Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. https://ko-fi.com/ilikeyoucatradora, Buy ilikeyoucatradora a Coffee. Like you mean put “a gift for” or what? Fanart | Catra LeoDatZodiac 83 0 Silver Vixen Catra CosmiqueLaGeek 5 0 Happy Catra happyhomeless 20 0 happy halloween SauaGurl 4 0 pspspspsp here kitty kitty cottelini 31 0 Catra chibi Selene-Cruxe 17 0. draculow 20 0 Jock Adora and Catra XeroXWolf 9 2 Catra and Adora … how to learn to draw like you? In this cute piece by Artofkace Adora works out with a little help from Catra. ko-fi.com/ilikeyoucatradora, No Shadow Weavers // Iria & Henar // Two artist friends drawing She-ra and the Princesses of Power fanart. This is like training a muscle! See more ideas about Adora, She ra princess of power, Princess of power. Fans loved the reboot's fresh take on their dynamic as childhood friends turned enemies. As you practice, you will start to automatize stuff and draw things by heart, but references are still useful to not repeat mistakes. Catra and Adora went from friends to enemies to lovers. // Specially Catradora // PLEASE NOTIFY WHEN REPOSTING, https://www.redbubble.com/es/shop/ap/62279640, https://www.teepublic.com/user/henar-torinos. We love this baby too, too much. It's a tender, tasteful scene that feels like something that would naturally occur with Adora taking the time to admire her girlfriend. And most important of all… have fun, be kind with yourself during the process…and draw, draw, draw! 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One thing that fans of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power can't get enough of is Adora and Catra. While the final season didn't give any time to them as a couple, it was nice to see them as friends again. While on the subject of anime-inspired pictures, here is one from C.Beanowitz  that looks like a long-lost She-Ra beach episode. Dressed in their clothes from the future Adora foresaw in the finale, Catra and Adora lie outside Brightmoon in this piece by ArtKittweetz. It was a wild ride and was one of the traits of the show that… Hi! // Specially Catradora // PLEASE NOTIFY WHEN REPOSTING Posts; Ask us anything! Here you have a couple of links with useful drawing resources: Character art examples, references and tutorials: https://www.pinterest.es/characterdesigh/_created/, https://www.photo-reference-for-comic-artists.com/. Related: 10 Fan Art Pics From Avatar: The Last Airbender Better Than The Actual Show. A one-stop shop for all things video games. If you want to adopt them this is where: (COPY AND PASTE THE LINK IN YOUR BROWSER IF IT DOESN’T WORK), REDBUBBLE: https://www.redbubble.com/es/shop/ap/62279640, TEEPUBLIC: https://www.teepublic.com/user/henar-torinos. The work on Adora and Catra makes up for it with the detail put into Catra's fur and Adora's scars. Either way, Adora proves she can handle it and as usual, is willing to push herself to the limit. Their body language speaks volumes to their relationship as Catra avoids looking at Adora yet clings to her as if she might leave. It's kind of sweet thinking about how far Catra will go just for Adora. Catra was never vocal with her feelings yet she managed to express herself through her actions. Love you to the moon and to Saturn #shera #spop #catradora #catradorafanart pic.twitter.com/MOSmaE3lDn. Mshinozaki continues that trend with this picture of Catra introducing some prop comedy into her bit. Hey Adora! Don’t forget you can help us to keep creating content by donating us a kofi! We mean just tagging us in the description so we don’t miss the entry! ;3 ✨#catradorafanart #sherafanart pic.twitter.com/vccQY6auux. As usual, Adora tries to get close to her bestie and Catra gets defensive and tries to resist. The setting is different but the tone remains as the girlfriends enjoy each other's company. some advices or what should i do on start to get this level in the future? Whether it was hunting Adora down with Horde soldiers or leaping into a fake fire to rescue her, Catra wanted Adora to come back home. If you ever wondered what Catra and Adora would look like as anime girls, Leofoxart has got you covered. One of the recurring gags that were introduced early on in the series was Catra checking to see if Adora got brain damage. And you can get nice stuff in return! Kudos to the artist for recreating the feel of a rack focus and placing the focus on the lovers. While one is fit for battle and the other isn't, there are a lot of similarities between She-Ra … Next: 10 Beautiful Pieces She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power Fan Art. Specially to draw like us, as what you need to achieve is to learn how to draw like yourself! One thing that fans of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power can't get enough of is Adora and Catra, and some beautiful fan art has been created. Both are princesses that worked for a villain only to run away, live with a group of strangers she befriends, and gets rescued by a dashing prince. If not for her friends like Adora and Scorpia dragging her out of her comfort zone the feline would still be miserable and alone. *Copy and paste the link in your browser! Adora x Catra . Probably you heard this before, but they key is PRACTICE AND TIME. SUPPORT US; INSTAGRAM; Archive; Happy Birthday, little furball! Catra and adora my second story so dont roast me this is after the events of season 4 so spoilers are gonna happen so sorry also gay af catradora | one-shots 87.3K 1.3K 341 Having grown up with Catra and seen the hardships she faced it makes sense that Adora would be relieved to see her best friend sleeping peacefully. It’s a rough path ahead, but you’ll find love and happiness along the way. Let's just hope Catra reminds Adora not to overdo it on the workout. There's nothing left to say except that this is adorable. ChaokiEvery and M-AL make that point crystal clear in this sweet set with Adora messing with her girlfriend. RELATED: Hazbin Hotel: 10 Astonishing Pieces of Fan Art. Catra is the only one who looks out of place and she realizes it as she hesitates to show expose her true feeling like usual. It's hard to tell which is more likely: Adora asked Catra to sit on her to challenge herself or if Catra just hopped on to mess with her.