Indeed, Edison Research and Triton Digital’s report, The Infinite Dial 2018, an annual research series on how we use social media, podcasts, and online audio services, argued that the year 2018 might have been “the year that social media changed forever.” Detailing unexpected trends in social media usage, it adds: “In a complex and conflicted world, the relative escapism offered by thumbing through photos on Instagram, or creating the ultimate wish list on Pinterest, may be a welcome respite from the snark of Twitter or the sales pitches on LinkedIn.”. Sticking with mental health, this three month campaign from TheLADBible Group called UOKM8 was aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues among men. Even better Tested was the most used word on the day. LADbible Group – UOKM8? ... Across the world, democracy is in decline. Get inspired. By displaying themselves as No.2 in the rental car services, Avis built their marketing campaign through a bit of self-depreciation. to help people get involved  and challenge the status quo in global society, where so many people are living without safe water. The games were distributed for free via a number of online gaming sites. By sharing scripted, funny responses by the actor to the fans online they had a super successful campaign and generated a gigantic online engagement. Organ Donation Wales now have an excellent track record in encouraging people to talk more about the importance of organ donation. MTV | #FCKHIV from Creative Awards on Vimeo. By targeting women directly through their campaign. Required fields are marked *. These types of games fall into a category of educational games called “serious games”. The negativity of 2020 has been washed out with the warmth of these adverts. They also made the brave decision to hijack people’s coffee orders in a very clever way of highlighting the problem caused by families overriding the wishes of their loved ones. The World’s Best Public Health Social Media Campaigns. It is the basis of campaign honors and awards for U.S. Army units and servicemen, but is not a comprehensive list of all the campaigns of the war, as it omits campaigns in which U.S. Army participation was minimal. The application, named PackHead, was intended to raise awareness and support for graphic package warnings, which are more effective at communicating the harms of smoking than standard text. Artois for “The Wait for Water,” showing what happens when unsuspecting restaurant customers are told water won’t be available for up to six hours. Users placed the altered images on a generic pack of cigarettes and shared them. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s (MOHFW) Tobacco Control Programme launched a nationwide television, radio and YouTube campaign called “Surgeon.” The campaign featured cancer patients at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital’s neck and throat cancer ward and highlighted the devastating consequences of smokeless tobacco to warn against its use. Get inspired. The #loveyourcervix campaign aimed to promote body positivity and remind women “that smear takers have seen hundreds of vulvas!”  Women that attend for cervical screening when they are first invited aged 25 are more likely to attend in the future, significantly reducing their risk of developing cervical cancer. SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGNS. In 2015, four authors from the Sydney School of Public Health and Cancer Council NSW published a detailed study on the lessons the public health sector could draw from nine public health social media campaigns by the corporate and the social change sector. 12 Of The Most Successful Advertising Campaigns Of All Time. Using this ideology to display to people that they tried harder and harder to be No.1, Avis really drove their marketing campaign upside. The campaign used its flagship hashtag #HereForYou for the campaign – one that was already commonly used by Instagram users. NICE’s communications team shared several ‘snap facts’ throughout the day – using pictures and emojis – to explain how easily infections are spread and how quickly drug resistance develops. Some Reasons to Rethink That Plan. To launch their campaign they analyzed their audience and found that very few women didn’t consider themselves as beautiful. In this example, Matt Damon does a great job bringing people’s attention to the fact that women in the developing world have to wait up to six hours collecting water each day. The Egyptian Ministry of Health, in coordination with World Lung Foundation, launched a two-stage “Smoke-Free Alexandria” media campaign, stretching a small campaign budget by using innovative tactics to attract additional media interest and attention. Started in 1995, the campaign was one of the most powerful campaigns ever run and even had some hate generated of the 20th century. Nike came up with the line ‘Just Do It’ in the late 1980s, keeping the customer-centric opinion to achieve fitness. This widely renowned marketing campaign made waves as far as beer ads go. This helped them become the best-selling cigarette brand in the world. Every year, more than 1,500 people receive kidneys, livers, and hearts that have been donated for transplantation. It underpins public health and is critical to sustainable development and a stable and prosperous world. The ad displayed her interrupting a group of marching people and saying, “Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth…We shall prevail!” The ad showed how with the introduction of the Mac 1984 won’t be like as described in the book. The advertisements achieved an astonishing 11.5 million impressions and more than 5,000 “friends” in under ten days—all for a cost of only USD$3,500. The World Lung Foundation released an application on Facebook that allowed users to add rotten teeth, throat tumors, bleeding brains and other smoking-related illnesses to their profile pictures or pictures of friends. The ads were the most complained about advertisements of the year! But what about the brands who’ve established themselves as icons in their fields either through offline or online methods? With their campaign line, milk consumption increased by 7% between 1993-1994- … Others have followed, like Public Health England’s campaign which used Snapchat Filters and Promoted Stories to encourage young people to use condoms and Leeds NHS mental health campaign which also used Snapchat filters. Campaigns position brands effectively through the use of various media. They also have Facebook and Twitter channels to reach out into the community. Matt Damon Surprises People with ‘The Wait for Water’. The #loveyourcervix campaign aimed to promote body positivity and remind women “that smear takers have seen hundreds of vulvas!”  Women that attend for cervical screening when they are first invited aged 25 are more likely to attend in the future, significantly reducing their risk of developing cervical cancer. From that time the Queensland AIDS Council grew to deliver HIV prevention programs, client services for people with HIV, peer support through Queensland Positive People and we provided a strong voice on HIV and gay issues. Crispin is a founding director of Bang the Table and the Chief Practice Officer. Most bands are primarily dependent on their email marketing and digital marketing campaigns. This campaign from 2007 gave Heineken USA a great boost in their sales. Smokefree South West was commissioned by eleven public health teams based in local authorities across the south-west of England.