That’s our promise and our commitment.. Christen and Rex [Founders of Gadget Review], © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved  |  Gadget Review. Whichever it is, standing desks like the ApexDesk Elite are a life saviour as the Elite comes with a wide range of features to make your life better with the help of an ergonomic design and easy to use controller, making it compatible for both sitting and standing. The second I pulled the electronics from the box I could tell they were lower quality than all of the other products I had reviewed. Unfortunately, the laminate has a lot of inconsistencies across the top showing what look like brush lines. Once installed, users will have easy access to two grounded power outlet and two USB ports right at the desk surface. In short, we’ll always remain objective and find you the best products regardless of any monetary incentive. That is the bad part. We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. You can tell they have a lot of power going to the motors and it’s definitely designed to move quick. Do you end up feeling lazy or drowsy sitting all day at your desk? Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2020. ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (Memory Controller, 71" Black Top, Black Frame) Brand: ApexDesk. The below-average warranty on their electronics doesn’t help the cause. The wires that plug the desk motors together are too long and just hang. Sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly recommendations about seasonal and trending products. And with easy steps to assemble it as well as an enhanced stability and smooth process of moving the desk up and down thanks to the dual motors, the ApexDesk Elite series may just be the best new foundation to your office space. This is more than enough to make for a perfect standing desk for anyone under 6 feet. With threaded metal inserts in the desktop, completing assembly of the ApexDesk didn’t require the use of a cordless drill. You can get similar desks for half the price. 4.5 out of 5 stars 957 ratings. If you want the best lighting for your room take a look at our “Prometheus” aint got nothing on our “Aliens” lamp too. Finally, moving onto aesthetics, the ApexDesk Elite offers you 4 different colours for both the 60 and 71 Inch models. - Sturdy and heavy-duty for years to come. Both of these create stability issues that are a major problem for the ApexDesk when extended from mid and high heights. This attention to detail was clearly missed. The table is well design and strong. It's like a dollar of metal that they know people need. So far I will recommend this desk. Where to Buy the ApexDesk Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2020. And with the smoothly operating motors, the ApexDesk Elite is a great standing desk, if you can afford it. Then it started to go downhill, the upper desktop supports that attached to the cross support only used two screws each. The up/down switch felt cheap and didn’t engage the motors for 1-2 seconds after pushing the button. 10 Days Replacement Currently unavailable. With other desks like the Autonomous SmartDesk 2, they provide a good warranty to back their lower quality electronics. You want to make sure if you move the button forward to the knife-edge that there is enough thickness in the top to avoid poking out of the top. The upper support where the control box attached included threaded holes as well. This is the second desk that I have reviewed that uses inserts, the first was the Evodesk. Attaching the columns to the upper support uses an odd L bar that you insert and then push down. As such, some of the links on this page may earn us a commission when you click thru and purchase from the associated partner, like Amazon. My desk came in three boxes, all of which were very heavy. From the bottom up, the build quality started out very good on the ApexDesk. I would be cautious about moving this placement with the hardware provided. Who is and The Breakroom Blog? Priced at $500 for the 60 Inch model at upto $600 for the 71 Inch, the ApexDesk Elite series standing desks are not the most affordable standing desks out there. Having four buttons means you can also set up the desk for two people, allowing both of you to adjust the height of the desk to your levels by simply pressing the specific number twice. The ApexDesk Elite Series Table Top is designed to fit multiple desk frame options. Front to Back: The front to back rocking motion on the didn’t begin until after 41”. The ApexDesk Elite series is manufactured by Apex Furniture, LLC. (Also, very easy to assemble - took about 15-20 min by myself). The ApexDesk uses a single piece for the upper cross support and only two screws for each worksurface support. – What I Like Turn your daily work routine back to how nature intended it to be.