’05 onwards Honda CBR600RRs have stainless downpipes. © 2020 J.D. No regrets. Strengths: The handling is fantastic, you think it, the bike does it. Strengths: To be honest the whole bike the midrange on up through the rev range to the red AWESOME. With this drive-train, the Honda CBR 600 RR is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of  . How to Title a Motorcycle Without Title. The Honda CBR 600 RR model is a Sport bike manufactured by Honda . On the road, the ‘F’ version is a better bet for most with a more roomy riding position, stable handling and a less revvy engine but get the Honda CBR600RR on the track and it’s in its element. Strengths: Handling, brakeing and 'rider friendlyness', Covetous looks from other riders (plus my 17 year old brother and his mates!) Strengths: Superb through the bends..good build quality. Did you know J.D. Take advantage of real dealer pricing and special offers from local Certified Dealers, Insure your 2003 Honda for just $75/year*. Would have liked to see a self cancelling indicator like my 20 year old YPVS as well as a gear indicator if only for top. Strengths: A very user friendly bike that has no trouble keeping up with the big guys. Weaknesses: No gripes. On the down side, anything over an hour on it requires a massage, zero storage, and i mean zero - if you want to take anything bigger than a credit card take your backpack. All registered in England and Wales. Covered 12000 miles in the first year alone, lovely & a joy to ride. Honda recalled some 2003 and 2004 motorcycles to correct a fault which might have caused the rear brakes to seize. HANDLES SUPERB AND EASILY KEEPS UP WITH BIG BOYS, AND CAN ACTUALLY GO FASTER TOP END THAN SOME. No probs as yet whatsoever! Are They Really That Expensive? ), Beginner Dirt Bike for Adults: How to Buy One, How to Prevent Speed Wobbles on a Motorcycle: Tricks, Tips, & More, Understanding How Much A Motorcycle Paint Job Should Cost. VAT no 918 5617 01 Weaknesses: I can't really find any faults, apart from its a nightmare to clean, without removing the fairings. Slight lack of midrange. Its nice when its done but getting into all the nooks and cranny's is a pain. ENGINE SPECS. Decided I had to get a 600 this year, tried the GSXR, and the 636 Kwaka, but the bike for me on looks and handling was RR all day long!! I had an old CBR600f which was great and could do anything, but this bike is a big step on. Origins and Uses of the Not-Sissy Bar, Understanding The Factors Behind A Cost Of A Motorcycle Ownership, How To Calculate Wind Chill On A Motorcycle & Understanding Its Effects, 15 Simple Solutions When a Motorcycle Won't Start (But Battery is Good), How to Know if Your Regulator Rectifier Is Bad: Symptoms and Solutions, Save That Old Tank: How to Clean Rust Out of a Gas Tank, Great Deal or a Big Headache? Opened up in 6th at 60mph, and in the blink of an eye she was doing 120 - what lack of torque ? Bought this in (narrow) preference to a Ducati 748R, no regrets though. In this version sold from year 2003 , the dry weight is 169.0 kg (372.6 pounds) and it is equiped with a In-line four, four-stroke motor. It really puts a smile on your face. and a sore arse are the main faults to this bike but apart from that put on some decent tyres such as the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa, find a nice twisty smooth road and eat those miles up with a big grin on our face! Honda CBR 600 RR: Year: 2003: Category: Sport: Rating: 4.0 Check out the detailed rating of racing track capabilities, engine performance, accident risk, etc. It looks great and the unit pro suspension really gives confidence to get on the gas early… really it does! HONDA CBR600RR (2003 - 2006) Review Ride quality & brakes. Power. Compare with any other bike. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. But hey, I don't take it out in the wet!! Wrists can ache after only short distances but better technique helps. It is also comfy (for a supersport) and is put together better than the 1000RR I now have. 16 owners have reviewed their HONDA CBR600RR (2003 - 2006) and rated it in a number of areas. Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions, Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity, Recuperation 60 to 140 km/h in highest gear, Fuel Consumption - MPG - Economy - Efficiency. Front page of The Sun speeds are seriously easy to achieve. If ridden well the bike can easily compete with 1ltr bikes. Brakes are hard to fault too.