Vehicle owner information is not always available. Every search is subject to applicable laws, to this site's terms of use and to the terms of use of the third party vendors that provide access to such information. Since then i think he might have gotten a couple more.. one more from douglas and possibly clear creek county also.. thank you for your help.. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of SearchQuarry's cookies. If this was related to a driving traffic citation it is possible this can lead to an arrest depending on the nature of the ticket you received. Go to the Denver County Court Warrant Search website. There are a multitude of criminal records listed in our member’s area for this person, Is there an active arrest warrant for Seth Guible, Our Colorado warrant search did not show any results for a Seth Guible. Is there a warrant in grand junction co for Amanda macpehrson? A background and arrest record search is imperative when forging personal or professional ties with an individual in an urban area like Denver. Judge’s are more likely to quash bench warrants if the person does not have a history of bench warrants and missing court appearances. The Triple Crown distinction is rare. Arrest warrant for Mical Coblentz of Fredrick, Co about 44 years old-1975? This is a common name but all the Colorado warrant records listed in our resources have a different middle name. The information we show in our Colorado warrant records database shows an active warrant for a Teddy Dewayne Griffin, issued by the Douglas County Sheriff Department, with the associated charges being Criminal Mischief, Arrest warrant for autumn grounds in larimer county colorado, We do show a warrant record for an Autumn Fawn Grounds in Larimer county that was processed by the Larimer county sheriff department for an unlawful possession of a controlled substance. I know teddydewayne griffin 12-18-82.. aferican american..had a warrant out of douglas county.. Our Colorado records indicate there is an active CO warrant for a Tiffany Marie Ward that was issued out of Northglenn County, Yes my husband\’s probation officer told him he was going to revoke his probation and issue an arrest warrant for him.His probation was from the district court in Denver, CO. His name is Manuel Valdespino A freshly issued order for arrest from a criminal court in Denver County, Colorado is known as an active warrant which is issued in the name of a single individual who is to be taken into custody and presented before the judiciary. We show multiple Colorado criminal charges that may have led to an active CO warrant for Andrew including a Colorado DUI charge and a Colorado Domestic Violence ChargeColorado Domestic Violence ChargeColorado Domestic Violence Charge. We do show multiple Colorado warrant listings for Michelle Crawford but no listings with the person you mentioned with the middle name Laverne. You can check Colorado warrants for free by contacting your county sheriff department or the clerk of the relevant county courthouse in Colorado. If you feel this is from a parole violation or probation violation then it’s best practice to contact your Colorado parole officer or probation officer directly. The attorney may be able to get the warrant recalled or else orchestrate a surrender so you avoid a dramatic arrest scene at your home or place of work. Otherwise, you risk ... Our team of attorneys and investigators are available 365 days a year, ready to come to your aid. Denver with its multitude of urban pockets is a high crime county with an annual rate of almost 30,000 incidents. African American male. We do show a couple of criminal charges in Colorado and an open warrant however we cannot see the charges. Being able to show my Dad your response will make him feel at ease about this subject once and for all. Stefanie G Dossey 8.14.68, Claire, we don’t show any Colorado warrant records of the person you mentioned, with either last name. We are also showing the Malory Sherin Lynne is a fugitive from justice and also has a warrant out for her arrest. Your email address will not be published. For Charles J. the list of possible offenses is long; he’s currently incarcerated for parole violations. If the charges are serious, the police may be out looking for you. Is there an active warrant in CA 31 yrs. Your area of location affects how to search for such warrants. Is there a warrant for Teddy Dewayne Griffin.. 36.. 12-18. We also ran a CO criminal records search and nothing recent came up that would indicate an open CO warrant. We show a couple of listings for an Alyssa D Martinez and the DOB is not listed on either of these records. Our Colorado database only shows a criminal record for a Matthew Adam Crump, nothing comes up with the middle name Cory, We show a multitude of criminal records for an Anthony Jacob Silvera as well as an active warrant for his arrest, Arrest warrant for alyssa d Martinez 11/09/86. There is also a probation provision that we see but we’re not showing any violations that are recorded as public record. Data availability is largely dependent on various public sources from which the information is aggregated. We do show an active Colorado warrant issued by the Denver district court, related to some criminal charges from October 2019, The Colorado warrant search for you came up without anything active Karl, Warrant search for maria montano in pueblo colorado, Tina, we ran a search for your name and did not find any results in our records. The judge would then hold a hearing where the defense attorney would argue why the judge should quash the warrant and allow the person to remain free. 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