help you find your center for focus so as to help you start your day right. Melt your stress away after a long day with these warm, spicy, floral tones highlighted in this specialized blend. Just be sure to take care with any new oils to ascertain you have no sensitivities to them, and only diffuse for 20-30 minutes at a time to help get both the scent and the oil attributes into the room for your use.