More than 700 parents told us which nit and head lice treatments are best. We surveyed hundreds of parents to find the best nit and head lice treatment. Discover the best head lice treatments as voted by parents. A nit comb costs only a few pounds and you can often use it in conjunction with another product such as a medicated or herbal treatment, or conditioner. If they do, the cycle starts all over again, and you have another infestation to deal with. Do cheap nit and head lice treatments work? Wet combing is the most effective natural method to get rid of head lice. members can log in, now to reveal the results. Our research also found out what brands of head lice treatment are the most frequently bought - although this doesn't always mean that parents think they're the best. We surveyed hundreds of parents to find the best nit and head lice treatment. The Quit Nits Non-Toxic Head Lice Kit is an effective lice treatment for both adults and children, and effectively works to remove both living lice and its eggs. W. Which Editorial team. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Here are natural remedies, prescription medications, and over-the-counter treatments that kill head lice. If you're not a member, try Which? Buy on Amazon. Current advice when using 'once-only' treatment is to check your child's head a week later to ensure you have got rid of any lice or eggs that you might have missed, but we reckon checking and applying an additional treatment a week later is the safest way to know you've killed all the head lice. More than half of parents we surveyed said they used a nit comb. Licefreee Spray Head Lice Treatment scored high above the rest in all categories and is our top pick. If you prefer not to use a medicated product, we recommend using conditioner and a nit comb. There is limited evidence of the efficacy of herbal products, and not much information on any side effects. Below are the most common treatment methods that parents use for ridding their child of those pesky head lice. If you’re struggling with persistent lice, or super lice, this gel treatment from LiceMD is definitely worth a try. Discover whether you should go for medicated lotions, such as Hedrin, Lyclear or Full Marks, nit combs or herbal treatments. There are different treatment options, ranging from creams and lotions that you use like a shampoo, to easy-application sprays, or a product that can be used as a leave-in mousse. Check out our video on how to use the nit-comb-and-conditioner method effectively. The key to making a medicated treatment work is to apply a follow-up treatment. Herbal treatments may work better when used in combination with a nit comb. If you have enjoyed this article or found it helpful, please share with others! Sharing these natural home remedies for head lice can help others gently and safely remove these parasites from their lives. Which? There's no need to keep your child off school if they have head lice. Discover whether you should go for medicated lotions, such as Hedrin, Lyclear or Full Marks, nit combs or herbal treatments. This lice treatment kit comes with a convenient metal comb that is patented and helps dislodge the nits and dead lice from the head. 10 Best Head Lice Treatments - November 2020 Results are Based on. Head lice are extremely common in children of school age, as they spread from head-to-head contact. It’s pesticide-free, non-toxic, safe, and odorless, and the manufacturer claims that the formula can eliminate lice in … We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. Just under two thirds (59%) of parents of the parents we surveyed said they did this. What’s the best natural treatment for head lice? Our rigorous tests find the facts, and our impartial reviews tell you the truth about how products perform. If you already have conditioner in your home, the latter method can be a cheap way to tackle head lice, but it can be time-consuming. First month £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel anytime. The product uses a two-part process – the first is the lice treatment itself, which is used before washing the hair with traditional shampoo: this kills living lice and compromises egg health. Are nit combs or lotions most effective? Medicated treatments from Boots, Full Marks, Hedrin and Lyclear all made it into the list. About 6 to 12 million kids in the U.S. get head lice each year. But if you have Afro-Caribbean hair, this method isn't effective, so a medicated treatment is advised. Electric combs and head lice repellents are also not advised. Parents were less impressed when using herbal or natural treatments, such as tea tree oil, and were less likely to use them. One of the benefits of these treatments is that they're often much quicker to use than the combing method – some take only 10 minutes. You should try this method first. Discover the best head lice treatments as voted by parents, Nits and head lice: separating fact from fiction. The best nit and head lice treatments for 2020. Curly hair can be treated with the nit comb and conditioner method. Best Kit: Lice Remover Kit From Lice Clinics of America at Amazon "As tough as the formula is on lice, it’s otherwise gentle, containing only non-toxic ingredients." Since lice can only crawl and survive outside your head for 24 hours, most infestations come from direct head-to-head contact. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies.